How to survive Delhi's smog - best home air purifier

by:Yovog     2020-02-12
How to survive Delhi\'s smog  -  best home air purifier
This week, around 7 pm, Meha sakhdev decided to step out of her office at Delhi's Connaught Square.
The visit was very pleasant before she jumped back--
Her desire for a cup of tea was filled with smog.
When she finally ventured home, kiddev was panting when she got to the parking lot.
It was not pleasant to drive back.
At 10 in the evening, the sky in Delhi mixed poisonous air and cold fog ---
Visibility hovers around 20 metres.
"I have been living in this city for more than 25 years and the air quality has never been so bad," said desdev . " He worked as a digital marketer at an advertising company.
"In the past, the deteriorating air was always invisible.
But this time, we can see how terrible it is with our own eyes.
"There are more than Dev.
The pollution caused by Diwali cookies and fog that accompanied the arrival of the winter season has made many people in the city struggle with various diseases. orty-six-year-
For the past two days, old Akshay mishwari has been coming home with a headache.
He said the toxic air caused his migraine.
When Maheshwari did not prescribe pills for his headache, he spent a lot of time nursing his dry eyes, sometimes pouring eye drops 5 times a day.
Others in the capital have been complaining about sore throat and nausea.
According to experts, smog is the worst in Delhi in 17 years.
While the government and the legislature are working to find a lasting solution to urban air pollution, doctors and health experts are working overtime to help people cope with deadly levels of pollution. Delhi-
The clinic, based in Ashish Thakur, was overwhelmed by patients last week.
There are more people visiting before the Lantern Festival.
But this year, it's crazy.
"Almost 20 people come to me with some breathing problems almost every day," he said . ".
His advice to Delhiites is simple: stay indoors as much as possible and avoid physical activity.
Most doctors also suggest that people who have difficulty breathing must consider wearing masks.
"It's not common to see people wearing masks in Delhi, but it's something that people should pay attention.
"This is basic and very helpful," Dr. Thakur said . ".
Existing masks on the market include simple surgical masks, N95 particulate respirator, and a slightly complex N95 aura particulate respirator, a three-
Flat disposable tablet
Fold the mask with a "cool flow" valve.
The price of surgical masks is around 4 to 5 rupees, while the price of the N95 variant is around 75 to 150 rupees.
Doctors say that it's not just protection, in which case the ingredients of your daily diet still have a long way to go in improving your health.
For example, nutritionist Shikha Sharma stressed the need for a lot of drinking water.
"Hydration is the most important thing in this case.
Dust particles will be collected in your nostrils and lungs.
Only water can flush them out . "
Sherma also recommends the use of Ayurvedic herbs-water Thistle-
There are tablets too--
There are countless
Antioxidants and antioxidants
Inflammatory, mainly used for detoxification of the body.
"This is also a good time to start eating because it is a great time to enhance immunity in winter," Sharma added . ".
She also warned against eating regular bread with preservatives and toxins.
"Because of the high chemical composition of bread, bread is not ideal at this time.
Instead, you can try filling the bread or.
"Wearing masks for a long time, sales of air purifiers have also risen in the past few days.
For Barun Aggarwal, CEO of Breathe Easy, the company that offers air purification solutions, the period after Diwali is crazy.
"It's like people wake up suddenly.
They all want fresh air.
"Demand for air purifiers has risen sharply," he said . "
However, all available air purifiers on the market may not be able to provide the right answer to your air quality questions.
Aggarwal said that you have to consider a range of factors before focusing on the purifier.
Important components include a HEPA filter for the removal of small particles (pm2. 5.
5, for example), a good carbon filter, a suitable pre-
Filter, which helps to destroy large particles and high CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate ).
For those who fill their bedroom and living room with plants, plants don't necessarily need to improve air quality, Aggarwal said.
"Plants also release harmful gases.
They work, but are mostly ineffective in purifying air.
"The best breathing air is the air filtered out before it enters your home.
The air purifier is the second one.
"This is the best choice," he added . "
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