Has Beijing found a solution to smog? 'World's largest air purifier' to be put in Chinese capital to tackle notorious air pollution - room air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-07-30
Has Beijing found a solution to smog? \'World\'s largest air purifier\' to be put in Chinese capital to tackle notorious air pollution  -  room air purifier
Traveling from Beijing International Airport to the city center, you will most likely encounter familiar scenes of smog problems in the capital.
However, the blue sky and clean air in the Chinese capital may surprise tourists in the coming years.
Dutch artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde invented a huge sevenmetre-tall (23 feet)
The air purifier will be tested in the city of the upcoming 21 million residents.
Through with 37-year-
The Chinese government wants the blue sky to come to Beijing again, ten times the size of London and often plagued by air pollution.
Roosegaarde Studios claims that the giant device called the smog-free Tower is the world's largest air purifier.
It can collect contaminants, process them, and then condense them into cubes of about 4 cm square meters (1. 6 inches).
The tower is about two floors high and can be cleared by 30,000 (
1,060,000 square feet)
According to Roosegaarde, the smog is severe every hour and the power used does not exceed the boiler.
He worked with experts and designers from the studio to build the machine within two years.
The designer from Rotterdam told the Daily Mail that he got the idea during his trip to Beijing in 2014.
On a Saturday two and a half years ago, I was in Beijing and looked at the city from the 32 th floor.
"I can see cars and other buildings, but by Tuesday or Wednesday the view was completely covered with smog.
It is so remarkable and so sad.
"Now, after being invited to bring the smoke-free project to China, rosgard is working with the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China.
The first stop is the capital Beijing, where everything starts.
The equipment will be displayed in a park in Beijing on September.
The exact location or date of the test has not yet been revealed.
Later, after Beijing, Ms Lagarde plans to push the idea further in China: "It will eventually enter four cities that have not yet been decided.
There will be a poll where people will be able to vote for the towers to come to their cities.
"This summer, a prototype of the smog-free Tower was tested in a park in Rotterdam.
The collected smoke was then turned into a ring and distributed to those who donated it to the roose page, which Roosegaarde founded to help raise cash in order to achieve his ideas.
The fundraising page successfully raised 113,000 euros (£94,000).
The rings will be sold in Beijing, he said, but they need to install the tower and start collecting smog first.
"One day in Rotterdam, we managed to make about 30 rings, but in Beijing, we can make about 300 to 350 rings because of the more severe smog.
Some people give the ring to each other as a romantic gesture, he said.
Beijing has faced increasing smog problems in the past few years.
The capital is often listed as one of the most polluted cities in China.
Worst of all, tiny readings of toxic pm2. 5.
Through the capital, five particles reached a height of 600 micrograms per cubic meter, while the World Health Organization's safety level was 25.
When a red smog alert was issued, schools were forced to shut down and cars were banned from the road.
For residents, however, they are trapped at home and constantly check the air quality to see if they can resume their daily lives.
The low-key mask has become a necessity, and the purchase of home air purifiers has also increased.
Spencer Musk, 28year-
The old American diaspora, who has lived in the city for the past two years, said the smog was the worst in the winter of 2015.
For a few days, the air quality near my house in central Beijing did not drop below 600.
My air purifier has turned red all the time, like saying "you shouldn't be here and leave right away.
"Many people don't realize that the city is also shrouded in a psychological shadow in severe smog.
People on crowded subways are more aggressive than usual.
A few weeks ago, the clerk in my Alley was very friendly and just frowned instead of talking back to me. 'Min Rui, a 27-year-
Old Chinese reporters from Beijing say smog can be unbearable at times. The smog was very serious last winter.
I remember one time I went to work at four o'clock A. M. and looked like a scene in the movie Silent Mountain.
To address Beijing's notorious air pollution problem, the Beijing Urban Planning Commission announced on February that Beijing would establish a network of five "ventilation corridors.
Huge passage 500 wide (1,640 feet)
Will be created using parks, rivers, lakes, highways and low building blocks, looking to the future, Daan Roosegaarde, the man behind the smog-free Tower, China has big plans to solve air pollution.
There are other projects in the project, such as bicycles, which can absorb air and produce clean air.
Bicycles used to be the main means of transportation in Beijing, but now they are cars.
We can bring our bikes back to the city.
Innovators say the tower is not just a design project, it's about improving people's way of life.
It is also hoped that they will be able to work with universities in the country.
"This tower is important and I would be happy to work with universities in Beijing and Shanghai (such as Tsinghua University) to help find ways to solve air pollution in China.
Roosegaarde hopes these towers will not be needed in 10 to 15 years.
He said: "I like a word from Marshall McLuhan, who said:" There are no passengers on the Earth spacecraft.
We are all crew members.
"We need to involve people in the solution.
Air pollution has become a daily battle, which is normal for many Chinese.
The designer believes that people should not accept the smog: "Luxury goods used to be Louis Vuitton bags, but clean air is now a new luxury.
According to Greenpeace data for July 20, air pollution levels in nearly three Chinese cities rose in the second quarter.
Air quality is deteriorating year by yearon-
Annual of 103 cities in April
30% of cities were monitored in June.
However, pm2. 5 in Beijing
Level 5 fell by 6. 9% to 59.
In the same period, 2 micrograms per cubic meter, year on year.
The upper limit recommended by the World Health Organization is an average of 25 micrograms per 24 hours and an average of 10 micrograms per year.
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