Khloe Kardashian's Amazon Baby Registry Is Worth More Than $6,000: All the Details - best home air purifier

by:Yovog     2020-02-09
Khloe Kardashian\'s Amazon Baby Registry Is Worth More Than $6,000: All the Details  -  best home air purifier
Khloe kardashian is ready to meet her first child, who collects items from her baby registry with her boyfriend tristan psonby.
Mom, there's nothing strange here. to-
The taste of luxury. The 33-year-
Keeping in sync with the Kardashian star registered through the Amazon baby registry, all her items add up to more than $6,000
If you assume the lowest price, about $6,875.
Khloe told Amazon, "I 've been looking forward to being a mother and am very excited to be close to the birth of my daughter.
Khloe wants to get a $649 crib starting with her baby girl nursery --
This is the perfect choice when her little one is ready to move to the big girl's bed.
She also asked for $499.
In addition to $344, 99 Dorel Baby can also relax her glider and let her daughter fall asleep.
49 baby crib mattresses for $279.
99 Halo rotating cradle.
However, not all her wishes
The items on the list are priced high.
She also took a fancy to $36.
50 night owl lights.
With her show and the development of the American Empire, Khloe is always on the road.
She asked for $749.
99 strollers, $299.
97 Peg perperego car seat to help bring baby.
Fans also know that Khloe likes to joke about her Khlo.
CD and want something to help keep her house tidy as soon as the baby arrives. A $699.
99 Dyson Cyclone V10 absolute vacuum and $495.
The Dyson air purifier is just part of what she has to do-have items.
"Everyone knows I like my house, clean and tidy! " Khloe says.
"I expect these products to help.
"Khloe wants to use $59 in keeping the baby clean.
99 baby bathtubs and $15.
98 towel set for American baby company.
She has $7 left.
41 Nuby tub letter suits and $13.
98 Boon building bathtub plumbing toy set, have a good time in the bathtub.
Khloe asked for $34 to make sure the baby was clean and tidy.
Newborn ela's 99-piece Newborn bath and skin care suit costs $12.
"I am very much looking forward to having my daughter take a hot shower and be comfortable while sleeping," Khloe said . ".
The diaper tax is $66.
84 Ubbi paper diaper, $99 Naturepedic changing pad and $32.
There are 94 wipes on the list.
Khloe said: "I know I will wipe wipes on my baby's tushy like crazy, so I want to make sure I have the best choice for her sensitive skin.
She also hopes to get $12.
80 Bambo natural baby diapers for $23.
73 Burt's Bees baby change pads and $17.
Trend Lab paper urine box carrying all necessities.
Because the baby is going into the Kardashian family, you know she will be stylish.
The reality TV star also wants a personal swimsuit ($7. 99 to $11. 99)
How about KicKee socks ($26. 99 to $48)
And the Amazing Baby Swaddling ($39. 97).
"I can't wait to start dressing Khloe's angel baby girl," Kourtney Kardashian's sister told Amazon . ".
In fact, Kourtney has helped her sister pick something for the baby, including these $175 DockATot delux dock baby loungers.
"I found these special colleagues.
Pods to sleep at Penelope's birth, which is amazing for a safe and comfortable companion
"Sleep," Kourtney said.
"They are also perfect for traveling.
"In addition, Khloe also requested a number of feeding supplies, including $69 and $63 for the first year. 91 Dr.
Brown's bottle sterilizer and $318.
Medela free milk pump 82.
She also asked for a natural baby bottle from Phillips AVENT ($33. 11)
And steam sterilizer ($64. 99)
And $19. 79 Dr.
Brown's newborn feeding equipment
In addition, she asked for $179.
00 baby Brezza Formula Machine, $38.
95 my breast friend care pillow and a box of $9 Hipp Organic Baby Rice.
Since the health and safety of her future children is her top priority, Khloe asked to do something to ensure the health of her children, including $7.
Summer baby pacifier thermometer, $16.
15 summer baby care packages and $299.
99 Owlet Smart Sock baby monitor for tracking the oxygen level and heart rate of the baby.
She also asked her mother to complain about water ($17. 98)
In case of stomach discomfort in the baby.
Still, Khloe knew she had to take care of herself as well and asked for some new
Mother's items, such as $38 mom's Mio belly rub oil, $12.
95 Earth mother herbal Pussy spray and $10.
36 Bert's bee mother Bee Belly Butter.
She also asked Mother Earth for nipple butter ($12. 99)
, Mousse Tara stretch marks cream ($30)
Mommy knows cream best ($11. 99)
Butter with mom ($36).
In addition, she asked for $53.
59 Queen rose pregnancy pillow, stay comfortable before the little girl arrives.
When it comes to the baby's playtime, Khloe asks for $89.
Jump arch activity gym 99, $14.
Manhattan toys rattle and toys.
Khloe asked for $219 to relax with the baby.
99 4 mom mamaRoo 4 baby seats and lots of mom and baby books ($139. 97)
Oasis with Amazon's Kindle ($279. 99).
"Books have always been an important part of our childhood memories, and now are the memories of me and my own children," Kourtney told Amazon . ".
"You will never have too many books, and I like to start early with books of these fabrics. "An $84.
Amazon Echo is also on her wish --list.
The Amazon baby registry also sponsored Khloe's recent baby shower.
The reality show star is surrounded by family and friends including grandmother Joe Campbell, Kim Kardashian, North West, Chris Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner ·
To view the full registry of Khloe, click the link.
We can't wait for the little one!
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