helping avoid asthma in new zealand - personal air purifier

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helping avoid asthma in new zealand  -  personal air purifier
The mother of three boys in Auckland, Joe streid, said she was panicking when her eldest son Luca suffered her first "breather attack" in 21 months and was rushed to hospital.
Now that he's six years old, he seems to have gotten rid of asthma. for now.
We have a porpoise. inhaler]
But, touching the wood, he has not been attacked for 18 months, "said Joe.
Now she's the youngest. Jacob (15 months)-
A new question was raised.
In the past six months, he has been hospitalized three times, with inflammation of the bronchi in his lungs, called Mao Zhiyan.
This usually affects young children because their small airways are more likely to be blocked than older children or adults.
Jo is not sure what will happen in the future, the difficulty here is that doctors are hesitant to diagnose asthma before the age of two.
This is a scene that New Zealand has to stage than any other country outside the UK --
Our incidence of asthma ranks second in the world.
About 600,000 asthma patients in New Zealand
According to Ann Wheat, nurse manager at New Zealand's asthma hospital, this is one out of every four children and one out of every seven adults.
This does not take into account other respiratory diseases.
Evidence of the high incidence of respiratory diseases in New Zealand suggests that our housing reserves --
It's more humid and cold than what the World Health Organization recommends.
These conditions produce mold and spores.
Other factors include dust and dust, smoke and chemicals in building materials and household products.
A 2012 report in The New Zealand Journal of Medicine found that when children under the age of two developed respiratory infections, Maori and Pacific children, as well as children living in poor communities, had a higher rate of admission.
They cited three reasons.
Exposure to second-hand smoke, no source of heating, and overcrowding (
Living with four or more children).
In order to solve the insulation problem of a total of 69,000 state-owned properties owned or managed by New Zealand housing, from 2009, $76 has been invested in energy-saving renovation --2013 -
A total of 48,034 National houses are insulated.
Since 2009, the government has allocated $348 in the warm-up plan: the insulation intelligence program, which insulated 235,000 households.
Funding is running out this year, but a new plan, warm-up: The plan for Healthy Families, which started in 2013, targets 46,000 low-income families with higher risk of health problems --
The budget is $100.
The Ministry of Health estimates that the medical cost of asthma is $1200 per day for children hospitalized with asthma, although the conservative estimate of the annual financial burden is $800.
• How to maintain healthy indoor air • Make sure your house is warm and properly insulated.
Use a dehumidifier to reduce moisture.
Investment in bedding-
New Zealand recommended Eco-asthma-
From Briscoes or-
Mattresses, pillows, down comforters and so on are all allergic.
Latex mattress is a good choice, it can resist dust.
Avoid putting sheepskin carpets on the bed because they can hold dust.
• Often invest in a good vacuum cleaner and vacuum cleaner
There are mattresses, pillows, curtains and carpets.
Dry the house regularly by opening windows and freezing soft toys for 72 hours every three weeks to minimize exposure to bedding, soft toys and house dust on carpets.
"Suppress" the dust at home with a damp cloth to remove the dust particles correctly.
Identify your trigger (
Whatever caused your asthma
Minimize your contact with them;
It includes the type of pets, food and drinks, stress, and even perfume.
• Do not smoke inside.
Avoid products with fragrance.
Wash your clothes with tasteless laundry detergent or fabric softener.
Use non-trace or non-trace
Aerosol version of home cleaning products to avoid aromatherapy candles or room fresheners. • Use VOC (
Volatile organic compounds
Free paint and varnish.
Looking for sensitive selection logo blue butterfly now marks the products and services of companies that support asthma and allergy care.
More than 300 products and services carrying blue butterflies
From bedding to building products, from cleaners to carpets, from air purifiers to vacuum cleaners, to paint on walls.
For a list of these products and services, and where they can be found, as well as more tips and suggestions, visit sensitivechoice. com/products-services.
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