exclusive: faced with delhi's pollution, india's federal agencies bought air purifiers - best home air purifier

by:Yovog     2020-02-04
exclusive: faced with delhi\'s pollution, india\'s federal agencies bought air purifiers  -  best home air purifier
NEW DELHI (Reuters)-
In recent years, India's capital Delhi has been suffocated by pollution, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's office and at least six other government agencies buying a total of 140 air purifiers, according to previously unpublished government data
The acquisition came at a time when Modi was criticized for not taking effective measures to improve air quality in Delhi. Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world.
Delhi's chief minister, who belongs to the opposition, called the city a "gas chamber" last year, a level of air PM 2.
5. the tiny particles that can go deep into the lungs far exceed the level classified as "dangerous.
According to The British medical journal The Lancet, air pollution in India caused nearly 10% of The disease burden in 2016.
Every winter, schools in the capital are often forced to close when pollution levels rise.
All schools in the city were closed for five days last year.
A federal agency that manages more than 45 public schools in the capital said it did not buy air purifiers and had no plans to do so.
"There are generally air conditioners in the office, so the air purifier is OK.
There is no air conditioning in our school and the windows are open so the air purifier will not have any impact, "said body Commissioner Kendriya Vidyalaya sangoto Santosh Kumar.
The World Health Organization recommends closing windows when air pollution is serious.
It also says it should not be used if the air conditioner draws air from outside.
When asked if any measures have been taken to protect students from the dirty air in Delhi, Mall told Reuters: "I don't think so, our school was closed when the pollution increased
The federal government, however, spent three pounds.
According to government data reviewed by Reuters, during the period from 2014 to 6 million, the cost of purchasing air purifiers for Modi's office and at least six federal departments was Rs 55,000, or about $2017.
In addition to Modi's office in the parliament building, these institutions include the federal economic planning think tank NITI Aayog and the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Oommen C. said: "This initiative is like sending rubber boots to city officials when the drainage system collapses and the city is covered with silt . "
Kurian, New Delhi health researcher-
Observer Research Foundation, think tank.
"This is not the response we want.
A government spokesman asked the federal environment department about the matter. the federal environment department did not respond to a request for comment.
Modi's office and six departments that provided the data did not respond to a Reuters inquiry.
Air purifiers are devices that use filters to reduce indoor air pollutants.
According to the World Bank, this machine is beyond the capacity of most people in India, with an annual per capita income of $1,709 in 2016.
Still, sales of air purifiers are soaring in Delhi, which has a population of 20 million.
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Com's Indian website has more than tripled.
The company said it was five times more in 2017 than the previous year.
According to the data, the Interior Ministry has spent about $20,000 over the past three years to buy 44 devices, while Modi's office of Parliament building accounts for 25 devices, costing about $11,000.
NITI Aayog, who also spent about $11,000 on air purifiers, said the equipment was "sent to the joint secretary and officials above the same level as required by them ", according to the Reuters review of the right to information reply.
A senior government official familiar with Modi's pollution
The control plan says there is no federal policy to allow officials to buy air purifiers, which will only be made if the department receives bureaucratic requests.
"Ideally no one should need an air purifier and we are doing our best to ensure that," the official said . " He is referring to the government's attempt to improve air quality in Delhi.
After years of criticizing the Modi government for not doing enough, this year's federal budget outlines a pollution control plan that includes spending $0. 177 billion on reducing the burning of crop residues --
One of the main causes of pollution.
Modi's environment minister said last month that pollution "is now related to our national image.
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