how to keep tabs on an elderly parent when you can't be there - small electrical appliances

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how to keep tabs on an elderly parent when you can\'t be there  -  small electrical appliances
Dear savvy elderly, can you recommend any care equipment or technical products that help families pay attention to elderly people living alone?
During the holidays my sister and I noticed a decline in my dad's health so we wanted to find something to help us keep an eye on him when we were away. --
The focus on SonDear is that today there are many different assistive technology products that can help families pay attention to their elderly loved ones when they are unable to be present.
Depending on your dad's needs and how much you're willing to spend, here are some good options to consider.
Personal emergency system if you are mainly worried about your dad falling down and need help, one of the most commonly used and affordable products for the elderly living alone is the personal emergency system (PERS)--
Also known as a medical alarm device.
These systems offer a wearable hanging button for just $1 or 2 a day-
Usually in the form of necklace ornaments or wristbands--
And the base station connected to the home phone line.
Press the button and your dad can call and talk to the trained operator through the system's base station receiver, which works like a powerful speaker.
The operator will find the problem and notify the family, neighbors, friends or emergency service as needed.
Some even moved today.
Sensitive pendants for autumn and automatic help can be detected.
GPS phones are also available.
Alarm pendant that can be used anywhere.
Some of the top companies offering a variety of services include Philips Lifeline, medical alerts, and mobile help.
Sensor Monitoring if you want to keep an eye on your dad more closely than what PERS offers, consider a sensor monitoring system.
These systems use small wireless sensors (not cameras)
Placed in a key area of your dad's home, you can detect changes in his activity patterns and notify you by text message or email if something unusual happens.
For example, if he goes to the bathroom and does not leave, it may mean a fall or other emergency.
You can also check his mode at any time through the website of the system.
For additional protection, most services also provide PERS Call buttons that can be placed around the house or worn out.
Some of the good companies that offer these services are grand care Systems, whose active sensors charge $300 plus a service fee of $50 per month.
BeClose operates $399 for three sensors, and the monthly service charge is $69 if paid in advance.
If you're interested in more budgets
Friendly option, consider the bustle, $35 per month service fee, just $50.
Lively uses small motion sensors that you can connect to movable objects such as medicine boxes, refrigerator doors, front doors, etc.
These sensors will track your father's movements/activities and let you know of any abnormalities in his daily life.
For example, if he does not pick up the medicine box to take the medicine, or if he does not open the front door and go out to retrieve the morning paper, you will be notified to check him out.
If Lively falls or needs help, he will also provide PERS "Safety Watch ".
Another affordable check-out option is Evermind, which allows you to monitor your dad's frequently used appliances through small plugsin sensors.
For example, if your dad doesn't turn on the coffee maker in the morning, or he doesn't watch his favorite TV show before going to bed, you'll be notified.
The price of these three sensors is $199, plus a service fee of $29 per month.
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Jim Miller is a contributor to the NBC Today Show and author of the savvy old man.
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