lg as401wwa1 puricare air purifier review - small air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-09-09
lg as401wwa1 puricare air purifier review  -  small air purifier
Jenny McGrath/digital trend there is something in the air. Is it love? Magic? Kitten dander?
Whatever it is, it can cause your air purifier to start up.
LG wants you to know that its PuriCare is working as the device lights up in various colors to indicate what is floating in the room.
But even with Greento-
The red spectrum, in the rest of the device's display screen, you may find yourself confused.
Find out why in our LG AS401WWA1 PuriCare air purifier review. About 2.
5 feet high, 1 feet diameter, full
White body and Gray display, you may want to stick the $500 PuriCare in the corner, but it won't be ignored no matter where you put it.
Depending on the quality of your air, the ring on the top will be green, yellow, orange or red.
The display also lights up information about white particles.
The buttons on the display allow you to change the fan speed, set the sleep timer, turn off the lights, turn on and off the power of the device, cycle through to see more information about air quality, and reset the countdown time after changing the filter. (
The price of the filter is $100 and needs to be replaced once a year. )
When a new filter is needed, the light will also be on here.
Let the equipment go to bed
Friendly, you can put it in sleep mode so the fan will stay quiet and you can turn off the lights.
It cleans the air in a 217 square foot room.
Jenny Meig/digital TrendsJenny Meig/digital TrendsOn tower on the back, lotscolored handle.
Pull it out and you will see three colorscoded, snapped-
Filter together.
You wash or replace them separately and put them in a small room.
This is a very simple process.
There are quite a few places where you should not put a purifier, such as less than 3 feet of the TV, less than 5 feet of the lighting equipment and less than 4 inch of the wall.
There is a sticker on the tower and you may want to leave it in place.
It will help you decipher the information displayed when you press the indicator button.
It gives the "PM density" of different particle sizes, so you know whether it's smoke, smoke or dust that's causing the alarm.
PM10 indicates the air quality of dust particles less than 10 μm (micrometers), PM2.
5 less than 2. 5 μm, and PM1.
0 less than 1. 0 μm.
Ash, dust, pollen and mold transformed into pm2. 5;
Car exhaust or wood
Fire for pm2. 5; and fuel-
Combustion By-Products of power plants, vehicles, Wood
Burn stove, wildfire, Cook and candle.
"The size, shape and composition of the particles may vary," a spokesman for the Environmental Protection Agency told Digital Trends . ".
"EPA pays special attention to particles with a diameter of 10 microns or less, as these particles can be inhaled.
Once inhaled, the particles can affect the heart and lungs and, in some cases, have a serious impact on health.
"Even if you don't live in a city with particularly heavy smog, the volatile organic compounds in the room (VOCs)
It can also be very harmful.
Each particle size has a corresponding "dust density" rating on the label of the Tower: 0 to 54 are very good (green)
For PM10, in very bad cases, up to 255 or more along the way (red).
For very good to 56, the numbers are 0 to 12, and the numbers are very bad for PM2. 5 and PM1. 0.
Even if all these numbers are in a very good range, the tower will still turn red and if the tower is close to a bin the display will say "smell ".
It's a bit shocking, and the yellow warning may be enough even if the smell is really bad.
While it is helpful to visually confirm that the purifier is doing something, it is difficult to know how to handle this information.
If you notice a sudden spike in particles of a certain size, it's hard to know if this is what you're doing or a criminal outside.
So it's hard to know if you should change your behavior or close the window.
The tower often turns red during testing, but because of the smell rather than dust (
Damn cat litter).
Due to nearby wildfires, when Seattle was covered with smog, we did not notice a significant rise in red or yellow alarms.
But we sprayed canned cigarettes (
For testing smoke alarms)
A few feet away, after a few seconds the tower lights up in red and none of the three PMs are in good area.
Most of our time this month
Long term use, all range-
Particulate matter is in a very good category.
It was still clean when we took the filter out and cleaned it.
Jenny McGrath/Digital trendpuricare is accredited by the California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board and the American Foundation for asthma and allergy.
AAFA test whether the purifier meets the asthma and allergy friendly certification;
The purifier must remove 75% of the allergens, and the filter must retain 50% of the allergens (
Instead of reallocating them in the air).
Three of PuriCare-
Some filters capture "invisible air pollutants and allergens" while reducing VOCs, odor and formaldehyde, removing 99 kinds.
The air particles of 97% are as small as 0.
According to LG, 3 microns.
"The effectiveness of the air purifier depends on the extent to which it collects contaminants from indoor air (
Expressed in percentage of efficiency)
And how much air it absorbs by cleaning or filtering elements (
In cubic feet per minute)
Environmental Protection Bureau spokesman said.
The organization has a range of things to consider before buying air purifiers, and it is important to remember that they are not medical devices. LG offersyear parts-and-
Labor warranty for PuriCare. There’s a 10-
Annual warranty for motor.
LG PuriCare is quiet and beautiful and you will feel it is working hard when it starts to shine.
How hard it actually works is a more difficult problem to decipher.
There is no end to the air purifier that promises to free you from allergies.
The price is relatively small but strong enough to clean up 390square-
Foot room, we love Honeywell 50250-S ($175)
Although its design is very simple.
If you want to know more about your air quality, Airmegais big, boxy and app-controlled. The 300S ($650)has a 1,256-square-
The foot covers the area and you can control it with Alexa.
Not expensive enough?
The $799 molecole claimed to destroy the pollutants, not just catch them.
The small footprint of LG PuriCare is the biggest drawback of this device, so if you want to put it in a large space, check it out somewhere else.
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