Five last-minute ways to get your guest room ready for holiday overnighters - best home air purifier

by:Yovog     2020-02-06
Five last-minute ways to get your guest room ready for holiday overnighters  -  best home air purifier
As Christmas approaches, many of us are scrambling to create a decent and hospitable sleeping space for our holiday guests.
When Jessica Ann McCarthy, creative director of online interior decoration, was a guest in a recent family live chat, the guest room was the topic.
Whether you have a dedicated room that needs a little relaxation or you're doing it with an inflatable mattress hidden in the studio apartment niche, she has some great advice.
A little clean storage for guests.
Clean up 1 feet of the space in the closet and surround five beautiful hangers is thoughtful (
If you feel really hospitable, maybe Wood)
Clothes for guests.
Also try to provide at least one empty drawer;
You can empty the top drawer to the bottom.
Or, if that's not the case, just put it in the shopping bag for a few days.
Organize the top of the box and table so guests have a place to put things.
Add some personal style.
Put a glass or bottle of water by the bed.
Put some flowers, plants or holiday greens in the room.
Make a stack of favorite books or recent magazines for guests.
If you have a towel and sheet to treat your guests, take out your best sheet and towel and even a towel cloth robe.
"None of these items are expensive, but will immediately make your space feel like a luxury hotel," McCarthy wrote in the chat . ".
Don't forget the technology.
Your guests will appreciate any way you make it easy for them to stay in touch or help them sleep.
Phone chargers on both sides of the bed, sound machines that drown out noise, and air purifiers are all welcome additions.
It is a great convenience for guests to check emails and tablets that browse the internet.
Make room for guest bath towels in the bathroom.
Don't feel like if there is only one bathroom in your place, you have to put your own wet towels in the bedroom during the holidays.
Find a way to make room for the extra towels.
McCarthy recommends placing a minimalist CB2 towel rack on the floor, in Chrome, brass or matte black, without taking up too much valuable square feet.
It can accommodate multiple towels at the same time without any wall space.
Make some improvements if your home office doubles as a guest room.
First, remove your laptop and tidy up your desk.
The decorative screen adds privacy to separate the sleeping area from the work area.
There are plenty of nice vintage options out there, or McCarthy suggested a natural batik screen from Charlotte in Kings Lane, though it's too late to order this Christmas now.
On the small table, bring a beautiful lamp, mobile phone charger and some accessories;
Make the bed with beautiful linen to create a feeling of luxury.
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