faulty ipads lead to apple customer service ordeal: roseman - air purifier manufacturer

by:Yovog     2019-08-16
faulty ipads lead to apple customer service ordeal: roseman  -  air purifier manufacturer
When the consumer goods are defective and the manufacturer will not help, I ask the retailer to step in.
This is a trick for Verna Harrison and Don Dolson, whose Oreck air purifier stops working after two years.
There are three key components of the air purifier. year warranty.
So, when the battery starts to bend constantly, they ship it to the manufacturer's Winnipeg office.
"Since we sent it on December, we have not received a message from Oreck.
Harrison told me in February.
"We made 12 to 15 calls and all we got was a message saying all our operators were busy with other customers.
Please leave your phone number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
No response.
"When I didn't get to Orek manufacturing.
She sent me a reminder that she bought the product at a Canadian tire store in northeast Toronto.
Spokepeople Stephanie Nadine of the chain contacted the dealer of Uxbridge (
Northeast Toronto).
"He wants to do a good job for the customer, although the problem is with the manufacturer," Nadalin said . ".
"The original product has been discontinued.
He wants to provide a new unit (comparable)
Absolutely Free.
Two days later, the couple visited their local Canadian Tire shop and picked up their new air purifier.
"After months of not being able to get in touch with Oreck, our last resort is to email you," Harrison said . ".
"Thank you for your help.
The store made sure we were satisfied.
"While I rarely hear from Apple customers, I recently received complaints about the issue of Jacob Tillman tablets.
"Four years ago, Dad bought a 64 GB iPad Mini from best . "in-Lawyer Bob Roman Nouk
"No one objected to the equipment being out of warranty.
On last August, Thielmann found that the device would not be charged within 24 hours, even if it was not used.
Then it won't start. His son-in-
The law took the iPad to the Apple repair center, which processed a replacement order.
It will cost $260 to send the iPad back and get a new model within three days.
Until the problem reappeared in October, everything went well.
This time, the repair center charged $33 to test the battery and charging system, but insisted there was nothing wrong.
"I took it to our nearest Apple store," Romanuk said . ".
"The representative made some diagnosis and immediately provided me with a replacement.
The second replacement has 90-day warranty.
After 75 days, the iPad couldn't charge again.
Romanuk drove back to the Apple store and another representative suggested a full reset there. It didn’t work.
"The IPad is still not charging.
We even removed the Mail app because we were told Gmail might suck juice in the background.
The warranty ends on January.
14, but Apple says Thielmann will be reported because he is at 90-day period.
People were disappointed when Apple asked for a third change.
In a live chat, an Apple senior consultant promised that he would send him a refurbished device once Tillman returned his problematic iPad.
"Nothing was received," Romanuk said three weeks later . ".
"It's not easy for my father --in-
Typing around is a challenge.
It's also a big inconvenience without an iPad.
Tara Hendra, an Apple Canada spokesman, thanked me for the complaint.
Within days, Apple called from San Jose, California.
And sent a new iPad.
"Apple's representative's actions restore our confidence in the company," Romanuk said . ".
"Jacob and I got something that can only be described as exemplary treatment.
"Apple is a manufacturer that opened a chain store in 2001.
Founder Steve Jobs was inspired by the services offered by a Canadian company, Four Seasons Hotel and Resort.
I would love to hear from readers.
Have you tried Apple's customer service?
Where is it?
Where did it slide?
I will report your views in the next column.
Alan Rothman appeared in "smart money.
You can find her at eroseman @ the star. ca .
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