how air purifiers work - best cheap air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-07-18
how air purifiers work  -  best cheap air purifier
It is estimated that Americans spend $0. 25 billion a year on air purifiers at home, most of which are sold by people with asthma and allergies [source].
However, scientific research and testing have shown that many purifiers have no effect at all and some may cause harm.
However, the concept of air purification is valuable.
The air inside a typical home is usually dirtier than the outside air, as the House may be a source of air contaminants.
Moisture can lead to the development of mold and mold spores. Forced-
Air heating and cooling systems circulate dust particles and bacteria throughout the house.
When a smoker delivers toxins to the air, the pet will fall off the fur and emit dandruff.
Pollen and other outdoor allergens can be blown in through open doors and windows (
Or through a window or door screen)
Stuck with a carpet or upholstery
The end result is that the average house is more likely to concentrate pollutants than outside.
This concentration is usually not too harmful for a healthy person, but children and people with allergies and breathing difficulties may be adversely affected.
Lowering levels of contaminants can help alleviate some of these problems, and using an air purifier is a way to do so.
In the next section, we will introduce five basic types of air purifiers that are common on the market today.
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