fearing pollution, chinese families build 'bubbles' at home - best home air purifier

by:Yovog     2020-02-05
fearing pollution, chinese families build \'bubbles\' at home  -  best home air purifier
SHANGHAI (Reuters)-
Liu Nanfeng has five air purifiers, two air quality monitors and a water purification system in his Beijing apartment.
He buys organic food.
But he's still for his 2-year-
The health of her daughter.
"I feel safe at home, but when we go to the mall, the air is the same both indoors and outdoors," 34-year-
The old screenwriter said.
"Feeling hopeless.
"China's ongoing pollution and regular product safety scandals are driving more and more consumers to create bubbles of clean air, purified water and safe products at home and in their cars.
The Beijing municipal government issued two "red warnings" of pollution this month, the first time Beijing has issued the most serious smog warning.
While there is no official data yet, market analysts say Liu's taste reflects the concerns of a large and growing affluent group.
City consumers.
Foreign and domestic companies are beginning to notice the so-called "bubble family", the emergence of this demographic group driven by the rapid spread of new technologies and e-commercecommerce.
Although the Chinese government has been providing air quality data for many years
Like America. S.
Embassies and consulates across the country
Public awareness of environmental threats is on the rise, especially since the online release of journalist Chai Jing's environmental documentary Under the Dome in February.
Taobao and other websites of Alibaba.
Com makes it easier for people to find products that are considered safer from overseas.
For Xue Peng, 32year-
An old chemical engineer in Shanghai, his wife's pregnancy changed everything three years ago.
"I have a life that I need to protect.
It's my responsibility to give him a safe environment, "he said.
Xue spent about 30,000 yuan ($4,627)
On two air purifiers by Philips and Swedish company Blueair, and another 20,000 yuan on the US water purification systemS. firm Ecowater.
He restricted the purchase of toys to well-known brands such as Lego and Fisher prices.
"Parents are a huge catalyst for the consumption and upgrading of certain products," said Elizabeth de gramon, Shanghai . "
According to the vice president in the jigsaw puzzle, the consumer research group.
Among middle-class parents in big cities in China, it is common to buy children's toys and skin care products from overseas, she said.
Yoyoyoo, general manager of YouGov China and South Korea, a market research firm, said that Chinese consumer groups that focus on the environment and are willing to spend money to protect themselves include "not just white people --
White collar workers in China ".
"It also includes 50-, 60-year-
"Old Chinese living in a city that has never been out of the country, their adult children will buy these products," he said . ".
Increasing public attention provides an opportunity for companies.
Bosch, the German electronics group, recently started selling
Car air purifiers and small air quality monitoring equipment developed for the Chinese market.
Xiaomi, a home-grown electronics brand known for its affordable mobile phone, has launched a range of new air and water filters and displays.
During a promotion in November, the company sold more than 42,800 air purifiers. By mid-
In December, the latest models released in November alone were sold out. 24.
Origin Technology of Beijing venture
In the smog wave this month, its 499 yuan Laser Egg handheld air quality monitor has been sold out.
There is now a waiting list for a product.
According to Chinese customs data, bottled water imports rose sharply, from 36 million liters two years ago to 46 million liters in the first 10 months of this year.
Imports of food and live animals increased by 63% during the period from 2011 to 2014-Chinese customs put them in the same category.
On China's Internet, Yiyun used a box of water as a "French mother's choice ".
Fruitday, an application and online platform for imported fruits, said sales of Fruitday increased 150% in 2014 to 0. 5 billion yuan.
Reports of fakes are common in China.
James Roy, deputy head of China Market Research Group, said consumers can afford more expensive products. High-
According to government data, the price of terminal air purifiers such as Blue Air Pro XL is 23,220 yuan, far lower than the average annual income of 28,844 yuan.
Replace all filters in other high-
The final air filter can cost hundreds of dollars.
Television show host Juliet Zhu, who has an air purifier, bought all the food and clothing of her two little daughters from abroad.
Her Cost: 20,000 yuan a month.
She moved from Beijing to Sweden with her eldest daughter two months ago.
She is full of praise for the low cost of living, the joy of drinking water from the faucet and the relief that her daughter can finally breathe freely.
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