make an air purifier on the cheap - indoor air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-07-06
make an air purifier on the cheap  -  indoor air purifier
I believe some of you, like me, are filled with dust, allergens and other debris in the room.
After looking at the prices of some purifiers on the market, I decided to make one myself and built a note on how to recreate it.
You need the following sections: 3-1 feet
Inch diameter PVC tubingA 3-
Computer fan inch diameter (mine was 12V)
AC/DC adapter, DC output is the same as fan filter for room air conditioner
The fan and adapter have been installed by Inch pipeI, but nothing should be more than $20.
You will need the following tools: drill holes and various bitsSoldering soldering iron by drilling two small holes for the wire of the adapter and the wire of the fan.
Make sure your holes are close enough to the top so you have room to install the fan.
Next, make a larger hole between the two smaller holes to adjust the toggle switch.
Screw together and then weld the negative wires together.
Twist and weld each positive line to the tip of the toggle switch. (
White Stripes on the front of the adapter)
Twist the toggle switch through the big hole to the anchor that follows.
Next, use a hot glue gun to stick the holes in which the wires enter together and form an air-tight seal around the toggle switch.
Let the minutes cool completely.
Then, place the fan on the top, make sure the fan is centered around the air coming out of the pipe, and glue the corners down with heat.
Then, a good tight seal is formed on the edge of the fan and pipe.
The filter expands onto a rather large piece of paper.
I decided to cut the third one and fold it into a square.
This makes it 4 layers thick.
Place it on the top of the pipe, opposite the fan, and secure it with a hose clip.
Tighten as much as you can and then trim the extra filter corners.
Plug it in and listen to the baby purring.
It was very quiet and very good.
Put it somewhere in your room and let it clean your air.
I recommend replacing the filter once a month, or when the color looks about 333333.
This is my first note, so let me know if you wish!
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