imperial oil restarts norman wells, n.w.t., crude output after pipeline repairs - air cleaner

by:Yovog     2020-01-31
imperial oil restarts norman wells, n.w.t., crude output after pipeline repairs  -  air cleaner
Restart of crude oil production of Imperial Petroleum Co. , Ltd.
Two times later, Norman Wells.
For more than 800 residents of remote towns in the northwest, a year off means economic optimism and cleaner air.
"It is clear that a production plant will need people, which will create jobs and create activities in our community," said Darren Flynn, interim town manager . ".
"So we are very happy that they are back on line.
Imperial announced an employee on Monday
The labor force of some 100 contractors has resumed the oil business, adding that it plans to gradually increase production to about 10,000 barrels per day, roughly the same level as before the closure in December 2016.
Slope stability problems at the mackinzi river crossing near simpenburg caused the company to stop production
Suspend its 870-
A 21-kilometer long pipeline extending from Norman well to northern Alberta.
After obtaining regulatory approval, the replacement work is
The km section of the pipeline began on September and was completed.
Imperial Airlines began shipping oil from warehouses on production lines last month.
The resumption of production means that the empire will resume power supply to power companies in the northwest.
The company said it was overpowered by power plants.
The plant's fuel comes from natural gas produced by its oil wells.
Electricity is expected to allow electric companies to extract diesel
Flynn said the company used fuel generators to increase power capacity when the oil field was offline. “They (
Diesel Generator)
Make quite a bit of noise and of course you get the exhaust gas it produces, "he said.
"My understanding is (Imperial)
To produce natural gas and burn it, so this is definitely a cleaner way to generate electricity than using diesel.
Imperial Oil has identified its Norman well field as non-
Core assets and try to sell before closing.
Spokeswoman Lisa Schmidt said in an email that it is still considered to be in the market.
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