Gifts for frequent fliers on the go - personal air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-08-07
Gifts for frequent fliers on the go  -  personal air purifier
From flight delays to long stopovers, it's not easy to feel relaxed when you're always on the go. At FoxNews.
We know that airline passengers are always looking for the latest gadgets or accessories to reduce the travel experience.
Time difference for you this holiday
Travelers who ride bicycles enjoy it especially.
No matter where they go in 2016, these gifts will definitely make the flight experience less bumpy.
Canadian goose, a manufacturer known for making a "big red" adventure coat (
Since the 1980 s scientists in Antarctica have used
, Has mastered the trick of designing a super warm coat and quickly
Mobile passengers.
The jacket weighs less than half a pound and can be folded into the pocket on the left to create travelNice pillows
Men and women of all sizes have all kinds of bright colors.
Price: $525. and-
Go Travel kit is designed for cleaning
Shaving people who want to keep their daily life complete while traveling around the world.
The kit comes with daily facial cleanser to handle dirt and oil, a shaving foam combined with macadamia nuts and soybean oil
Free shave and a thick moisturizer with SPF protection.
Products below 3 ounces
Put a see-
Through plastic bags, this will be TSA-
The last friendly solution
Minutes to pack peoplePrice: $25.
00 even if the traveler on your gift list doesn't take first class, this eye mask will definitely make him or her feel like a VIP when catching up with some beauty sleep.
This luxurious sleep mask can be easily folded in your wallet or with you
Turn on and try to protect your eyes from those pesky overhead reading lights. Added bonus?
Silk material does not absorb moisture on the skin
Make that eye moisturizer work and keep people low profilethe-eye bagsaway.
The masks are black, caramel, charcoal, pink and white. Price $39.
Travel 95 can dehydrate the skin and break easily.
That's why a team of meteorologists createdand-
Glam skincare kit for the next flight.
Kit with skin tone-
Enhance moisturizer, eye cream, cleanser, toner and lip balm.
Skin care suit with you
Meet the requirements and design for each skin type.
Price: $42 budget-
These soft little silicone plugs are the ones who give gifts of conscience and are the perfect sock filler.
These interceptors are perfect for Travel Channel host Samantha Brown's ear and favorite areas, he says earplugs are one of the things she has to use
There are travel items to use when flying.
While they do help to reduce noise, they may also help travelers better cope with air pollution
Pressure changes during flight.
The plug adjusts the air pressure to prevent the pressure from increasing, thus preventing ear pain.
Price: $5 do your travelers always complain about runny nose, stuffy nose or itchy throat?
AirTamer promises to help with allergies-
Passengers enjoy fresh air from their seats.
A personal air purifier releases a negative ion that helps remove pollutants, such as dust and bacteria, from the air.
The device is silent, about the size of the MP3 player and uses 2 lithium coin batteries that come with it.
Generation of electrostatic purification 3-
Football with clean air.
Price: $80, people who insist on stuffing everything into something they carry with them
It is likely that you will like to pack cubes or folders.
In order for travelers to wear more clothes in less space, the Container Store offers a variety of packaging solutions and Eagle Creek packaging
The It folder is the best-selling online item in the theretail store.
They fold everything from pants to shirts neatly, compact and wrinkled --free.
Including lecturers. Price: $24-
Every traveler hates lost luggage.
Although this locator will not actually bring you-
It does locate the baggage location via GSMGPRS technology.
How it works: you put this device in your luggage, link it to your smartphone app and keep track of its whereabouts (
Internet connection required).
At close range, the LugLoc device can find the distance of the luggage using Bluetooth technology.
Price: $70, other charges may have to do with so many aircraft now available
Flight entertainment without headphones, passengers never want to leave in silence.
FRENDS's Taylor collection is a favorite for travelers. The over-
The headset is manual.
Crafted in genuine leather, with memory foam ear pads, it can be easily put into carry-on after foldingon.
They are usually about $200. (
Headphone makers have recently partnered with Dolce & Gabbana to create this "Dream version" for their popular headphones ".
Although the crown decoration is featured here, the Swarovski crystal and pearls are almost (gulp)
Priced at $9,000! )
Price: $8, 895Low battery power is the ultimate nemesis of the device-
Dependent on passengers.
Fortunately, this solar charger can power on smartphones, iPhones, GPS, GoPro and iPad on the go, and nothing but the sun.
The charger is lightweight and foldable.
1 USB output per panel. Price: $120
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