germbusters for germophobes - personal air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-08-10
germbusters for germophobes  -  personal air purifier
Most people today seem to be aware of the dangerous microbes we touch every day.
The front page news of contaminated food, bad cleaning practices in public places and the range of pollution shared during air travel are the main culprits.
Now, with the arrival of the cold and flu season, this is even more important.
On Friday's morning show, David Greg, senior editor of BehindTheBuy.
Com, showed us some gadgets designed to stop the growth of bacteria and maybe even let the greatest "bacteria" Relax!
Independent laboratory studies recognized by some countries found that more than 70% of common diseases (
Cold, flu and intestinal diseases)
Spread through the surface of our contact.
76 million boxes of food-
The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report the disease every year.
325,000 of them were serious, resulting in hospital treatment and 5,000 died.
The survey found that 75% of the public failed to wash their hands after using the toilet! Top 10 Germ-
Avoid carrying surfaces: 1.
Faucet handle in public toilet 2.
Toilet seat for aircraft
Outside the public bathroom door handle 4.
Office microwave oven 5.
Door handle in public bathroom 6.
Elevator Button s7
Copier start button 8.
Office refrigerator handle 9. ATM keypad10.
Waiting for our bacteria: Salmonella-remote control button for hotel room-
Virus that can cause food poisoning: nasal virus-
Bacteria that can cause colds or flu-
May cause skin or respiratory infections. The following description is prepared by the information provided by the company that displays the product in this section: cultural preparation (eradicates 99.
Food-borne diseases accounted for 5%)
Culinary prep is the first home kitchen appliance to apply a patented process to prepare food, prevent food from spreading diseases and protect the supply of personal food.
Culinary prep uses a patented technology called Grovac.
Grovac offers all the features that are safe and easy to use
Natural and effective resistance
Microbial solution of meat, fish, poultry, seafood and agricultural products.
This process involves alternately exposing food to a vacuum environment and to the full range of special recipes
Natural Solutions
This process reduced the levels of pathogenic and corrupt bacteria found in meat and agricultural products by 99. 5% (
Results of independent studies)-
Make food safer and extend shelf life
Basic life. PRICE: $399; www. culinaryprep.
Com purification lamp (
UV surface sterilizer)
Purifying the light is like having a magic wand that kills bacteria.
The equipment uses the same UV technology currently used to disinfect working spaces and tools used in laboratories and medical facilities.
Ultraviolet rays of sterilization wavelength have proved to be a very effective way to destroy harmful microorganisms
E and other creatures
E. coli, S. , salmonella and odorCasing bacteria
Bacteria that cause flu and common colds.
This product is the perfect solution for some of the largest cootie criminals: Airplane pallet tables, bathroom surfaces and hotel bedding. If the light of the wand does not point down, it will turn off automatically to prevent accidental exposure.
Within a distance of about 8 inch, effective disinfection can usually be done in 20 seconds. PRICE: $59. 95; www. cleanselight.
Philips UV disinfectant Com (
For rechargeable toothbrush head)
Just press the button and Sonicare UV disinfectant to disinfect the brush head and clean the brush hair directly.
Not only is it clean, it also offers storage solutions to help you maximize your oral hygiene.
Once activated, your toothbrush will go through a 10-minute cycle and kill up to 99% of the bacteria on the brush head.
This unit is suitable for Sonicare e-
Brush heads for series and products and other leading charging brands (
Including mouth B Flexisoft and dental floss movements).
UV disinfectant can hold two brush heads at a time.
Change the brush head at least every 3 months to ensure the best results. PRICE: $49. 99; www. philips.
The Philips Sonicare FlexCareThe Sonicare brush head features a wide scanning movement with a profile fit to the bristles, helping to increase dental coverage.
This, combined with Sonicare's patented sonic technology, produces a high-speed bristles movement that allows powerful but gentle dynamic cleaning actions to ensure deep cleaning between teeth and on the gum line.
A specially integrated UV disinfectant helps eliminate common bacteria on toothbrushes.
Simply place the brush head in the FlexCare disinfection unit and just press the button and your brush will be disinfected.
UV disinfectant uses a similar UV technology used in the hospital to clean and store a toothbrush so you know it is ready for next use. PRICE: $179. 99; www. philips.
Airborne com SquidSoap (
So it's not really a sterile item, it's helping to teach kids how to wash properly)
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the most important thing people can do to prevent illness is to wash their hands.
SquidSoap is designed to teach and train the right hands
Washing Technology for children.
This is the only liquid.
Soap dispenser with specially designed pump, poke the child's hand with vegetable dye.
It takes about 20 seconds to wash your hands thoroughly to remove the ink and leave your child a clean hand.
So whether your child is washing his hands completely does require speculation.
Simple, fun and effective. $3. 99 www. squidsoap.
