how to get rid of dead rat odor - air purifier machine for home

by:Yovog     2020-02-13
how to get rid of dead rat odor  -  air purifier machine for home
There may be few more unpleasant smells than decomposed rodents.
After the death of the mouse, the body began to decompose and release methane, sulfur dioxide, hydrocarbons and benzene derivatives into the air to produce unpleasant smells.
Sometimes the body is difficult to find, or in a place where the owner cannot remove it.
Even if it is removable, the smell will last for several weeks.
However, there are several ways to get rid of the bad odor with a little insistence.
Find and remove the body of the dead mouse as it continues to smell until it is completely dry.
Use rubber gloves to put the body in a plastic bag and seal it before putting the body in the garbage.
Scrub or spray the area where the body is located with vinegar or bleach.
If the body is on the wall, drill a hole in the wall about 12 inch above the floor.
Use a spray tip that can move in all directions to spray the selected disinfectant, masking solution, or the sum in the smell into the hole.
Re-seal the holes on the wall with hole filling.
Use one or several fans to force fresh air into the affected area and ventilate immediately.
If the body of the mouse cannot be found, spray the masking agent or smell in the air with a spray or mist remover.
This will neutralize the smell immediately, but will need to be reused before the body is fully decomposed.
Run an air purifier using a silicone or charcoal absorption filter.
When the air passes through the filter, it catches the smell
Cause particles.
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