gregor robertson on his big promise, worst moment and where he'd like a do-over - best home air cleaner

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gregor robertson on his big promise, worst moment and where he\'d like a do-over  -  best home air cleaner
Central City of homelessness, housing crisis and Canada's opioid overdose crisis: Vancouver's longest-serving mayor has faced unprecedented problems over the past decade.
2008 is an exciting time.
Hope is bold.
Politicians and voters dare to make their dreams come true.
Greg Robertson is one of them.
He promised to end homelessness by 2015. When the kilt-
The mayor of Vancouver, who was sworn in his first three terms, was likened to another guy recently elected: Barack Obama.
Robertson, 44, is an organic farmer, a successful entrepreneur and a member of the legislature who sailed across the Pacific Ocean.
When 2010 Winter Olympics, he was as handsome as the city wanted.
In an Asian city with a rapidly growing population, Robertson enjoys an extra reputation for being a distant relative of respected Canadian doctor Norman Bethune, who brings modern medicine to China
Since he has few offices around his neck, there is speculation that Robertson will turn his vision party into provincial, possibly beating the ruling B. C.
Liberals then
Prime Minister Gordon Campbell
He inspired a new generation to vote, and they elected not only him, but most of the Vision members of the Council, the school board, and the park board.
But despite winning, Robertson was quickly troubled by the city's problems. An 85-
The garbage strike is just over.
There were 5,000 people who slept very hard, and the parliament was quickly opened for temporary, cold-
Weather ShelterBut the city-
The athletes' village, which supports housing development in the Olympic village, faces losses of up to $0. 4 billion.
To make up for the losses, the council cut the 1,100 planned social housing units by half.
Holborn property is allowed to demolish 224 low
The income housing unit of the hill.
The company opened the Trump Tower, but the hill site declined due to the construction of less than half of the replacement units.
This is just the beginning of it.
In fact, housing affordability will become a problem for Robertson as a city of Vancouver for a decade.
On Thursday, October, the outgoing mayor, Greg Robertson, is in the Fraser lands district of Vancouver. 25, 2018.
Arlen Redekop/PNGThe old police station is reborn as a center for social enterprise innovation, non-
Profits and manufacturers located in the Eastern District of the city center reflect many of Robertson's hopes and dreams, as well as his vision for the Vancouver council.
So it would be appropriate for Robertson to attend the opening ceremony a few weeks before his decade --
The long term at the City Hall is over.
The siren interrupted the formalities every few minutes, a clear reminder that it was at the center of the Canadian opioid overdose crisis.
Amazing decoration.
The log "respectfully harvested" at Cultus Lake gives the lobby the feeling of a long house.
They were introduced to the building at all appropriate First Nations ceremonies.
Here is a piece of uncultivated land in muskenan, squomish and zcolumn --
That was acknowledged by every speaker, Waututh.
Upstairs, the human hive is buzzing.
In the basement.
Profits are falling for eastern Van bakers.
On the second floor, a huge rough
Cutting boards is an informal gathering place for "creativity --
Someone who rents an office
During Robertson's term, the eastern part of the city center was a major focus, just like several previous mayors.
"We tend to talk about the east side of the city center as an issue, but it's also a huge success story for a resilient community, despite the constant waves of capital, growth and development, and middle-class, but it said in two interviews in nearly two hours.
"Although people think it's the dark side, it's a sign of our strength.
"Over the past decade, with the development of the city, more supervised injection sites have been opened --Sponsorship, fiveday-a-
Zhou street market
To make drug addicts safer, there are well-lit alleys and a 30 km/h high-speed area.
Despite this, drug traffickers abound.
Many upper addicts with bleeding sore sell a variety of items on the street.
There are ambulances, first aid workers and volunteers in pop.
All of this is an attempt to cope with the prevalence of an overdose.
A few blocks from the main street Innovation Center, a homeless camp was recently relocated
Established at No. 58 West Hastings Street
Two years ago, Robertson promised to develop only social housing.
But earlier this year, the Council rejected this and approved a 10-
There are only multi-storey buildings in the third unit, and the welfare personnel can arrive.
At the press conference, the tent
City organizers say they "enjoy the resignation of Gregore and the shame of Vancouver vision.
"It was a parting gift for Robertson, who was first elected in 2008 and promised to end homelessness.
Gregor Robertson and other visual teams celebrated their municipal election victory at the Vancouver hotel on November. 15, 2008.
