green energy is overhead and underfoot - small electrical appliances

by:Yovog     2019-09-01
green energy is overhead and underfoot  -  small electrical appliances
Kuala Lumpur: as the country strives to meet its commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 40%, the two local companies are paving the way for renewable energy, but in different ways.
One is to take advantage of the energy of the sun, and the other is to get energy from solid waste, both of which believe that these systems will lead to a greener environment.
K. said: "With the increase in electricity bills, more and more people are looking for alternative green ways to power their homes and farms . "Y.
Lim, director of Bhd, SP Multitech, which focuses on biotechnology
Solid waste produces gas at nearby Pu Chong.
Another company is concrete gold Sdn Bhd that produces solar panels.
Abdul Kadir Ismail, the company's chief executive, said alternative energy would become the country's next generator.
Abdul Kadir claims that Malaysia will become a net importer of fossil fuels in 2017 if no alternatives are found, which means we will buy most of our gasoline and gas from other countries.
Both companies have demonstrated their technology at iGEM (
Malaysia International Green Technology & eco-products Exhibition & Conference
There were 2012 here last week.
According to Lim, getting energy from waste is not new, and several companies in Malaysia are also starting to get involved.
He said that because of the current abundance of subsidized energy, few companies believe that research on renewable energy is a viable option.
However, SP Multitech knows that the country cannot continue on this path, so seeks ways to utilize energy from solid waste.
It chooses to switch from a typical aerobic system in a water treatment plant to an anaerobic process.
William Tan, chief executive of SP Multitech group, explained that aerobic treatment is only the removal of solid waste from water.
However, through anaerobic treatment, microorganisms are introduced to decompose solid waste, which produces organismsgas. “This bio-
"Natural gas or methane is equivalent to natural gas produced by fossil fuels," Tan said . ".
The technology can be of great help to farmers and livestock owners who can turn waste into organic fertilizers, he said.
"Now, they can run their farm with the energy they get from waste," he added . ".
SP Multitech has set up three-acre bio-
At a gas plant in a chicken farm in Sembilan.
Lim said the farm owner has allocated plots for the other three living areas
There's a gas factory there.
"Once all is completed, the plant will generate enough energy to power farms with more than 1 million birds," he said . ".
With the establishment of a renewable energy system, the farm will produce not only chicken and eggs, but also organic fertilizers and its own electricity supply. “That’s eco-
Lin said: "very friendly.
Another common renewable energy solution is solar panels, which, according to Abdul Qadir, is an opportunity for individuals to generate electricity independently.
"The 2,000 solar roof project under the Sustainable Energy Development Authority of Malaysia is a 21-
Initiative, individuals can provide energy from solar panels to supply the state grid at a price of RMB1. 68 per 1KwH (kilowatt hour)
"He explained.
However, concrete gold has not stopped using solar energy as a renewable energy source.
It also funded research for the Pico Hydro project of a local university, which aims to provide electricity to rural families.
Abdul Kadir compares Pico Hydro to a small hydropower dam, but instead of using large reservoirs, it works with small streams.
"We estimate that a device can be used to light up about five houses and also to power small appliances such as irons or radios," he said . ".
The concept is now being tested in a village in Pahang.
StepsLim and Abdul Kadir said that the absorption of renewable energy will soon accelerate as more Malaysians begin to adopt a greener lifestyle.
"We are now taking some small measures, such as sorting out garbage and choosing energy --
Efficient appliances.
Consciousness is there, "said Abdul Kadir.
However, Mr. Tan believes that the green industry needs further development and more experts are needed to participate.
"It's not enough now, that's why we are working with local universities to train and develop more technical talent for the industry," he said . ".
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