indoor air cleanup has ‘huge impact' - indoor air cleaner

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indoor air cleanup has ‘huge impact\'  -  indoor air cleaner
Moving can be stressful at best, but Lynn Pike's new home is almost her death.
Denied asthma, Pike was woken up.
Two years after she and her husband moved in happily, she called me
Built a floor on a quiet tree
A street in Oakville.
"One day, I had a bad cold until at night, the weather got so bad that I knew I was in trouble," she recalls . ".
"Actually I stopped breathing and my husband had to call 911 to get the ambulance to catch me to the hospital.
I'm really going to be saved.
Parker, 42, said that only when "life beats you and catches your attention" did she start thinking seriously about the air quality in her home, which helps to trigger the nearfatal attack.
Many asthma patients are now learning for the first time, and this is a difficult lesson.
As the Ontario Lung Association points out, Canadians live indoors for as much time as possible
Usually in buildings that are barely breathable because of energy saving regulations.
According to the doctor, what has been trapped indoors for months constitutes a veritable list of potential triggers for asthma
Sharon Dale, an outstanding pediatric respiratory scientist serving sick children in the hospital.
In a study of air quality in 60 homes in Toronto, Dell and her team not only measured pollutants in the air, but also emptied the homeowner's vacuum cleaner to reduce air quality.
"In a vacuum, we found dust and dust, pet dandruff, feces of rodents and cockroaches, and fungi and mold," she said . ".
"It helped us understand what happened in these houses over the past six months.
Dell says many people are still "very ignorant" about home repairs, but are now more interested in improving air quality than they were 20 years ago.
This is certainly the motivation for Pike and her 43-year-old husband, Paul, to start rebuilding their house into a healthy environment, from the basement to the roof.
Suggestions and tips for the Ontario Lung Association Health Home website (www. Your healthy homeca)
They planned their strategy.
"From cheap to happy to big --
We do as much work as we can ourselves to reduce costs, "she said.
The most ambitious DIY project is to remove all the carpets in the house and replace them with prefabricated hardwood floors.
For safety, the only carpet today is on the stairs.
"We chose prefabricated hardwood floors so that we don't have gas when the floor is dirty," said Pike . ".
"Dust and mites are a big trigger for me, so this is an important change in the house.
Other measures chosen by Pikes include quick repair of expensive appliances, including: replacing the curtains on the windows with blinds and blinds as they are easier to clean.
The dehumidifier is set up in the basement, and whenever the humidity rises, the dehumidifier starts automatically, creating a breeding ground for the mold.
Buy leather cushion chairs for each room as they are free of dust and easy to clean.
Buy a new LG Allergiene washing machine to remove up to 95 mites, dust, pet dandruff from clothing.
New specially designed filtration devices are installed every three months to filter molds and other allergy triggering devices.
Add a vent above the stove, pump the cooking smoke outside the house and clean the air in the kitchen;
Install the central vacuum system, which is ventilated to the main container of the garage.
Dust stays outdoors when it is emptied.
Buy a new electric stove with a sealed wipe
Simple elements to clean up quickly.
Oven cleaner spray is not allowed in this House.
• Wood replacement-
A burning stove in a family room with gas-
Burning Fireplace•Using low-
Discharge paint for renovation of walls and decoration.
Rethinking pets: when the old dog died, it was replaced by goldfish.
Has this severe transformation been successful?
"I used to sneeze and blow my nose a lot and had to use more vantolin respirator than I was supposed to use," Pike said . ".
"These changes have had a huge impact on the quality of my life," she said . ".
"If you can reduce your medication by improving your environment, as I do, then it's all for the better.
"The Pikes couple have another motivation to maintain and improve the standard of a healthy family: the largest of their two sons, 13 years oldyear-
Old Kyle is allergic.
"The air in our home is cleaner and good for all of us," she said . ".
More healthy motion sickness, don't quit.
This is information from air quality expert Brian Stocks to 9 million drivers in Ontario who can help asthma patients breathe more easily this summer.
"We are promoting responsible driving habits to reduce the impact of cars on air quality," said Stocks, air quality manager of the Lung Association . ".
The Lung Association is one of the group that launched the clean emissions campaign in the provinceTest program.
Now, stocks believe that individual car owners can do more to help clean up the airwaves.
"The cost of keeping your car running is back to you, reducing the cost of fuel, which is in return," he said . ".
"It's just a matter of getting into habits.
"Leading the Lung Association's campaign this year will be a new website to be launched soon, which will show tips on making healthy cars on the association's very successful health Home website.
"There's really no rocket science," said Stocks . ".
"With the arrival of warm weather, the haze weather has matured.
"All you need to do is drive through the GTA and you can see the congestion of a lot of cars and trucks," he notes . ".
"This puts a certain burden on air quality.
"The stock believes that if one percentage of the millions of cars on the road in the province is properly adjusted, you can taste the difference in air quality at the GTA and other large city centers.
He lists some simple tips to make your car healthier and reduce the drag on air quality: keep your vehicle healthytuned;
Regularly check the emission system;
Because speeding does increase fuel consumption, driving at the specified speed;
Don't idle cars because of high emissions when the engine is idling.
Turn off the engine if you have to stop for more than a minute or two.
If you are on a business trip, try to combine your trip and finish it at once.
If possible, leave the car at home, use public transport, or sign the car --pooling.
Make sure the tires are inflated correctly.
If excessive or insufficient inflation, they increase the resistance of the vehicle and waste fuel.
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