From spag bol to apple crumble, the 25 meals children should be able to cook by the time they are 11 - home appliance manufacturer

by:Yovog     2019-08-26
From spag bol to apple crumble, the 25 meals children should be able to cook by the time they are 11  -  home appliance manufacturer
Many 11-year-
In the face of the challenge of eating dinner, the children will go directly to McDonald's.
However, a survey shows that parents think young people of this age group should be small chefs, with 25 of their recipes.
Fried eggs, pasta with spaghetti sauce and stir-
Mom and Dad both think their 11-year-
Although the elderly should be able to cook under their supervision.
Studies have shown that children's kitchen skills have fallen third in the past 25 years, mainly due to the increase in ready-to-eat food and convenience food.
Plus there is no cooking class at school, which means that some young people experience potatoes in the form of a pack of frozen fries or microwave mashed potatoes.
Meanwhile, despite more than three quarters of parents worrying about food waste, British families throw out 1 out of 5 food a year.
One of the main reasons for food waste is that children pick food and leave it on the plate.
Teaching them how to cook from scratch using the ingredients in most refrigerators and cabinets can make sure the family doesn't throw away too much.
Home appliance maker Samsung surveyed 2,000 British parents and asked them to name the dishes they thought the child should be able to cook before the age of 11.
More sophisticated options include chili, lasagna, cottage pie, roast chicken and stew or casserole.
The easy choice on the basic recipe list is omelet, scrambled eggs, and toast cheese.
What about pudding?
Parents think their children should be able to stir everything from Victoria sponge to fairy cake and even Apple crumble.
The findings of this study echo a recent comment by Mary Berry, queen of television baking, that cooking skills for children should be a bigger priority, both at school and at home.
Emma Spitzer, the head chef of last year and the mother of four children, produced a series of videos showing how to cook some of the 25 dishes.
"Food Waste issues have affected all of us and I firmly believe it would be helpful to have children involved in cooking and preparing food when they are young," she said.
By the age of 11, children can enjoy learning how to cook simple dishes such as simple omelet, stir-fry or sauce noodles.
"These dishes are also perfect for food that may wither after using up the fridge, as they are dishes that you can add a variety of different ingredients depending on what you need to run out.
"The research is to launch the new home hub tm refrigerator, which offers new ways to buy, Cook and manage food and help plan home life through its unique external screen, all of this was designed as a digital command center for the family.
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