eu says bmw, daimler, vw colluded to limit emissions tech - air cleaner

by:Yovog     2020-01-27
eu says bmw, daimler, vw colluded to limit emissions tech  -  air cleaner
European Union authorities said Friday that German automakers BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen have joined forces to limit emissions.
Car cleaning technology.
The finding exacerbated the car industry's woes as Volkswagen admitted in 2015 to cheating on emissions tests in the United States. S.
This has led to a global re-assessment of how cars are tested and how emissions are limited to make air cleaner and respond to climate change.
The EU's antitrust regulator said,
An in-depth investigation found that BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen (including their Audi and Porsche) violated EU law between 2006 and 2014, and they illegally agreed to limit rolling
Outside of technology.
This technology helps to eliminate nitrogen oxides that may be harmful to human health in gasoline and diesel passenger cars.
The EU says these so-called actions may limit the chances of Europeans buying more polluting cars, but will not affect prices.
It does not explain how these companies make a profit.
The investigation is separate from other legal procedures against car manufacturers suspected of violating environmental laws or using illegal software in car engines.
The EU authorities raided the offices of the three companies on October 2017 and began an investigation into the case on last September.
BMW said the discussions between engineers were aimed at improving exhaust technology, which the industry as a whole was aware.
The company said it did not involve any secret agreements and did not intend to harm its customers.
Daimler said the company
Working with the EU, fines are not expected.
The public said that this is also
A statement will be issued once it reviews the EU's investigation.
The EU noted that its preliminary findings did not prejudge the final results of the investigation.
The case happened four years ago after Volkswagen admitted to using software on diesel engine to cheat American cars. S.
Emission test.
It has set aside about 27.
4 billion euros ($32 billion)
Fines, settlements, recalls and repurchases.
Former CEO Martin wentcohen has been charged with criminal charges in the United States. S.
But not extradition;
Audi's head of department was jailed.
A re-examination of diesel emissions shows that cars from other automakers also show higher diesel emissions in their daily driving than during the test, to a certain extent, due to regulatory loopholes, automakers reject emission controls to avoid engine damage under certain conditions.
The EU then tightened the testing process. Anti-
The trust fine may be high.
The European Commission fined 2016 and 2017 times.
After discovering collusion between six truck manufacturers in pricing, the timing of the introduction of emissions technology, and the transfer of emissions compliance costs to customers, € 8 billion.
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