Arlen Redekop/PNGGregor Robertson was sworn in as mayor at the inauguration ceremony at sunset community center on December. 8, 2008.
Mayor Ian Smith
Elect Gregor answered questions waiting for the media on November. 17, 2008.
Les bazso/PROVINCEMayor Gregor Robertson welcomed the 2010 Paralymipc game running from the torch of law enforcement officers in Vancouver on January. 27, 2009.
On February, Nick PROCAYLO/Mayor of PNGVancouver, Greg Robertson, wore a blade at the UBC Thunderbird winter sports center to play hockey for charity. 20, 2009.
Stuart Davis/PNGWhitecaps co-
Jeff Mallet, owner (left)
On Wednesday, March 18, 2009, Vancouver Mayor Greg Robertson played football at a press conference, announcing that the white ball will become a major league football team in 2011.
Jenelle schneder/PNGMayor Gregor has been well received from an angry local art Knapp garden store at 1401 Hornby, VancouverC.
July 15, 2009.
On June 5, 2009, Steve Bosch/PNGPrince Edward and Mayor Greg Robertson were at the outlook point at Stanley Park.
Steve Bosch/PNGMayor Gregor traveled south on the Burrard Street Bridge in Vancouver using the westernmost lane as the vehicle was restricted to two lanes and pedestrians used the sidewalk on July 13, 2009.
Ric Ernst/PNGMayor Gregor helped provide a Thanksgiving meal at the Union Gospel Church in Vancouver on October. 12, 2009.
The Olympic flame arrives at the Canadian Army at Victoria International Airport CC-150 Polaris.
Mayor Greg Robertson passed the torch to B. C.
Prime Minister Gordon Campbell held a ceremony in the hangar of the 433 sea helicopter squadron.
Sir Richard Branson (left)
In February, Mayor Greg Robertson launched the Carbon War Room in Vancouver. 17, 2010.
Bill Kay/Mayor of PNGVancouver Greg Robertson meets London Mayor Boris Johnson in London while lighting the Olympic torch in Europe.
/PROVINCEFin took a bite from mayor Greg Robertson during the Vancouver Canada Day celebration at City Hall on April 27, 2010.
Alan Redekop/PNGMayor Gregore Robertson (left)
Simon Whitefield, a Canadian triathlon, was released at RBC GranFondo Whistler. 11, 2010.
Jenelle schneder/PNGMayor Gregor plays drums with the holy people in the town of liffentieru.
On June 13, 2011, Vancouver Mayor Greg Robertson talked about the Canadian playoffs in Vancouver in an interview with the media.
Glenn baglo/PNGMayor Gregor reported to the media on March 16, 2011 the latest situation of homeless people in Vancouver.
Ward Perrin/prowesson Greg Robertson is with soccer player Karina Lapland at Vancouver City HallC. , Nov. 27, 2012.
Arlen Redekop/Vancouver mayor Greg Robertson works as part of the CBC series to get politicians to work.
Photo submitted/CBCVancouver mayor Greg Robertson made some of his own funny lines at a barbecue with MP Andrea Reimer and others.
2011 club 50 or 60 in Vancouver. C.
Greg Robertson, mayor of Ian Lindsay/PNGVancouver, won the name of the PNE award winner. 8, 2011.
Steve Bosch/Mayor of PNGVancouver Greg Robertson supports the "Vanlover" campaign of the city's Business Improvement Association, encouraging people to support businesses in the heart of the city after 2011 Stanley Cup riots.
Nick PROCAYLO/PROVINCEVancouver mayor Greg Robertson came out of the fireman's breathing device as political leaders joined Vancouver's fire and rescue services, with BC Professional Firefighters, at the fire action 101 meeting at the Chess Street training facility on Monday. 26, 2011.
April 11, 2013--
Mayor Greg Robertson launched a new plan in Vancouver in April 11, 2013 to deal with food waste. (
Wayne Leidlenfrost/PNG)(
The story of Darah Hansen)[
PNG Merlin file
The provincial editorial board of Wayne Leyton Frost/PNGMayor Gregor Robertson spoke about the municipal elections, Thursday, November. 6, 2014.
Greg Robertson and Raymond Louis in Vancouver visit Richards and new Telus Gardens in GeorgiaC.
October 19, 2014.
Arlen Redekop/PNGSouth Vancouver small league team took a photo with Mayor Gregor Robertson on September 20 after being commended at Vancouver City Hall on Tuesday.
