make sure your ride is the pimpingest with these 10 items - air purifier for smoke

by:Yovog     2019-12-28
make sure your ride is the pimpingest with these 10 items  -  air purifier for smoke
If the drive brings you a spin, it's like you 've just experienced an old one --
Ride at the Timey carnival, then you need the crystal halo car air purifier.
It can remove smoke, dust and air pollutants from cars, reduce disease in cars and increase concentration.
Also, it makes your car smell like a rotten banana!
The retail price is usually $49.
If you call when you drive (
Let's face it. what else will you do?
Listen to another mix tape? )
You can rest assured.
The BulletDrive headset is connected to your device via Bluetooth, so you can keep your hands upright on the wheel and neck without turning them sideways on your phone.
Also, you can charge by plugging it into any lighter or 12 v socket in your car.
Normally, the retail price of BulletDrive is $180.
Nothing is more troublesome than keeping your phone charged while listening to the music library, while using GPS to try to find anywhere in your court --
Legal driving safety courses are being held.
Don't worry, though, because the fast wireless car charger will keep your device alive without taking up the connection port.
It's like a hand. free mount!
, 50% lower than the standard retail price of $39. 99.
As grandma often says, putting your GPS on your lap is like throwing dice on the face of death while playing Russian roulette with Babadook.
OK, maybe your grandma never said that, but every time you need to see if you missed the turn, it's still dangerous to have to see if your groin is still in danger.
ExoMount magnet air universal smartphone car holder holds the clip to any type of vent and keeps the phone in any direction you need using the magnet connector.
Normally this will set you back to $29. 95, .
Capture everything that happens behind the wheel with GEKO Full
HD 1080 p dash cam.
Use it to record a span
Country Road Tour, or when you park on a backwoods highway without lights, turn off the headlights and capture some ghostly footage.
In addition, it is programmed to activate when a sharp turn, brake, or impact is detected.
The retail price of this dash cam is usually $99. 99, .
PowerItUp allows you to charge your device on the way to skydiving festival, Renaissance rallies, bank robberies or normal people doing normal things.
It's also double the portable power bank, so you can keep your device charged during the skydiving festival, Renaissance rally or bank robbery activities mentioned above.
The usual retail price is $39. 95, .
The Sinji magnet holder allows for simultaneous installation and charging so you can keep your GPS running and no longer have to worry about running out of juice or moving your eyes off the road.
For maximum convenience and visibility, it can be attached anywhere on the dashboard of your choice, have we mentioned that it takes advantage of the power of the magnet!
There are some futuristic shiz.
Normally, the retail price of the Sinji magnet holder is $29.
Let's say you're on a road trip with your best four friends, family, dead enemies or all of the above, and everyone needs to be able to keep their smartphones and tablets on regular charge.
The RapidX May-
Port Car Charging Hub has five different USB Charging ports that deliver juice to your device at twice the speed of a standard USB charger, so, no one in the car needs to argue about who can use the charger next.
The retail price of the toll center is usually $24. 99, .
There may be two belts in your first aid kit in your car-
AIDS and copies of Whitney Houston
While this isn't necessarily a toolkit, you need something more substantial.
The emergency automatic survival kit contains a number of important tools and supplies that can help you through any emergency situation, including knives, seat belt cutters, window punters and LED lights.
You can also get gauze, ice bags, bandages, gloves and reusable highsticks.
Usually the retail price of this suit is $64. 99, .
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