govt. puts on hold directive to install air purifiers in schools - carbon air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-07-16
govt. puts on hold directive to install air purifiers in schools  -  carbon air purifier
On Tuesday, the Delhi government decided to suspend instructions to schools in the city to install air purifiers to combat air pollution.
Ministry of Education (DoE)
However, there is no specific reason for suspending the directive within a few days of issuing it.
The "unrealistic" decision was made in the context of many schools worried that "mass" exercise might cost them a lot of money.
Environmental experts welcomed the decision to withdraw, saying it was "impractical" to install an air purifier in the classroom because it was not an air purifier
Lock in the environment and could trigger a surge in CO2 levels
Instead of controlling air pollution.
Anumita roychowdhuri, executive director of the Center for Science and Environment and head of the air pollution and clean transport programme, said that classrooms are a vibrant environment and installing air purifiers is not the best way to protect children.
"If a child spends nearly 8 hours in a restricted environment running an air purifier, there will be a building --
Carbon dioxide can lead to fatigue and serious damage to children's health, "she said.
Sunil Dahiya, an activist at Greenpeace India, said measures need to be taken to reduce air pollution from the source and measures such as wearing masks, to install air purifiers for students and reduce outdoor activities should be the last timeHoliday measures.
"Any environment that allows air to enter from the outside, like most classrooms, is not conducive to the normal operation of the air purifier.
"If all doors and windows are closed to make the machine work, the ambient air can do harm to health," he said . ".
On April 26, DOE notified the school principal to install the air purifier and submit a compliance report within 15 days.
"Air quality in Delhi needs to be improved," the notice wrote.
Given that poor air quality is harmful to human health, even a few improvements will be of great help to improve public health.
Therefore, schools should take action as needed to install air filters ".
The notice also requires schools to "raise awareness of the adverse public health impact of burning biscuits without distinction due to different celebrations" and take measures
Activities that encourage children to participate in
Committed to improving the air quality of the capital.
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