eureka forbes aims non-metros, semi-rural markets to drive water purifier sales - electric air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-06-30
eureka forbes aims non-metros, semi-rural markets to drive water purifier sales  -  electric air purifier
New Delhi, March 3 ()
Shapoorji Pallonji Group company Eureka Forbes is a leader in the field of electricity water purification due to its focus on non-metro and semi-
A senior company official said the rural market.
The company sawmetro and semi-
The rural market is the main driving force for economic growth.
While in the metropolis, it expects an increase in demand for high-end water distribution products.
Shas Hank Sinha, chief transformation officer at Eureka Forbes, told reporters: "We want to consolidate our position in the field and expand the market . ".
Sinha claims that Eureka Forbes has nearly 4,500 of the total electric water purifier market, which is about rupee.
"Our market share in the electric water purification market is close to 60," he said . " He added that the water purifier has a low penetration rate in the domestic market, and as awareness of the benefits of pure drinking water continues to rise, it will expand in the next few years.
According to Sinha, the domestic water purifier market will be integrated at the bottom of the pyramid in the coming years, where many unorganized players are operating.
Water purifier brands sold by Eureka Forbes include Dr Aquaguard, Aquaguard AquaSure and AquaSoft.
The company's total turnover in 2017 was Rs 3,00018 (April-March)
More than half of the revenue from the water purifier sector.
The rest of the revenue comes from other vertical industries such as vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, safety solutions and other market segments.
It has production units in three locations. -
Bengaluru, drumdon and baddy--
The annual production capacity is about 12 to 15 lakh units.
The company sells its range of water purifiers in about 40 countries with its Swiss arm Lux International.
India's water purifier market is expected to grow by 11, according to market reports.
The compound growth rate for the period from 2018 was 5:2025.
In addition to Eureka Forbes, Kent Rowe, lippuchun, Tata swage and Hull are also top brands in the field.
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