Is Modi able to appease the climate gods? - best home air purifier

by:Yovog     2020-02-13
Is Modi able to appease the climate gods?  -  best home air purifier
World leaders gathered at forums like the Paris climate change conference, who tend to use high-profile rhetoric to express terrible warnings.
Good Prime Minister Modi-
However, the eloquence of the book is strongly ironic.
The "restoration of the balance between man and nature" he mentioned, as well as the call of Hindu scripture to the Sun God, as "giving power to our future", is very out of place.
Veda prayers may not be far from his thoughts, but the God of climate quickly retaliated on him fatally: heavy rains and floods in Tamil Nadu and Chennai ---
More than 250 people died and the airport was closed--
It's a national disaster.
The terrible signs of the Chennai disaster have been identified as a template for disaster in cities all over the world: fanatic buildings, illegal encroaching and huge garbage dumps have swallowed up the city's lows
Under normal circumstances, the lying wetland will drown the rain.
Chennai's environmental activists nitajan and Jaman point out that there has been a flood of about 10 years since 1969, never leading to such a horror story.
The blockage of natural drainage has paralyzed Mumbai's rainy season year after year.
On June 2013, floods and landslides in the northern state of akamde killed nearly 6,000 people, and the Army, Air Force and paramilitary forces evacuated 110,000 trapped pilgrims and locals.
One of the keys to the flood in the utarakod River is an uninspected tree --
Deforestation and rampant hillside construction.
When Modi returns home from Paris, his lips are stamped with the Veda Sun mantra, and he may need a mask to put it on againenter Delhi.
Many of its residents need them before entering one of the world's most polluted capitals;
Schools in Delhi often recommend these schools to children.
Dirty Dickens fug reduced visibility at the airport and the plane took offoffs chancy.
There are terrible pollution monitors and daily announcements called "breathing death" in the newspaper.
When the New York Times reporter, Gardner Harris, wrote an impassioned article on May, about how he was forced to leave the city because eight people faced breathing difficulties. year-
The old son of "Toxic Air" has been criticized for being too alarmist.
Today, many people think his work is bitter and prophetic. Dinner-
Now often around which brand of air purifier is best to start a party conversation.
Scientifically, their health benefits seem controversial, but the US embassy may buy £ 1,800 before Barack Obama's visit, with sales of some brands soaring ---
From 20,000 a year to 7,000 and 10,000 a month.
Deep-rooted business lobby groups and unions have paralyzed the government's efforts to restore clean air to the capital.
Banning diesel cars is an obvious solution, but in fact it seems impossible to ban plastic bags ---
From railway tracks to garbage dumps, they are covered layer by layer.
Their manufacturing continues to increase internally. city workshops.
Illegal incineration of garbage mountain is a major pollutant (such as burning crop stubble in rural areas), but the simple concept of separating garbage into recyclable waste means
Conflict with powerful municipal employees and agronomists
Like most countries, Swachh Bharat is an empty slogan designed to catch TV eyeballs from the sublime depths of the PMO.
We know clean renewable energy. -
Part of Mr Modi's Sun God mantra-is expensive;
But in 2014, there was a suggestion that solar panels should be used by all central government offices to set an example.
No one has ever heard of the idea in the main practice.
The dusty mi gas brought about by uncontrolled buildings is attributed to "politics-
But in fact, as the largest landowner, the government itself is also the largest polluting entity. estate magnate.
The Delhi City Arts Commission is in the midst of an argument to narrow the area of the lutyne flat ---
The green heart of politics and bureaucracy ---
By increasing the building floor area ratio and allowing highrises.
The DUAC chairman said it was the way to save the "shabby" lutyen bungalow, giving more space to "cramp" government officials, ministers and members of parliament.
Close to where I live, the big tree.
Recently, Kidwai Nagar, the 1960 enclave of government housing, disappeared.
Behind the huge metal screen stands a complex of residential towers, shopping malls and commercial spaces. -
All of this is done by the government for the government.
The winter sun and crisp morning in Delhi are accompanied by birds, and these days have become the past.
The image of a garden city dedicated to the God of climate is gone: children chase fireflies in public parks, retired people take care of flowers and vegetables, the annual flower show and Rose show attract a large number of seasonal tourists.
Indira Gandhi believes it is her civic duty to participate in these activities.
Narendra Modi believes it is his planetary privilege to give lectures to Surya Namaskar in Paris.
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