in the garden: houseplants are back as chic decor - best cheap air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-07-19
in the garden: houseplants are back as chic decor  -  best cheap air purifier
Indoor plants are re-popular, but only plants with simple structure, easy to manage, or long term growth
Long lasting color or smooth, clean, minimalist look.
People in the Victorian era like to turn their houses into mini ones.
The conservatory of music is full of thick tropical leaves.
At the age of 60 and 70, there was a time when the interior plants were considered fashionable decor.
But there has been a decline in interest, partly because indoor plants are beginning to be considered messy and difficult to manage, partly because people want cleaner, cleaner, and more simplified living spaces.
Today, the tropical sector of the garden center is booming like never before, especially selling timeless classics such as orchids and Poinsettia, kalanjo, and seasonal-colored plants such as Christmas cactus, but also novel specimens like "air plants (tillandsias)
As an attached plant, soil is not required and can be attached to any object to absorb nutrients and moisture from the air.
Fashionable decoration concept
For example, use a solid patch of bright green reindeer moss in a stylish photo frame, or build a simple
Nursing combination of ferns, spider plants, prayer plants, caves and pine nuts-
It has also become popular, especially for interior designers who are keen to create elegance and
The interior of the fuss with the chic garden-like feel.
But when choosing larger, more building potted plants for home decoration, this trend is clearly focused on nothingmess, low-
Repair factory.
"People are looking for structured plants that are easy to care for," says herb van der Ende, one of the owners of the bennabee Lake Greenhouse, who provides leading suppliers of tropical indoor plants to flower shops and garden centers. “The old-
Old tiger tail orchid (mother-in-law’s tongue)is now our No.
Best Sellers for various reasons.
"It's fairly cheap, it's very flexible in positioning, doesn't need any care, and there's no insect problem, and it's still part of the latest design trends.
"'Bantel's sansation' is the hottest form at the moment with beautiful green and white stripes.
Sales of fleshy plants have surged, especially with the roots and the hawarcia, van der Ende said.
"This is another case of easy care and beautiful structure," he said . ".
Solid, upright plants like Dracena 'janet craig' and D.
Marginata is a top seller for the same reason
Good structure, minimal maintenance
But standard norfolk Island pine, ZZ plant (
Three wood incense)
Schefflera and philodendron are still popular options.
Great philodendrons including hideaway with magnificent wrinkles-
Classic split leaves
Adam's rib. monstera and P. salome.
In order to add a compelling color, crotons (a. k. a. Joseph’s Coat)
Pineapple is a good choice.
Crotons offers dazzling leaf colors in yellow, green and orange, while pineapple offers dazzling tropical flowers in pink, red, yellow and purple.
Anzuhua, its big pink iron fork is placed on the smooth big leaf and peace lily with pure white iron fork and lush leaves, sometimes there are two other affordable tropical specimens that can bring exciting colors to the home in the winter.
Aechmea fasciata, sometimes called a silver bottle or urn plant, is another good option.
It is native to Brazil and has a long history.
Long-lasting bright pink flowers and beautiful silver mottled leaves.
"Inside "-
Terminology used by professional landscape companies creating gardens-
Such as office buildings and shopping malls.
Use these plants boldly.
They also used to watch figs, figs and figs.
Ali, because of their elegant, light and airy canopies.
But the banyan tree has fallen out of favor because of the confusion of the leaves --
Drops, sometimes caused by improper watering or fertilization, or sudden turning or movement of plants.
Ponytail palm (
Beaucarnea recurvata)
On the other hand, the onion is swollen again.
Like the bottom of the top leaves and rough swirls, it's still a height-rated, fuss-
Free plants on the desk or coffee table or filling the corner of the room.
To remove toxins and contaminants from the air, no plant is doing better than the eternal spider plant.
Apart from the attractive Two
Green clothesand-
White leaves, spider plants also produce a steady stream of baby plants that gracefully hang on the mother plants on the long yellow stems.
Crispy waves, a Japanese fern ().
It is another factory that proves itself to be a natural air purifier.
The wave shape of the leaves is part of the reason for its effectiveness.
Evergreen China (Aglaonema)
Popular with interior landscape designers and peace lily, Boston fern plants, Golden caves, crocodiles, banyan trees and pineapple.
Put the three aglaonemas in one room and you will immediately create a lush rainforest. like feel. Jade plants (
Clarence, Argentina)
Very popular in their heyday of 60 and 70, because of their thick, meat, tropical-looking leaves.
But it was before a tropical vacation.
Jade plants are a simple connection between Mexico and the Caribbean with those exotic warm climates.
Jade plants are still a slow specimen that grows slowly but faithfully and can endure low light levels.
There are some basic tips on how to take care of your family plants.
Humidity and light are two key factors for careful monitoring.
Most tropical plants like humidity, which is more water in the air than water around the soil or plants. In dry-
In order to keep the indoor plants healthy, it is often recommended to use humidifiers such as the prairie in the winter air.
Most indoor plants like indirect light to low light and moderate heat, and the room temperature is ideally between 18 and 24 °c (65 to 75 F).
When the leaves start to turn yellow or tip yellow or the roots extend out of the pot, you can tell when the plant needs to be repotted, or the plant cannot thrive and start to look deformed.
The solution is to move the plant to the next pot size.
The pot size moves up gradually is the best.
It is also crucial to keep leaves clean and dust-free.
It can greatly improve the performance of the factory.
Gently wipe the dust on the leaves with gentle soapy water.
Avoid overwatering, especially in the winter, when you can reduce watering to about half of September.
With the increase of light level in spring, watering is slowly increased. • Puddle-
The hole is also worth noting.
This happens when plants are watered regularly and inadvertently forming a passage into the root system.
This could be a start for bacteria.
If you notice a puddle, block it with fresh soil.
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