is duct cleaning worth it? - indoor air cleaner

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is duct cleaning worth it?  -  indoor air cleaner
Paul Hannah's family business has been cleaning pipes at the GTA home for more than a decade.
Dead squirrels, adult movies, and children's toys: Hannah dug them all out of the vents. His Woodbridge-
Pipeline cleaning specialist companies have stable customer traffic, but the question for many homeowners is whether pipeline cleaning is really necessary and worth the cost.
In the fall and spring, telemarketing is fast and intense, promising health benefits and offering high prices.
But should you take it as a warning?
But experts say the question of whether pipe cleaning will make your family healthier is still inconclusive.
Since this area is unregulated, it's hard to tell what you're buying, compare services or ensure quality work, so Hannah recommends you do your research and choose carefully.
Hannah's company is one of 41 Ontario companies that are members of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA)
An industry association that requires members to have a licensed technician, liability insurance and comply with ethics.
But Hannah claims that there are many companies outside the association that may not meet these standards.
"There are many flies --by-night duct-
Hannah warned: "cleaning company.
The cleaning service is $99-
For a thorough inspection, "trade" to hundreds of dollars an hour.
Some people will only vacuum the heat register and may cause permanent damage to the piping system using improper tools.
Others offer cheap prices and then charge extra later.
Consumers should keep an eye on these great deals and sales gimmicks, get some quotes, ask for references, and make sure the company will clean and inspect all air ducts and system components in the home, suggested Hannah.
Bruce Crane, president of the Canadian consumer association, said complaints about pipeline cleaning companies have declined over the past few years.
Nevertheless, he warned consumers to read the contract carefully, ask as many questions as possible, and pay attention to "deals" that may add additional fees ".
"You want to make sure it's a reputable company you're dealing with and do a reputation check," Cran said . ".
"You also have to know with great certainty what will be done.
Cran added that consumers should not tighten up on phone calls --
It should be your idea to seek this service
Do not pay in advance for the work to be done.
"If you do it right, you won't have a problem.
Hannah said a reputable company should check to see if it is necessary to clean it.
He estimates that the third person who called him to do the plumbing cleaning did not actually need it after the inspection. In an average-
The service will take two to three hours and cost $275 to $350, he said. The U. S.
Environmental Protection Bureau (EPA)
It is estimated that, depending on the size and number of vents, an average American family may need between $400 and $1,000.
An example of the possible value of pipe cleaning, Hannah says, is after renovation.
It was a time when dust, dirt and construction gathered in the pipeline works.
The other is that the mold in the pipe is growing when water enters the air system through leaks or floods.
New home owners usually want plumbing clean, especially with pets or smokers at home.
Otherwise, Hannah recommends an inspection every 7 to 10 years to see if it is necessary to do the cleaning.
According to the EPA, cleaning system components can be more efficient but have never been shown to prevent health problems.
"There is no final proof of the particle (e. g. dust)
"The level of the home has increased due to dirty air pipes," the agency's website wrote . ".
For people with asthma or allergies, Hannah says, "This may help, but go out and buy a good efficient air filter (
Your stove)
May help more.
"EPA recommends that if there is mold, there are pests on the pipe, blocked by excessive dust and debris, or if the particles blow out of the air duct, the pipe should be cleaned.
The agency said that while the debate on the value of pipe cleaning continues, there is no evidence that it is harmful if done well.
"On the other hand, if the service provider fails to follow the appropriate plumbing cleaning procedures, plumbing cleaning can cause indoor air problems," the agency recommends . ".
"For example, insufficient vacuum collection systems release more dust, dirt and other contaminants compared to placing pipes separately.
A suitable job is arduous.
When Hannah's technicians arrived at Mark Stewart's Brampton House on a cold February morning, they pre-cleaned every vent, cleared the grate and used the high
Particle Air Efficiency (HEPA)filter vacuum.
Stewart is in the process of completing a massive renovation that includes adding one more item.
They ran from a $25,000 vacuum mounting hose on a cube van to the basement and connected the hose to the entrance to the main plumbing project.
They use the device to handle loose debris and dirt, push it into the main pipe, and the vacuum picks it up.
For each vent in the House, the return vent and all the entrances in the work of the main pipe, the process is repeated.
All system components are cleaned up and the whole system is checked by the camera to make sure nothing is missing.
Like most renovations, this special cleaning is free and is part of a community effort to help Stewart with MS.
"To meet my disability needs, we built an expansion section at home, so I believe the vents are the dirtiest (they’ve)
Stewart said with a smile: "I have seen it.
Pipe cleaning tips: do not hire cleaners who claim that pipe cleaning is good for health, and do not advocate regular cleaning.
Unless you understand the pros and cons, do not use chemical biocides, sealant or products on your pipe.
Check the references for a company to see if other customers are satisfied.
Ask the service provider about their certification and insurance.
Get an estimate of the work they are going to do.
What the pipe cleaner should do: open the access port and allow cleaning and checking the entire pipe system.
Check asbestos-containing materials before cleaning the system.
Use vacuum equipment, discharge particles outside the home, or use only high
Particle Air Efficiency (HEPA)
Dust-absorbing equipment.
Carpet and household items are protected. Use well-
Combine the controlled brush on the surface of the pipe with contact vacuum cleaning to remove dirt or other particles. Use soft-
The glass fiber pipe track plate and the metal sheet pipe lined with glass fiber are brushed with bristled.
Pay attention to protection of pipe work including sealing and re-sealing
Insulating any access holes that the service provider may manufacture or use to ensure they are not breathable. Source: U. S.
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