from sexy air purifiers to hide-and-seek stores, here's what's changing shopping in 2019 - personal air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-08-12
from sexy air purifiers to hide-and-seek stores, here\'s what\'s changing shopping in 2019  -  personal air purifier
Recently, my favorite retail moment has not appeared in front of celebrities.
Opening of flagship store or promotional DingTalk-up flash sale.
In fact, it's easy to miss my favorite moments completely. It came in L. A.
When my wife and I stumbled upon Bodega, a street boutique disguised as a humble mini-blockmart.
Once in, you have to walk-
Go to the actual store in the fridge. Really.
Finding this retail gem is an adventure in itself, and it brings back some of the magic that has been deprived of many retail experiences these days.
While the internet has done a good job in democratizing the buying process over the past few years --
Allow anyone to buy anything from anywhere in the world
The convenience it offers can be at the expense of fun.
As anyone who takes the time to sort out Amazon reviews knows, shopping can be a real chore.
However, shopping was a big deal a long time ago --
A treasure hunt, a physical exploration of uniqueness and accidents, and an experience of yourself.
The good news is that we saw the return of these retail businesses in 2019, which is largely driven by direct-to-
Consumer Revolution.
Retailers increasingly bypass middlemen and provide customers with products and experiences that are bolder than any large box store.
Here's how progressive retailers set their shopping standards in 2019: 1.
The reason why my experience at Bodega is so special is because it feels like it's part of a secret club and it's not wrong.
When you can look upand buy —
Anything online, retailers are responsible for brickand-
The position of the mortar is exclusive.
Do it right, these stores become their own destinations-
Fun, charming, beautiful and worth the time and effort to travel long distances.
In many cases, you may not even use them as a store.
For example, an apartment in Los Angeles is likely to be someone's very stylish apartment, while Casa Perfect is another apartment in Los Angeles. A.
The outpost functions almost like an art device that is reserved only.
Meanwhile, Waco in Texas is going through a peak in tourism, thanks to fans at the home renovation show who flock exclusively to town and shop at home --and-
A garden market built by the show's star chip and Joe Anna Gaines.
Away from retail "death", people in activities like ComplexCon actually pay extra ($90 for a two-day pass! )
The privilege of buying carefully curated goods in an engaging environment.
With the fun, and most importantly, the installable settings also have the added effect of improving online credibility.
Seeing real people's records and interacting with products through social media will bring a sense of trust and authenticity beyond the screen.
In this way, online consumers who cannot make pilgrimage are also inspired by the exploration and purchase. 2.
Buying becomes a kind of trust thinking and talking about e-commerce
E-commerce is not immune to the impact of data and privacy scandals around the web platform.
With doubts about tech companies rising, retailers need to win the trust of consumers in old companiesfashioned way —
Add value to their experience, not just sell products.
We see this in the process of changing trusted blogs and "zines" to retailers.
The cosmetics company Glossier was originally an online publication called Shine, and Emily Weiss, Fashion Styling assistant, offers a must-have product
Learn about beauty and skin care.
Weiss has an avid fan base who has made a logical leap in selling her own cosmetics, but until today Glossier is still focused on educating with eye-catching makeup tutorials
The same is true of Hodinkee.
Watch blog has developed into a high
But it is still publishing its own digital magazine, focusing on fashion, design, cars and watches.
The point here is: long building
Long term loyalty, this loyalty that exists long after the initial purchase, comes from showing personality and compassion.
This means that in addition to simply moving customers to the checkout counter, there is also a show of focus on other things. 3.
Tchotchkes out;
Authentic is a generation ago, if I wanted to get a token from my favorite artist, I was restricted to a cheesy concert t-
Shirts or cheap posters
Today, consumers looking for touch points for their favorite celebrities have a better choice.
Brands from Ladder (
Nutrition products from Lindsay Von, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cindy Crawford and LeBron James's strong teams)
For Kylie Cosmetics and Jessica Alba's Honest Company, this gives buyers the opportunity to engage and interact with their icons in a more meaningful way.
We're not talking about buying cheap t-
A shirt with the name of NFL star Marshawn Lynch on it, but he helped design the real "Beast Mode" costume.
This is largely by direct-to-
Consumer Revolution.
Getting rid of the limitations of retail middlemen, celebrities now establish direct contact with fans through their own real marketing --
Sell useful, thoughtful products that people really want.
This is in stark contrast to Michael Jordan's days of relying on Nike to design and deploy Jordan of the same name.
Of course, cooperative relations have been hit.
But it tells us that in the absence of e-commerce and social media, even the most famous athletes on earth must use intermediaries (
Easy profit from the arrangement)
To contact his own fans. 4.
Over the years, online merchandising has played a potentially "personalized" role in retail and marketing ".
But in the past, the results were not impressive: The recommendation engine provided you with the same product as you just bought;
Because you happen to see a pair of kicks, keep track of your sticky ads on the Internet.
However, I am pleased to say that in 2019, technology finally caught up with the potential of personalized marketing and brought real value --
A supplement that reflects personal habits.
One of my favorite examples is tennis merchant, which tracks my purchases and calls me when my tennis shoes start to wear out.
Again, the booster board monitors my rides through its app, which reminds me when my wheels and battery packs need to be replaced.
In the meantime, Master and Dynamic never tried to sell me a second pair of headphones after I just bought one, but they did let me know some key accessories like ear pads or extra
In 2019, I hope to see a surge in such examples.
Thanks to advances in the Internet of Things and data collection, retailers know more about us than ever before.
When we can choose to join and see the real benefits, the result can be real convenience, not terrible. 5.
When was the last time you were excited about the air purifier?
My answer was: until I met Awair's stylish and minimalist product range that didn't look noticeable in the middle of the room.
Just as Apple has turned its humble mobile phone into a technology and design miracle, other industrial products that were once valued for their usefulness are now transforming digital design --forward age —
Transform the purchase experience from an ordinary task to an inviting experience.
From Nest thermostat to Dyson hair dryer to high-on Google Wifi-
In addition to the black square router, companies that restart the style for home appliances are responding to a shift in consumer expectations, in which the functionality itself is not enough.
The technology we have installed at home also needs to be beautiful.
At 2019, we have already walked around.
Online shopping is out of date.
An atmosphere of exclusivity and adventure.
Have the chance to pick up, play together and try the real thing --is in.
Most importantly, shoppers want to experience not only the product.
The smart brand is direct. to-
The consumer wave is precisely to achieve this goal by bypassing traditional retailers and directly connecting with the hearts of loyal followers.
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