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According to the Daily Mail reporter update: EDT 13: 04, in October 12, 2010, women struggled for equality, but there was still an amazing amount of housework at home, according to a new study on cleaning habits in the UK.
According to the data, only eight out of eight husbands and boyfriends lost weight in housework.
More than three young people under the age of 24 admit that they rely on their parents to clean up, while two of the British pay for professional cleaners.
While men do much less at home, they seem to be a formidable master of tasks, and the third insists "I like my house to keep it clean at any time ".
In fact, the men described cleaning as "too hard", which made them understand why they shirked their duties in housework.
Women believe that even in this era, the cleanliness of their homes is reflected in them, and half of them say they feel embarrassed and refuse to receive visitors when they are not clean.
At one end of the spectrum, one out of every eight Brits does not allow people to wear shoes at home, while one out of every ten Brits admits that they don't care at all if others think they do
The cleaning life study by household appliance manufacturer Miele reveals a series of cleaning mistakes we make and the way we try to hide dirt.
27 of us have turned over a mat to hide stains, 12 have covered a stained carpet with a piece of furniture and 5 have cleaned up the dirt under the carpet
Four out of ten admitted that they simply swept the dirt on the kitchen surface or on the table to the floor, although a quarter had already had the meal cloth wipe the spills off the floor, then put it back.
A dirty four cents and even a meal cloth to clean the pet bowl, then continue to clean with it.
Philip Hodson, a spokeswoman for the British Association for counseling and psychotherapy, said many men still believe that traditional household chores are "women's work ".
He said: "Many men think that refueling in the car or changing bulbs is doing housework at home, but still think that cooking and cleaning is a woman's job.
"You're more likely to learn certain skills if you're a woman, but adults won't really call themselves mature unless they can support themselves.
Some men are lazy and lack a sense of identity with the housework, which is definitely a problem.
When people can read or install Windows 7 on a computer, there is no reason why they can't use a washing machine or cook.
One of the problems is that men usually seek more adrenaline.
Activities and housework are only a small matter.
"Women have a stronger nesting instinct, and cleaning will naturally be the same when men don't bother.
But if women do nothing and men feel the consequences of inaction --
For example, if they don't have a clean shirt to wear --
Things will change soon.
Miele's study found that many Britons only give their house "once" on the surface once"
Not a clean one.
One of the five people cleans the bathroom at most once a month, and the 12 cents will leave dirt in the kitchen for at least a month.
Don't even wash every day for a quarter.
By contrast, one of us cleans the bathroom every day, and 28 do the same in the kitchen.
According to the study, a tenth of Glasgow admitted that they had never cleaned the toilet, while 13 of Edinburgh's people had never cleaned the oven.
Cardiff seems to be the cleanest city, with one out of every ten people cleaning the bathroom every day, followed by manitans who clean the toilet every day.
One out of every five people cheated on themselves and thought that if our house looked clean then it was clean and one out of every ten admitted that they had an "invisible" to dirt
Dr Lisa Ackerley, a television health expert, said the study shows that many people do not guarantee that their homes are clean.
"There must be a mentality of not doing housework properly or completely avoiding it," she said.
The Miele Cleaner life study found that people spend less than 30 minutes on average cleaning the kitchen or bathroom, which is not enough to eliminate all the lurking dirt and bacteria.
Britons may be proud of themselves, but few seem to have "spotless homes ".
Nikki Young John from Miele suggested
Tech devices that attract gadget enthusiasts may tempt men to do more housework.
"People today don't have enough time on hand and it's hard to find time to do housework," she said.
Although many women go out to work, there are still traditional elements in the family, and there are differences in who does housework.
However, new household appliances are becoming more and more distinctive.
Led, therefore has a great attraction for small workerslovers.
"With a cordless vacuum cleaner, a dishwasher that can sense how dirty pottery is, and a smart oven that smells when cooking dinner, there is no reason for men not to lose weight. '
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