In Brief: Astronauts get air purifier back - best home air purifier

by:Yovog     2020-02-11
In Brief: Astronauts get air purifier back  -  best home air purifier
Yesterday, the space station air purifier worked again after it was turned off at its worst ---
While the staff of the American space shuttle Endeavour were still visiting
The crew recorded 13 people.
Even carbon dioxide-
Flight director Brian Smith said the dismantling system was still broken and that the space shuttle Endeavour did not have to be separated from the International Space Station in advance.
But he said the system needs to work hard to support six station residents in the long run.
Yesterday, a suicide bomber killed six people and wounded at least 10 others in the violence in the capital.
Troubled Chechnya
Attackers tried to enter the concert hall a few minutes before the show began.
Four police officers intercepted the attackers about 40 metres (130 feet metres) from the hall and were killed in the explosion.
The Tanzanian Broadcasting Corporation reported that 33 people were killed when a bus crashed into a truck in the north.
Eastern Tanzania
The accident happened in corogey, about 131 miles north yesterday.
It is located west of the commercial capital dalesdan.
Buses are the main public transport between towns and towns in Tanzania, and many bus drivers exceed the speed limit.
Spain's Interior Ministry is still on high alert, with firefighters fighting wild fires in hot areas.
Drought in the south of the country.
In just over a week, at least 24,000 hectares (59,304 acres) were burned out by fire, killing six people, officials said.
There were still seven fires late yesterday night.
Some of the most intense outbreaks in Aragon and Catalan are about to be put out.
A survey shows that having sex before bed is one of the best ways to ensure good sleep.
The doctor suggested that those who are hard to sleep should attend a night-time nookie.
But, in less romantic situations, they also suggest that sleeping in a separate bed is the best solution to ensure that couples enjoy uninterrupted, high-quality sleep.
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