local parts manufacturers, modern jeepneys highlight 2nd philapex - household appliances manufacturer

by:Yovog     2020-01-18
local parts manufacturers, modern jeepneys highlight 2nd philapex  -  household appliances manufacturer
The local auto parts manufacturing industry once again displayed its products at 2nd Philippine Auto Parts Expo (PhilAPEX)
It runs until today, August 10, at SMX Convention Center at SM Mall, Asia Complex, Pasay City.
Last year, the Philippine trade training center also held its first performance in Pasay, this event is an ideal place for manufacturers in the automotive industry-from raw equipment to parts to vehicles-to present their products and production capabilities to potential customers, who may include third-
Party manufacturers seeking to expand the network of parts suppliers for mainstream car brands.
A new development of this year's exhibition is the rise of parts manufacturing using 3D printing technology to manufacture products, and two exhibitors even printed their products on the Expo site.
Like last year.
Developed utility vehicles are two centers
The day event announced by manufacturers such as Futian, Hino, Isuzu, JMC, Suzuki and Tata, as well as local truck body manufacturers such as Almazora, Centro and Santarosa.
Of course, when visitors to the Expo enter the venue, it is difficult to miss the Mitsubishi Phantom G4 and Toyota Vios-a product of the government's comprehensive auto revival strategy (CARS)
The plan hopes to "revitalize the Philippine automobile industry and develop the country into a regional Automobile Manufacturing Center ".
Mitsubishi even showed a delicate Phantom G4, highlighting which parts were in-
Which parts are outsourced locally and which are imported.
Interestingly, car brands outside the Philippines have actually used some local parts manufacturers as OEMs.
For example, a manufacturer makes Mazda 3 seats in Japan and Toyota cars in Indonesia.
However, an interesting conversation we had with some parts manufacturers was that they had expanded their business beyond the automotive industry.
Although this is still their main source of living, some manufacturers are now supplying their products to other industries as well.
Citing the slowdown in car sales this year as a result of accelerated and inclusive tax reforms (TRAIN)
One executive said her company had begun to supply parts to a home appliance manufacturer.
"We feel the need to expand our business to other industries in case the local auto industry slows down," the executive told carmudi philippines . ".
"We must find a way to survive.
Although the president of PhilAPEX's organizers remains optimistic about the local auto industry.
The Philippine Association of parts manufacturers said: "As this activity enhances the capacity of local suppliers, it will actually promote the national economy . " (PPMA)
Rio de la quire Santos
"PPMA insists on providing assistance and representation to the local automotive industry by securing the support of all sectors and individual citizens to promote and prioritize the Philippines --made products.
Because the key to the strong Philippine auto industry is to get the patronage and trust of their own government, members and all Filipinos, "PPMA said in a statement.
As mentioned earlier, 2nd PhilAPEX did not close until five o'clock P. M. this afternoon.
Modern Jeep highlights 2nd PhilAPEX is the first time a local parts manufacturer has appeared in the Philippines after Carmudi.
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