ion humidifier vs. ultrasonic humidifier - room air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-07-29
ion humidifier vs. ultrasonic humidifier  -  room air purifier
There is no doubt that controlling the air around us may have some health benefits.
Advances in technology have brought some confusing terms.
Adding moisture to the room means increasing moisture in the air.
The ionised air is different.
Not all the ionised air is ionised, and not all the ionised air is ionised.
Although there is a certain correlation between ionization and humidifying, it is important to know the difference when choosing a humidifier.
The ultrasonic humidifier is different from the old spare humidifier used by your mother.
These devices produce sound waves that vibrate water.
Vibration breaks down water molecules and eventually sends them into the air.
The ultrasonic humidifier is a cool humidifier.
In other words, they produce water vapor without using heat, while the steam humidifier will heat the water to produce steam.
The ionizer is a filter that has nothing to do with increasing humidity.
The ion generator, commonly known as an air purifier, has an electrostatic charging board that reverses the charge of the ion.
The benefit of this process is to reduce bacteria in the air.
The theory behind the ionizer is that charging air molecules also charges any contaminants.
Charged contaminants are bound together and fall off the air.
An article published in New Scientist in 2003 reported that ion generators in hospital settings reduced infection in a study.
It is difficult for these two different devices to compare ultrasonic and ion absorption.
The science behind each method is reasonable, but the purpose is different.
However, the ultrasonic humidifier can support ion filters.
This means that both technologies are likely to benefit from one device.
The question is whether there is a reason to choose an ultrasonic humidifier with an ion filter instead of using the humidifier alone.
The ion filter built into the humidifier works differently from the air purifier.
The purpose of the ion filter in the ultrasonic humidifier is to prevent bacteria from growing into steam in the water.
The humidifier may actually introduce contaminants into the air.
The work of the ion filter is to clean the water and prevent contaminants.
There are real benefits to using a humidifier. Mayo Clinic.
Com recommends the use of a humidifier to alleviate the problem of drying the respiratory system and skin.
The difficulty behind the humidifier is to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold, whether they are ultrasonic or not.
The humidifier uses stagnant water as the source of steam.
Water accumulation may be the source of bacterial growth.
Manufacturer air-O-
Switzerland claims that using what they call an "ion silver stick" will reduce microbial contamination in the water of an ultrasonic humidifier.
Considerationshidifiers provide a great advantage to help with chronic diseases such as asthma and allergies.
They also provide temporary relief for people with bronchitis or colds.
There is a risk of using a humidifier.
The high humidity in the room causes condensation on the wall, causing mold growth.
The fact that the ion filter in the humidifier does not change.
The filter just prevents growth in the chamber.
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