Richard lam/PNGMayor Gregor joined shume, the Canadian women's national team mascot, and several young athletes in an impromptu football match, because the city announced that FIFA Women's World tickets will be sold on the 10 th of the Canadian Cup 2015,201 4.
Jenelle schneder/PNGVancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson took the oath of office at a ceremony in Vancouver on December and made a face at the dance against the Chinese lion. 8, 2014.
Jonathan Hayward/former Canadian mayor Greg Robertson greeted a woman during a campaign in Chinatown on Thursday, November. 13, 2014.
Darryl dyck/Canadian news Mayor Gregor Robertson took a shared bike as the City and Vancouver shared bike launched the first phase of the public bike sharing program, July 19, 2016.
Mayor Greg Robertson and singer-
In June 11, 2016, after a rugby test match between Canada and Japan in Vancouver, Robertson awarded the prize.
Daryl DYK/Canadian news mayor Greg Robertson read out the new look of the Vancouver Sun in April 5, 2016 at the City Hall.
Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, Sophie gregual Trudeau and Vancouver mayor Greg Robertson visited B at the Coast Guard station. C. on Sept. 25, 2016.
Duke of Prince William Cambridge Nick PROCAYLO/PNGThe and Vancouver mayor Greg Robertson and members of the Canadian Coast Guard laughed while visiting the North xilano Coast Guard station. 25, 2016.
Darryl dyck/Canadian journalist left: Gary Bateman, NHL commissioner;
Mayor, Mayor Greg Robertson, Canadian owner Francesco Aquini, and Trevor Linden, president of Canadian hockey operations in Vancouver, announced 2019 NHL copies at Rogers Arena in Vancouver on February28, 2018.
Arlen Redekop/png City of Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson attends the 40 annual pride parade in Vancouver on August. 5, 2018.
On June 21, 2018, Nick Procaylo/PNGMayor Gregor celebrated the National Aboriginal Day at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Association.
Nick Procaylo/PNGProtestors from "our home" blocked the alliance from entering Vancouver City Hall on Tuesday, demanding action on affordable housing located at 58 West Hastings Street
When protesters occupied the building, Mayor Greg Robertson and four city councillors were seen outside.
Dan fumano/png Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pays tribute to the mayor of Vancouver, Greg Robertson, when he issued a transit statement in Surrey. 4, 2018.
Nick Procaylo/PNGOutgoing Vancouver mayor Greg Robertson opened on October at 312 Main, social and economic Innovation Centre, Vancouver. 5, 2018.
Jason Payne/PNGShare: TumblrPinterestGoogle plusdditlinkeemail at the end of his first year, Robertson made it clear that he felt compelled to face the public who did not always worship
At a public meeting in 2010, Robertson did not know that his microphone was still on.
He called a group of Western residents "f-
And hinted that they were supporters of the NPA.
Residents objected to Vision's plan to exempt developers from the cost of building rental housing and tax collection because the city did not limit the rent that developers could charge.
On one occasion, he declared himself "angry" with cyclists who closed the city streets on the last Friday of each month to protest against the absence of bicycle lanes.
However, they ended up being rewarded with a network that, in the words of the mayor, angered a large number of residents and people driving in from other parts of the subway.
Bicycle lanes will be part of his legacy for Robertson's supporters and critics, said Andy Yan, director of SFU City projects.
Between 2006 and 2016, the number of bicycle commuters in Vancouver has increased, while the number of bicycle commuters walking to work has increased.
"These trends are happening slowly in other Canadian cities, but more quickly in Vancouver," Yan said . ".
At the same time, the number of transit commuters has increased by 32 percentage points, and the number of transit passengers may increase more.
As chairman of the Vancouver mayor and mayor's regional transport committee, Robertson has worked hard to secure funding for the Broadway Metro expansion project, which he calls "one of B. 's largest infrastructure investmentsC. ’s history.
At 2010 Olympic Games, Vancouver was proved to be a perfect host of the Olympic Games and a magnificent setting for international events.
Every night, thousands of people celebrate happily on the street.
The city has bowed to the IOC's request to hold any protests in the fenceoff zones.
In order to make room for tourists, it did not stop the protests of SROs.
Displaced persons established a tent city at 58 Hastings Street.
In the second year, Robertson and Vision did not encounter any problems when they started over.
Elected by recycling the promise to end homelessness and promoting the city's 10-year goal
Annual housing strategy adopted before elections: 38,000 additional housing units by 2021
Nearly 19 of these apartments are reasonably priced and the rest of the new market apartments are reasonably priced.
