how to stop constant coughing from allergies - quiet air purifier

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how to stop constant coughing from allergies  -  quiet air purifier
Seasonal or annual indoor or outdoor-
All types of allergies have the potential to cause persistent cough.
With runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, itching, allergic cough can cause confusion and boredom.
Cough associated with allergies is usually caused by post-nasal drops, when mucus on the nose flows down the back of the throat.
Allergic asthma can also cause persistent cough.
With this type of asthma, exposure to allergens such as pollen, mites, and mold spores can cause symptoms.
Control allergies. If you continue to cough and suspect it may be related to allergies, please make an appointment with your doctor.
Your doctor will have a physical examination, ask about your medical history, and may recommend an allergy test to determine what is causing your cough.
Take the medicine prescribed by the doctor.
Your treatment plan may include an antigroup amine that reduces nasal congestion, a relief that helps to suck dry mucus, or a prescription or an excessthe-
Cough medicine.
If you have allergic asthma, take an asthma medication as specified.
If your doctor recommends immunotherapy, commonly referred to as an allergic injection, follow her up.
This treatment reduces your sensitivity to allergy triggers and can reduce your symptoms over time, including persistent cough.
Avoid exposure to allergies saversavoid is exposed to you know you're right--
A strategy to avoid allergens.
Whether or not you have a cough associated with seasonal allergies or allergic asthma, this is an important part of controlling allergy symptoms.
Stay away from cigarette and wood smoke that stimulates the airway and can cause a cough.
It is also necessary to avoid exposure to strong irritating smoke, such as smoke from cleaning products, perfumes or industrial chemicals.
If you have seasonal allergies, avoid being outdoors when the amount of pollen and mold is high.
Keep the windows closed and keep the allergens away from your home.
When the air quality is poor and during high humidity or very cold weather, minimizing outdoor time can also help reduce allergies --
Related cough
Clean your home thoroughly and reduce allergens in your home.
Regularly dust and vacuum, wear a mask when cleaning to prevent the breath of allergens.
Use an air purifier with high power
High-efficiency particulate air filters can also capture allergens and keep the air at home cleaner.
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