Com Logitech MX 3200 antibacterial keyboard/mouse combo combitech's new keyboard and mouse combo uses AgION antibacterial surface.
This is also a compound used to inhibit microorganisms on hospital surfaces.
The AgION surface randomly placed crystals containing lithium ions that destroy the growth of bacterial cells.
This computer peripheral is perfect for families with lots of dirty hands and crowded offices, especially during the winter flu season. Uses six (6)AA batteries. PRICE: $99; www. logitech.
Com NiceFlights aircraft seat covers skyway upgrades your economy class seat to a luxurious and comfortable seat through these clever aircraft seat covers.
Stop sharing your seat with thousands of people and their fibers, hair and bacteria.
There is no more itchy material to touch your skin for hours and hours.
The cotton Landcover is folded and stored in a reversible bag that can be used as a storage for personal itemsflight.
It's like a bedspread, and it's quick and convenient to set up.
Available in blue and black. PRICE: $30; www. satinbox.
An extra finger for the treatment of anti-germ cells
Microbial equipment has become one of the first truly practical tools designed to help individuals fight infectious diseases.
The handler is a handheld counter.
Convenient microbial door opening device installed on keychain.
It uses an expandable rubber grab arm that allows users to interact with most disease-spreading surfaces (
Toilet door handle, toilet lever, elevator button and ATM keyboard)
No direct contact with them.
The rubber and plastic parts of the processor are injected with silver nanoparticles, effectively killing 98% of all individual parts
Cell Biology (
Bacteria, viruses and fungi)on contact. PRICE: $10. 95; www. thehandlerusa. com Also . . .
Halo uvx uv vacuum scientists and hospitals have known for decades that the most effective way to kill invisible and unwanted pests without chemicals is to sterilize UV or UV raysC, light.
Halo uvx uv vacuum can kill potentially dangerous Micro
A creature formed by destroying the DNA structure of a cell.
Like a normal vacuum, run the Halo UV vacuum on the carpet to activate the UV
C. bulb room, you can immediately and safely deactivate the DNA of mites, viruses, bacteria, fleas, lice and molds lurking between fibers.
This vacuum will eliminate the harmful bacteria, bacteria and viruses that are full of floor fibers, all of which do not use any chemicals. PRICE: $399. 99; www. halocompany. com SteriPen (
Safe drinking water. . . anywhere)
SteriPEN is the only UV (UV)
Water-based microorganisms are destroyed by light.
Whether your water source is a woodland creek or an overseas hotel faucet, SteriPEN cleans clear water by destroying viruses, bacteria, and native animals --
Including Jia Di and Yin da. in seconds.
No matter where you travel, hike, camp or trek, take a SteriPEN with you to disinfect the water.
This is the fastest route to pure, safe drinking water anywhere. PRICE: $99. 99; www. steripen.
Com flat clean air filter (
Healthier air travel)
The aircraft cleaning air filter is a compact device that can be attached to the air nozzle above the passenger's head.
The flat clean air accommodates a medium filter for electrostatic charging, capable of removing viruses, bacteria and other particulate matter from the air stream.
The inlet of the filter housing has a thin air gasket.
Flat clean air is specially designed for accessories configured by most gas carriers (
Airbus and Boeing aircraft)
Use the adhesive on the air washer.
In an FDA-certified laboratory, the clean air of the aircraft has been tested and it is shown that 99 can be removed.
5% of the air in the air stream spreads bacteria, viruses and allergens. PRICE: $19. 95; www. planecleanair. com Air Free --
The air purifier uses heated air to destroy mold, bacteria, viruses, mites and pollen in the air.
Unlike ion units that are usually available, it does not produce a harmful increase in ozone levels;
It also reduces existing indoor ozone, which the American Lung Association notes could be a trigger for severe respiratory irritation and asthma.
The compact cleaner has no filter to replace or clean, it sucks the air into an internal chamber of 392 degrees Fahrenheit, silently destroying mold, bacteria in the air, viruses, pet dandruff, and home dust mites common in a 30' x 18' room.
Although the internal heat is high, the purifier will not change the room temperature.
For the highest level of air purification, it is recommended to use 24-
A few hours a day, but it's more than 60-Watt bulb.
A soothing adjustable night light is built in.
10 1/2 "H x 8 1/2 ". PRICE: $239. 95;
Regularly clean their floors, bathrooms and shelves;
But what about their carts?
Keep your child and your own hands away from bacteria
Potential runny nosenosed )
Grocery shoppers who use your shopping cart before you use the new health handle.
This product is a dishwasher.
A safe and durable color telescopic plastic that opens and closes without touching the trolley handle.
This product is a good alternative to chemical antibacterial lotion.
Available in red/blue/green. PRICE: $19. 95 (pack of two); www.
Healthy handle.
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