kondo-mania and the inconvenient truth of spatial restrictions - personal air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-08-13
kondo-mania and the inconvenient truth of spatial restrictions  -  personal air purifier
I am not a "neat" person.
For me, the art of organizing, folding, and putting things where they belong is not natural.
My current partner and ex.
My boyfriend was even interested in the saga of my refusal to comply with domestic norms.
However, even I was swept away by the recent cleanup boom launched by Japanese organization consultant Mary condo.
In Kondo's popular new Netflix series, "organize with Marie Kondo," she is helpless to teach her signature KonMari method to messy people.
The point is, we should sort it out by Category (
Clothes, books, emotional items, etc. )
Instead of being in the room, keep only the items that "ignite happiness" in our lives.
She also shared a complete game.
Change the folding system and some revolutionary ideas on how to store your wallet and use small boxes.
With the Internet filled with proud pictures
As some sort of tidying God, I have to wonder why so many of us have so much trouble keeping it tidy.
Of course, there are some psychological factors at work, and modern fuzzy reality is at work --
The work and parenting schedule during the day, but the fundamental issue of "Where do we put our things" has also been ignored by the people who built our homes.
Really, it's not surprising.
Storage is not the sexiest topic when selling a house.
Especially in apartments, the towers compete on flashy projects such as smart appliances, rooftop swimming pools and pet spas.
Ironically, some stylish features designed to make the apartment feel more spacious, such as high ceilings and floorsto-
Ceiling windows, do not add any space at all in function.
We are trying to trick our minds into thinking that we have more space than we really have and at the same time cram more and more things into the undersized closet. Enter: clutter.
Slowly, however, things can change as many Canadians realize that living in small spaces is no longer a stepping stone, but a new way of life.
Smart House, Toronto's first micro apartment
Intelligent collaboration of location, space and good design.
To help residents put all their stuff into a 289 square foot downtown apartment, the Smart family kitchen offers extra-
Deep counter space, full
Retractable countertops in integrated space
Save electrical appliances.
In the bathroom, it is usually empty pipe space with mirror/medicine cabinet with integrated lighting and base shelf space.
For truly loyal customers, there is even a "furniture package" that offers multiple products"
Function, built-in-
Furniture to fit the unit perfectly (
Of course, there's plenty of storage here! )
Units in Chaz Yorkville provide a new way to store items
Crowded kitchen: designers choose to install a glass shelf with sliding doors to protect the item from any willful fuel injection, rather than using a traditional tile tailgate.
Innovative shelf space is perfect for storing small items such as spices, cooking oil, tea containers and towels that tend to be placed in cluttered drawers and cabinets.
Although most apartments have
Unit laundry has stacked washing machines and dryers, occupying the entire closet, and the City Capital has installed washing machines and dryers in the River City development of the city Corktown.
Most apartment buildings still offer storage units for an extra fee, but due to frequent, often unresolved theft incidents, their security is problematic at best.
These storage units are usually located in remote areas of buildings or garages that do not have monitoring equipment and standard gym locks to prevent thieves.
This is a very unsafe solution for the cost of hundreds of dollars per month.
When owners and renters wait for more developers to prioritize space --
In addition to the savings measures, there are other options to consider.
The second closet is Toronto-
US-based company that will receive and store your stuff in a 24/7 monitored facility and re-
Click the button on the phone to deliver.
They even offer free environmental protection.
Friendly storage boxes, and the ability to keep track of what you store with notes and photos through the online "Personal Portal.
Stashbox in Toronto offers similar services
Storage services are needed to replace storage units, or, as they say, "You often worry about garages that are overpriced.
Furniture companies are also ready to step in and help.
Ikea's wardrobe collection has been popular for many years, but the Swedish retailer has recently improved its small size
The space game released a micro
The Life series is inspired by Space Life and designed in partnership with NASA.
Projects include redesigning traditional air purifiers, small indoor gardens, a modular plumbing system that can basically build anything, including beds, sofas and tables, and a brand new Super
Lightweight materials.
The series is expected to land in the store on 2020.
The Container Store is another hot spot, and interestingly, since the launch of Kondo's Netflix special, the business of the small Container Store has surgedSpace Solutions.
It offers everything from basic storage cars and modular makeup systems to design-your-own reach-
In the closet and closet.
Looking into the future, the answer may be robotic furniture.
Ori system at the beginning
The up company at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston created "robots
Furniture ", designed to change from bedroom to living room to gym or walk --
Touch the button or voice activated closet.
In 2017, Ori cooperated with Bosa Properties in 10-day test-
Drive around Vancouver.
In the United States, several apartment buildings are equipped with Ori robot systems. S.
But so far there is no one north of the border.
However, you can purchase an Ori "pocket closet" that extends to a spacious walking range"
In the closet, press a button to sign again for $2,650.
It drops quickly, a robot bed is hidden in the ceiling, and it reveals a sofa when you don't sleep.
For those who wish to narrow the space and even just tidy it up, the prospect of tidying up the space seems particularly daunting.
This is also helpful.
The Scarlet Letter.
Toronto offers an increasing number of services and applications that will align smaller people with experienced "home managers, they can coordinate from property administrators and other experts with the support of family inspectors, team of professional movers.
Relax in Toronto-
A team of professional organizers at headquarters who will help organize your space, build an organizational system and "provide emotional and physical support" in terms of scaling down and clearing heritage ".
Basically, the closest thing to the real thing
Most of us will experience Kondo's life.
Regardless of your personal circumstances, you don't seem to be alone.
The comfort of this awareness may be why there are so many people connected to Kondo's show in addition to some beautiful folding techniques.
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