how to prevent dust build up - small air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-09-06
how to prevent dust build up  -  small air purifier
Dust will not only make the house look dirty, it will also cause problems for allergic patients.
Dust at home can contain contaminants, pollen, and can even react to anyone who is prone to breathing problems.
Prevent dust accumulation
Up is a process of several steps.
Unfortunately, not only do you have to do one thing.
However, if you make the process a habit, it will not take more time than regular cleaning, and you will have a cleaner, less allergic home.
Vacuum carpet floors, curtains and all upholstered furniture at least once a week.
Dust can easily accumulate on these surfaces, although it is not as obvious as other surfaces.
Spray wood surface with dust
Exclude cleaners
In addition, keep the countertops and appliances clean and dusty
Clean every day for free.
Carpet near the entrance.
These will capture a lot of dirt carried on the shoes.
Wet tile floors dragged at least once a week can also prevent dust from piling upup.
If your home has wood floors, please use a microfibre dust mop once a week or more.
Buy an air purifier with an efficient air filter.
These filters are able to capture small particles of dust.
While these air purifiers do not remove all the dust from the home, they capture a large part of it.
Replace all filters frequently, including furnace filters and air conditioning filters (
At least every three months. .
Dirty filters can't do their job well.
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