ionic air purifier dangers - indoor air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-07-06
ionic air purifier dangers  -  indoor air purifier
Many people are allergic to dust, mold and pollen in the air.
These tiny particles build up in your home environment and can cause health problems.
At first glance, independent ion air purifiers seem to be cost-effective: they are affordable, quiet and are said to clean the particles in the air.
Research by consumer groups raises doubts about the performance and health benefits of these appliances.
Electric shock air purifier through high production
Voltage static inside the unit.
The grid attracts dust and other allergens attached to it.
While the units sold in the United States are intended to prevent the danger of electric shock, a metal object inserted into the purifier may cause electric shock because it accumulates water underneath it or does not insert it into a ground socket.
Ozone is an unstable chemical reaction in the form of oxygen, when a normal oxygen molecule (O2)
In the air channel near the high pressure source.
According to the Environmental Protection Bureau (EPA)
Ozone is known to cause health problems for people who are exposed to ozone for a long time. Known short-
Long-term effects include cough, lung pain, and shortness of breath.
Ozone may be combined with lemon and pine
The aromatic substance in the detergent forms formaldehyde, a carcinogenic substance.
A survey of air purifiers in a 2005 Consumer Report found that several models of air had high levels of ozone that were unacceptable.
These models failed in the underwriter's lab. Room ozone test
While there may be enough ventilation in your room, you will want to avoid excessive ozone at home. Even a well-
If the designed device is dirty, it may emit ozone.
High pressure will generate an arc inside the equipment, causing hissing. The high-
The voltage arc produces ozone.
2005 Consumer Report article reported the test results of several household air purifiers and found air
Some of them have poor cleaning ability.
When switching to the highest setting, the consumer group rated five of the seven units "poorly" to remove dust, smoke, and pollen.
Many customers will consider this a serious purchase with the aim of reducing their allergies or protecting their families from smoke and contaminants and may consider that they are not in fact protected
Assuming the unit works, other efforts to improve air quality at home may be delayed by customers.
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