As of last month, the city has approved the construction of 18,642 units for affordable-
The housing target includes more than 7,000 supportive and social housing units, as well as 8,409 housing units specifically built for the rental market.
So far, the city has completed about half of its social and supportive housing and purpose --
2011 construction rents set out in the plan's objectives are expected to complete approximately 12,600 social and supportive housing units in the next 10 years, based on ongoing projects.
By 2011, the Olympic spirit disappeared.
Vancouver's Canadian team broke out after losing in the seventh game of the Stanley Cup hockey final.
The car was overturned and burned, the window was broken and the shop was robbed.
More than 140 people were injured, with an estimated loss of $4 million.
It was one of Robertson's worst nights as mayor;
The next morning, his best one.
"People showed up early in the morning with brooms and dustpans, cleaning up the mess.
This is so beautiful . . . . . . After the brutal riots that destroyed the city center the night before.
This is a time when you really feel the spirit of the city and the concern that people have for Vancouver. ”By mid-
In the morning, the streets have been cleaned up, but people are still popping up, apologizing to merchants and writing love letters to cities when boardingup windows.
Read more: Oral History of 2011 Stanley Cup, people like Vancouver and want to live here.
This is at the heart of its thorny housing problem, which makes one of the world's most livable cities unsuitable for many. Single-
For people with low incomes, family housing is out of reach --figures.
Even so, the House may be demolished.
Rent vacancy rate is less than 1%, the average rent is 1-
Bedroom Apartment $1,200 per month, more than the lowest price
The former wage earnertax income.
As for the homeless, although the city had 4,799 people living in the past decade, 2,181 were homeless in March 2018, the highest number since 2005.
"Unfortunately," Robertson said, "people just keep coming, or are displaced in the city, climbing another mountain every year, which illustrates the systemic challenges across the province and across the country.
Robertson said that when he promised to end homelessness, he fully expected the provincial and federal governments to speed up the pace, especially after more than a year.
"I really think everyone will recognize the importance of big investment," he said . "
Robertson regrets how he has dealt with the conservative governments of Ottawa and Victoria.
"If I can do that, I will be more harsh and outspoken to other levels of government.
I wish I had tried it better-
When the government does not invest in homelessness and housing, and does not regulate foreign capital and real estate, appeal to them in a positive, critical wayReal estate industry.
"Robertson and his committee are far from solving the problem of the return of the church, but supervise the Manhattan and middle class of Chinatown, GAIS town, Iron Road Town, Yale town, coal port and West End.
Not that there is no plan.
The 2012 Mayor's Task Force on housing affordability was deployed.
What is lacking is execution.
Re-partitioning of single rooms
On September, Robertson passed the family block that allowed replication at the last parliamentary meeting before the election.
Construction 1,039 co-
Operating unit of city
It has only recently begun to own land in the river district and has built 600 temporary modular housing units in the past year.
Implementing higher-density plans in different communities is awkward.
Vision was once a passionate young voter and strongly opposed it in grand view --
Woodland, driving the decline of Vision and the rise of several new parties.
Former Mayor Mike Harcourt says Greg Robertson is leaving his record as mayor with mixed results, but his green agenda for the city will leave a lasting legacy
King Bob Reni is a generous financial supporter of B. of Robertson and Christie ClarkC. Liberal party.
He spoke harshly of Robertson's record.
"He did not deal properly with stakeholders.
He gave in to the bite of his voice.
He always knew the population would grow.
However, everyone is acting like it's a surprise, "Rennie said.
"It is political suicide to talk about a meaningful increase in density.
Who can do this and start overelected? ” Rennie said.
While thousands of apartments were built during Robertson's tenure, Rennie said, "more $3,000 --a-square-
Walking apartments in the city center will not solve any problems.
"But others question how much responsibility should be taken at Robertson's feet for the housing and homelessness crisis.
"These are the forces of the global market and it's crazy to think that Vancouver's housing market can build a wall," said Tom Armstrong, executive director of Co-Armstrong.
B. Executive Housing FederationC.
"Absolutely, the municipal government can use the tools at its disposal to improve or worsen the situation," he said . ".
"But the fundamental fundamentals of the market itself, their level of operation, are in many ways beyond the capacity of local governments.
"The current civil government in Vancouver is doing more in non-civil affairs than the previous Vancouver government.
Armstrong said profit housing included the creation of affordable housing institutions in Vancouver in 2014.
