how to buy an air purifier - air purifier for smoke

by:Yovog     2020-01-06
how to buy an air purifier  -  air purifier for smoke
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Five things to consider when purchasing an air purifier whether you are a dust allergy, a smoker or a pet owner, or have recently seen studies on how the air purifier can improve cardiovascular health, you have decided to buy the air purifier.
Unfortunately, there are so many options and so many prices, and the low degree of normalization between their marketing methods, which leads to the difficulty of comparing air purifiers.
Fortunately, the air purifier has 5 main qualities to look for when deciding what suits your needs. 1)CADR -
Clean Air Delivery rates make appropriate adjustments for your air purifier in the room to be used, helping you avoid spending too much on too large units.
The CADR rating helps you determine which air filter is suitable for you.
The CADR rating of the air purifier indicates the amount of air your device can clean in a minute.
The CADR rating is calculated for three different stimuli: tobacco, dust, and pollen, respectively.
The Home Appliance Manufacturers Association recommends a CADR of about 1/12 of your room capacity.
So if you have a standard 1000 cubic feet (
Air volume, not square feet of floor plan)
You want a CADR of 83 or higher. 2)HEPA -99. 9% vs 99. 97%A HEPA (high-
Air particle efficiency
Filters are the core components of all air purifiers.
When you consider purchasing a purifier, please pay close attention to the percentage of particles the filter will remove and the minimum size of the particles.
And the difference between 99. 9% and 99.
97% may seem small and is actually a difference between the ability to remove many smaller allergen particles.
Look for filters marked "pure hepa" or "real hepa.
The particles of 97% dropped to 0.
Size is 3 microns. 3)Filters -
Permanent and pre-
Filter when you consider the cost of the air purifier, don't forget that you need to change the filter every year.
There are two factors that may increase or decrease maintenance costs.
Permanent or washable filters many devices are now equipped with permanent or washable HEPA filters that do not require replacement or do not require frequent replacement.
While this may seem convenient, many of these filters are limited to only 99.
Removal rate of 9%.
When you decide how to buy an air purifier, you may need to make a trade-off between filter efficiency and long-term costs. Pre-
The filter unit is not only composed of HEPA filters, but may also include pre-filters
Filters that handle a range of tasks to provide additional air cleaning capabilities.
First of all, they are very good at removing larger dust and hair particles to maintain the replacement cycle of the more expensive HEPA filter.
Second, they are usually carbon.
This is a very effective filter to eliminate the smell, especially the smoke.
This is a must if tobacco smell is the main problemhave feature.
Amazon, the Winix PlasmaWave 5300 air purifier model, costs $199. 99 $159. 99 Buy Now(
Prices as of June 25, 2013)4)
Once you buy an air purifier, it may run 24/7 in order to keep your home healthy.
EnergyStar certified EnergyStar is the gold standard for electronic product efficiency, and having this certified or approved air purifier will reduce the electricity bill while keeping the air clean. Mulit-
The speed and auto mode is that you will not always be in the room that is being cleaned or you may sleep in the same room.
Check at least three speeds: low, high, sleep.
This will allow you to adapt to your needs when you need more cleaning or sleep.
The automatic mode is also helpful, it can detect the level of irritation in the air and set the power accordingly.
You can save energy by not letting your air purifier run at full speed all the time. 5)
Another key function of the air purifier is the ion generator.
These work is done by generating a charge on the particles in the air as they pass through the filter.
This helps charged particles to be captured more efficiently by the HEPA filter.
In addition, the particles discharged from the filter will fall to the ground, it is easier to stick to the walls and floors, and it is easier to clean through vacuum or dust removal.
Instead of continuing to float in the air you breathe them, they are attached to the surface due to their charge and are easy to handle. 6)
The above five features are a necessary consideration when deciding how to buy an air purifier, but you may want to remember many additional features.
When you are ready to sleep, the remote will turn off your air purifier from the bed or across the room.
The indicator panel at the top of the device may show the level of dust in the air, or it is time to replace the filter.
It may already be equipped with a filter when you buy an air purifier.
If not, you might need to spend $50 more.
You will need to pay $100 before you use the air purifier.
There is too much time to use the remote control, and when it comes to the evening, your device will automatically turn off. Honeywell HHT-
090 air purifier price for permanent high efficiency air filter Tower: $123. 99 $110. 09 Buy Now(
Prices as of June 25, 2013)
When deciding which unit is suitable for you, it is important to note that if possible, be sure to read a few air purifier reviews, even if all key functions exist, there are also some that you want to avoid.
Ozone generation ozone is an oxygen produced by electricity used in the ion generator of the air purifier.
This is the same as ozone in the atmosphere produced by lightning, which is unfortunately a lung irritating substance that is harmful in large quantities.
While you will not be able to purchase air purifiers that produce harmful gases, the unit is designed to clean your air in order to avoid air purifiers that produce ozone where possible. Off-
Gas devices made mainly of plastic, especially at the low end of the price level, can release harmful gases and bad smells to your air.
Similarly, air purifiers that pollute the air are their owndefeating.
Read the owner's complaints about the smell of plastic and reviews of the duration of the purchase.
Even with multiple speeds, some air purifiers can be noisy.
This may be due to poor construction resulting in clicking or squeaking, or excessivepowered fans.
Choose the right size for your room and consider your noise tolerance in the room.
Noise may be good for an entertainment room, but in the bedroom you often want a quiet fan to sleep.
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