Is the air you are breathing safe? - indoor air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-07-08
Is the air you are breathing safe?  -  indoor air purifier
With pollution levels peaking in winter, staying indoors seems like a healthier option.
But what many people don't know is that indoor air quality is sometimes worse than outdoor air.
According to the World Health Organization, it is still surprisingly high even if it is comparable to the external level.
This makes the air purifier necessary.
We tested some to see if they can make our home healthier for our lungs.
When the Samsung AX5500 air purifier was delivered to my house, my father wanted to know if I lost my mind and bought another one for my room.
But his interest has been stirred up because of how this machine makes other air purifiers in our home look like little ones.
Once I managed to throw it out of the box and it was easy to set it up.
A standard pre-network
The filter is open to display two-in-
A carbon and HEPA filter.
Once you remove the package from the filter, click the reset button and it is OK.
For such a large model, the wheel is a godsend.
As soon as I opened it, PM 2 started.
The Level 5 shown on the purifier dropped rapidly from level 50 to Level 9, which made me think that the AX5500 might fail.
I open the balcony door for about 15 minutes and test the indicator and PM 2.
5 Cast 100.
It took AX5500 15 minutes to bring it back to nine small bedrooms.
This may be because its service range is 60 (or 645 sq ft;
Size of large living room).
For the machine of its size, the fan is quiet and effective;
Still quiet in sleep mode.
No purifier I have. -
Mi 2 s, H3O and Philips AC1215/20--
Can already bring PM 2
In the absence of fans' madness, Level 5 dropped to a "healthy" level.
The virus doctor function should also disinfect the air, but I don't have the equipment to test its efficacy independently.
Samsung claims its air purifier provides clear clean air.
The change that can really be quantified is in PM-Level indicator.
However, I can't test if its reading is true, although the closed bedroom does feel less stuffy (
Different from small air purifiers).
The AX5500 is quite expensive at RS 34,999.
Samsung recommends that the filter be replaced every six months if the air purifier is used 24 hours a day.
But considering that most small air purifiers are useless to the unimaginable toxic air in Delhi, PM 2 cannot be brought.
Even by their own measure, it seems like a good single investment rather than buying multiple smaller ones.
Honeywell Air Touch i9 meets the prerequisites for a good air filter. It has a pre-
Filters for cleaning large particulate air such as PM 10 and HEPA filters to reduce the level of PM 2.
5 and other particles reached 0.
Size is 3 microns.
This is the standard ingredient that every air purifier should have.
What Honeywell i9 does extra is that it also absorbs smoke and toxic gases while eliminating the smell of organic compounds through its patented HiSi filter.
The equipment is suitable for standard rooms (415 sq ft)
Its impact is measurable.
The cutest feature of this unit is its top panel.
Its operation is very simple and easy to understand.
Despite the recommendation, you hardly need to check the user manual.
The touch screen has PM 2.
5 indicator lights, three modes to adjust fan speed, night mode to turn off panel lights and power button.
The comment unit I tested was champagne gold.
This color is consistent with most interior designs while adding a little personality to the room.
It is seamless cylindrical and has the appeal of high quality gadgets.
The I9 has a clean air delivery rate (CADR)
300 cu m/hr, this is desirable but no exception.
In practice, it has successfully reduced PM 2.
Level 5 from around 250 to below 150 (
The indicator light changes from red to yellow)
Doors and windows were closed in less than two hours.
Night Mode turns the panel light off and the fan speed is minimized.
I had it run for over eight hours, two o'clock P. M.
Level 5 fell below level 75 (
The indicator light turns blue).
This number has not dropped further, but anything around the age of 50 is very safe ---
This is the level of suburban Canada.
However, the standard power consumption when the peak power consumption is about 42 W. For Rs 18,900 (on Amazon)
It is one of the air purifiers that looks better and works very well in the small bedroom. Its three-
The layer composite filter from 6 months to 1 year is good (3,000 hours)
Depending on the level of pollution, it can be easily replaced at home (
Cost about RS 4,290).
When it's time, the panel will light up. Panasonic F-
Pxml55aad is built like a robot.
The compact unit is suitable for almost any corner.
However, the one-body design with unexpected bending does not make it very attractive.
However, putting the vent at the top is a practical design option for small spaces.
HEPA and de for this air purifier-
Odourising filter, but it is a bit difficult to measure its effectiveness due to lack of PM 2. 5 indicator.
One must rely on the LED light bar at the top of it-
The bad is red, the safe is blue-
Widely measure air quality.
While the company says the device is good for 452 square feet of rooms, in my experience, the Japanese technology that supports the device is slightly inadequate in Indian homes.
The first time I opened it under test conditions-
Close the door in an almost sealed room.
The panel has PM 2.
5 cleaning mode, which basically means that you keep the fan running all the way to the PM level to a safe state.
In theory, once this is achieved, it should switch to a quieter Econavi mode.
Well, that's not happening.
I had to change the mode to calm sleep manually.
After 8 hours, the red light is still red.
I had to plug in another air purifier to satisfy my curiosity. The PM2 .
From 120 to 345.
It is gratifying to know that the company's nanotechnology is effective.
It's just not fast enough.
After a few exits, the air outside the room was visibly sultry and smelled something I couldn't put.
The smell filter for the unit also seems to be done.
In the case of peak power use of 11 W, it is also very energy efficientefficient. Two o'clock P. M. , though.
5 The cleaning mode releases a big fan with nothing to quantify the PM level, which makes the experience unattractive.
The company claims that its filter life is 10 years, which is unrealistic under current conditions, and the cost of replacing the filter at RS 5,900 is high.
Selling for RS 20,765 on Amazon, Panasonic F-
Pxml55aad has a better choice.
* Images used only to represent the purpose.
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