Armstrong's non
The profit group, independent of the government, had previously publicly criticized the government when he thought it was appropriate, including his view that Robertson's parliament was holding back on resuming cooperation. op leases.
Still, Armstrong said this week, "Of course I don't know about other municipalities (in Canada)
Who actively seeks partnerships with the community housing sector and works with us in an effort to add new affordable housing to the market.
"In 2008, Michael Geller, the architect and developer, was in Africa.
The party Association slate and one of many people who said Robertson's promise to end homelessness was naive.
Geller now says there is nothing wrong with Robertson's wish.
"The sad thing is that they didn't really do a lot of what they were supposed to do," he said . ".
"They could have renovated SROs (single-
Hotel room occupancy rate.
They could have helped clean up the east side of the city center and create more jobs.
"They could have followed the four pillars approach, a more comprehensive plan to deal with the drug problem, not just to build a lower
Barrier housing units and safer injection sites.
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2014 and a month before his last mayoral election vote, Robertson nervously apologized to citizens during a televised debate.
"I heard . . . . . . I did not meet your expectations . . . . . . Sorry . . . . . . I can do better.
Robertson won easily.
Vision has a majority in the Council, but has lost control of both the park committee and the school committee.
But there is no big new idea.
Vision recycling promises of the past
In a city where no one needs a car, a bicycle or a transit pass, housing and green work are provided for all.
Police have begun to warn that a large number of deaths were caused by the use of fen.
But no one predicted a crisis of overdoses. C.
On April 2016, U. S. health officials declared a public health emergency.
In December, six mayors died in one day, saying it was the worst time since he became mayor.
The problem is more than just Fen.
There seems to be an illegal marijuana store in other neighborhoods.
It was not until 2015 that the city finally obtained some permits and closed some permits close to schools, daycare centers or elsewhere.
Rennie accused Robertson of vandalizing Vision, which did not have a candidate for mayor or a candidate for a Council, park or school board of directors in 2018 session.
Only one vision school trustee was finally selected.
"It's all about him and his brand," Rennie said . ".
"He hollowed out the Democratic Party.
There is no color or personality in the slate and party now.
Rennie said that although his friend's legacy has been criticized, Robertson has made Vancouver better with his environmental and social awareness, which has raised Vancouver's international reputation. Robertson, one.
The founder of Happy Planet Natural Foods brings a passion for the environment and business to the town hall.
He vowed to make Vancouver the greenest city in the world by 2020 ", it has also developed improved access to green spaces, improved water, encouraged locally grown food and made the air cleaner, including reducing reliance on fossil fuels, using green building designs, reducing waste.
He has drawn criticism from aspects such as anger at losing lanes in exchange for more bicycles and walking trails.
However, the international community noted this, and in 2016, 2017 Vancouver ranked first or nearly first among the most sustainable cities in North America. The greenest-
Urban planning also promises to expand Vancouver's green economy.
Former Vancouver mayor Mike Harcourt, a member of the task force working on the Green City Action Plan, said Robertson's work on sustainable development had been "hugely successful ", the outgoing mayor "Lets go into these brave places and the positive actions that must be taken in dealing with climate change.
"He has made some major changes that will not be noticed for at least five or ten years," Harcourt said . ".
After serving as Vancouver mayor for 10 consecutive years, Robertson is proud of what has been achieved in difficult circumstances.
Even his critics cannot say if others will do better.
"We have always been a zero-starting point for the toughest global issues affecting a city, but we are going through the test," Robertson said . ".
"Despite the difficulties, we remain true to ourselves and keep our city prosperous.
Renting r was affected because "they don't have protection from the province.
"The crisis of economic affordability forced people to leave, causing individuals and companies to reconsider coming here.
"Some people have had a hard time," Robertson said . ".
"As a city, I hope we have the tools to solve this problem.
This is the most frustrating part, just no more tools.
As for the Eastern District of the city center: "The lack of treatment and support for people with mental health problems and addiction remains a huge challenge. But (it’s)
We are open to it, better than building a community or pretending it doesn't exist.
Witness is a challenge for many of us, but we need to have it.
We will not push it away and ignore it to solve it.
No matter who the optimists are, Robertson believes that the crisis of overdose may be a catalyst for change.
Despite these problems and setbacks, he said that being a mayor is a great job and he will miss it very much. So what’s next?
Robertson will travel without an established plan, take the time to decompress and try to figure out what he will do next.
And, no, this is unlikely to be politics.
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