Glen Dimplex expands into India - small electrical appliances

by:Yovog     2019-09-02
Glen Dimplex expands into India  -  small electrical appliances
Electrical appliance manufacturer Glen Dimplex plans to sell electrical appliances to the Indian market.
Glenting Price signed a sales contract with the local company bajajie appliances and hopes to have a sales of RS 4 million (8. 2m euro)
Within three years.
Earlier this year, Glen Dimplex set up a joint venture to sell heaters to the Chinese market.
Neil Naughton, chief executive of Glen Depp's export company, told Reuters he plans to target high-end markets.
Glen Dimplex will launch the Richard y Richards collection of small appliances including steam iron, toaster and coffee machine.
Norton says the market is worth about Rs 1 billion a year. 20m euro)
As more and more wealthy Indians seek to buy global brands, India's annual sales are up 20%.
Norton also said Glen dingpuri will look for Indian cooking utensils for sale in Western markets.
"Indian cuisine and culture are very popular at the moment, especially in the UK, so we want to import the utensils used in India.
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