how to clean the venta airwasher - ionic air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-12-13
how to clean the venta airwasher  -  ionic air purifier
Combination of air purifier and humidifier in Germanymade Venta-
Airvoyer removes dust and other particles from the air sucked in by the fan, spreads the particles onto the collection tray, and then releases clean, moist air.
Traditional air purifiers and humidifiers sometimes include complicated Disassembly Instructions to clean a unit or filter. The Venta-
Airvoyer does not have a filter and its open box-like design allows simple push
The button enters the area that needs to be cleaned.
Clean every two weeks and clean twice a year more thoroughly.
Close and unplug your Venta-
Clean its air purifier.
Wash every two weeks, keep the equipment, inhibit the growth of bacteria, remove dirt or film residues, and reduce the accumulation of minerals.
Press the label on the right and left side of the top speed controller in the center of the upper housing unit to open the airvoyer.
Press the label at the same time.
Pull two ventilated and two non-
Open the ventilation side of the upper housing unit.
If you have difficulty, start with a long time
Discharge both sides before and after and then reduce short non
Ventilation side on the right and left.
Open the trap door on the left
The ventilation side pulls the wires inside the unit so you can lift the entire motor and wires from the upper housing unit for easy cleaning.
Dump water from lower housing units.
Wipe fan blades and upper and lower housing units with wet lint
Free ultra-slim cloth and warm water rinse.
Rinse the collection disk stack or stack with warm water, but do not use microfibre cloth.
Refill the lower housing unit with clean water and then inject 3 at a time. 5 oz.
Venta water treatment additives for additional protection.
Self using airvoyer
The cleaning function is done twice a year to clean the equipment more thoroughly.
Pour fresh water into the lower housing unit and add a full bottle of Venta cleaner.
Turn on airvoyer and place it in the lowest settings. Run the self-
The cleaning cycle is at least two hours, then empty water from the unit and wash off any cleaning residue with warm tap water.
Refill the water for normal use and add a certain dose of Venta water treatment additive.
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