GloFox founder wins Ireland's Best Young Entrepreneur award - small electrical appliances

by:Yovog     2019-09-02
GloFox founder wins Ireland\'s Best Young Entrepreneur award  -  small electrical appliances
Former Connaught Hutt Tugby player was named the best young Irish entrepreneur with 2018
Competition managed by the state's local corporate offices.
Glofox, a company at Conor O'Loughlin, provides business management software for fitness studios and gyms, and specializes in a number of boutique fitness studios.
"These are fitness studios that provide a more personalized experience by offering group-based or class-based workouts, such as yoga studios, Pilates studios, cross-fitness gyms, etc, brands such as Barry's training camp, Soul Cycle and F45 are leading here, "explains Connor olaflin.
Glofox's software allows gyms and fitness studios to manage their membership and process their payments, which saves management time, increases membership revenue and increases membership retention.
When Mr. Olaf Lin played football, the idea of the business came into being.
He is interested in technology and software development and used to develop applications in the free time between training and competition.
"After my rugby career, I really didn't know what I wanted to do, so I set up an agency to provide custom development work for a range of industries.
By providing this, a customer-
Operation Group Practice Class-
We had a problem, they were using a clunky, complex system that was relatively underserved in the market.
"We had a small technical team at the time, and in about a year, we managed to lead the development of MVP, and then, when we get initial seed investment through the business angel network and Irish businesses, it allows us to focus our full time resources on this, "he said.
"For me, I was passionate about fitness and tech marriage, so I put everything into it at the time.
"For the Glofox founder, it's challenging to leave the rugby field to deal with the business world.
"There are many challenges along the way.
Originally isolation.
With rugby, you are in this bubble, someone tells you where to go, what to wear, your life is planning for you, he said, "then you stand on the other side, you are more uncertain and less confident about your decision. ".
"Another big challenge I 've seen is dealing with the mindset of different people who are motivated by different things.
The biggest challenge we face right now is to be able to recruit and retain top talent, and to truly believe in our vision and goals when we start to grow.
"There are people who are motivated by different things that allow everyone to embrace a common vision and a common goal is a very challenging thing," he said . ".
Olaflin found it particularly difficult to recruit talent at a technology company in Dublin.
"From my point of view, every American has
The country has set up EMEA headquarters here.
This is definitely a war for talent, especially in software engineering.
It won't be easier.
We have a team full of passion and they really believe in what they are doing and they are part of a small team so they can really see the value of the work they put in.
So we have something slightly different to offer.
"Glofox is a team of 40 people working in Sandyford, Dublin.
The company recently set up an office in New York with the support of the Bank of Ireland.
"The United States accounts for 65% of all our new businesses," he said . "
"This is our main market, so in order to be a category leader, we need to put our flag in the United States and claim to have this territory," Mr McLoughlin said . ". *** -
Since the UK voted to leave the EU, fund managers have cut their hiring in London by half.
According to the Financial Times, data from LinkedIn, a professional social networking site, shows that investment groups have stepped up recruitment efforts in Paris and Luxembourg since the referendum.
But Dublin and Frankfurt, two other European financial centres, have seen their hiring decline in this area.
* Smith toys has signed an agreement to take over the toy "r" Us in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
As part of the deal worth about 80 euros, the family-owned toy retailer will buy 93 stores and 4 online stores.
Toy fight city was once the largest toy retailer in the United States.
The company plans to keep locations in Europe and Asia while cleaning up its US and UK operations.
* In the UK, consumer activist Martin Lewis will initiate a High Court proceedings to sue Facebook for defamation.
He said there were at least 50 fake ads on social networks named after him, and there were endorsements he didn't actually do.
Lewis said the ads hurt his reputation.
* Electronics giant Philips's profit in the first quarter of this year fell 27% to 94 euros.
Philips is known for making light bulbs, appliances and televisions, but the Dutch company faces fierce competition from Asia.
It's focused on high now.
Medical and health technology,
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