Las Vegas goes healthy, sort of - room air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-08-01
Las Vegas goes healthy, sort of  -  room air purifier
At the beginning of this article, I have to say that although I go to Las Vegas once or twice a year, I do this in order to fulfill my duty of work, not to the destination of choice.
As a matter of fact, since 1979, I often go to Las Vegas and stay at large conference Hotels/Casinos for a variety of trade shows.
I'm sick with Vegas because I'm not interested in gambling
Suitable for each other.
Worse than this basic disconnect, I 've never had a good night's sleep at the Vegas hotel so far because of their canned air and general lack of tranquility.
Someone wakes up in Las Vegas and realizes that visitors to the city are different casino themes themselves.
At MGM Grand, someone has decided to lend a helping hand to a healthy life enthusiast like me, known for hosting a well-known boxing and MMA championship.
So what I don't lie to you is the presence of the StayWell room.
When I first saw the choice of MGM Grand hotel StayWell room online, I thought it was hype-just another way to attract more customers, but offer very little.
Curious, I signed up.
Upon arrival at the hotel, I was invited to the tranquil and fresh StayWell lounge where I was able to check in without having to queue up in the main reception area.
The air in the lounge is fresh because of the extra oxygen and the outstanding height
Air purifier technology
The huge Wall photo of the natural place almost made me forget that I was gambling and overdoing in an avid temple.
A charming receptionist described the amenities of the stay well rooms and provided me with fresh apples, lemons
Injected water and invited me to hang out as much as possible in the calm and comfort of the lounge.
If my accommodation introduction did a good job, it looked pale compared to the room in StayWell --themed floor.
As soon as I got out of the elevator, fresh oxygen greeted me, and the faint fragrance of flower essential oil also greeted me.
When I got to my room, various amenities made it different from any other room I stayed in while I was in Vegas. Space-
Blue lights are said to keep particles and pressure
Take positive ions out of space.
In the bathroom, a vitamin C shower promises to keep my skin dry in the dry desert air.
The cartridges attached to the shower head show the amount of vitamin C crystals remaining at any time.
Under the sink, a dedicated water purifier filters tap water so I don't have to drink water from plastic bottles.
The tap water tastes clean and pure.
The room was quiet and very quiet. Nice.
While I will not move to Las Vegas soon, The StayWell room concept at the MGM Grand Hotel has made my stay in Vegas enjoyable-this is my first stay here.
I slept soundly and woke up not staying at the Las Vegas hotel as usual
There is plenty of room to practice yoga, which helps me get through the day.
These days, all kinds of people are traveling, and those of us who travel a lot want to meet the conditions of our way of life.
Now Las Vegas has plenty of clean and healthy food to choose from, which will only make it easier for me to stay there.
Throughout the country, and even around the world, I have come across hotels and other places that are increasingly considering the desire of travelers to stay healthy.
From using less demanding laundry detergent to hotels that change sheets only when you ask, there is a shock in order to reduce environmental detergent pollutionup going on.
Travel is getting farther and farther if you like and still maintain a healthy lifestyle.
I didn't get a penny of gambling money from me, but I stayed at the hotel for a couple of nights and ate at some really good restaurants.
I felt like I was being listened to when I left-maybe my outspoken talk about a healthy life over the years helped to make that change happen.
So while Las Vegas was unable to reach the full content of my wallet, it, together with my appreciation and respect, received a copy.
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