eqs-adhoc: sensirion: successful 2018 with diversified revenue growth in all end markets - air purifier manufacturer

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eqs-adhoc: sensirion: successful 2018 with diversified revenue growth in all end markets  -  air purifier manufacturer
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Annual performance sensirion: 2018 success in achieving diversified revenue growth in all end marketsMarch-
2019/06: 45 CET/cest which issued an interim announcement under Art.
53 KRThe issuer is fully responsible for the contents of this announcement. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Swiss press release, March 07, 2019, Sensirion: 2018 success, 2018 diversified growth in revenue in all end markets
Expectations of the IPO-
Diversified Revenue growth from all end markets: 18%, including 11% for organic markets, 6% for inorganic markets, and 1% for foreign exchange effects
Successfully launched CO [2]and PM2. 5 sensors-
Income was 174 Swiss francs. 8 million-
Adjusted CHF 27 EBITDA. 8 million (16% of revenue)
Key figures in Swiss francs in millions in January 1-
December 31 to January 1, 2018
December 31, 2017 income 174.
8 148
0 Gross profit 93.
0 85. 0-
% Of income 53.
2% 57.
8 26. 2-
% Of income 15.
17. 9%7%One-
Turn off adjustment 18.
6 9.
7 cash flow of business activities 26.
4 10.
Capital expenditure (13. 5)
(16. 4)
Free cash flow 22.
8 (40. 5)
Net cash as of December 31, 2018 as of December 31, 2017 (Net debt)
6 (69. 3)
Number of employees (FTE)
783 735 holding company of Sensirion, pure
Play sensor, which offers environmental and traffic sensor solutions, reported success in the fiscal year 2018 and diversified revenue growth in all end markets.
Successful initial public offering (IPO)
In March 2018, Sensirion made great progress as a supplier of automotive sensor solutions, and its footprint in Asia is also increasing, achieving an important milestone in the company's strategic development.
In addition, the successful launch of carbon dioxide and particulate matter sensors significantly expanded Sensirion's environmental sensor portfolio.
The results of 2018 show that expectations of IPO communication have been achieved.
After a very active first half beyond expectations, revenue growth in the second half was not as good as expected.
The reason for this development is the inventory optimization of key customers and the global macroeconomic environment that has slowed significantly in the past few months.
In all end markets, we are now observing the uncertainty of how the global economy will develop further.
Consolidated income was CHF 174.
Compared with the previous year, 8 million, + 18%, of which 11% are organic, 6% are inorganic, and 1% are due to the foreign exchange effect.
As a result, consolidated income was at the high end of IPOin-related directives in March 2018.
Gross profit margin is 53%, adjusted to 1-
Adjusted EBITDA of 27 Swiss francs. 8 million (16% of income)
The expectations conveyed at the time of the ipo can be achieved. One-
The Off effect, total 18 Swiss francs.
6 million, mainly due to the "IPO loyalty Share Program" and other IPOs-
Related expenses resulted in operating losses of CHF 4.
4 million, net loss of 6 Swiss francs.
The period was 4 million.
The free cash flow generated is CHF 22. 8 million.
This free cash flow, together with the net proceeds from the IPO, generated a net cash position of CHF 42.
As at December 31, 2018 for 6 million.
Regarding the IPO, all the staff of Sensirion received
Employee engagement program, IPO loyalty sharing program, stock satisfaction.
The distribution of shares is mainly based on the employment period of each employee before the IPO.
Financially, the IPO loyalty stock program affected 2019 Swiss francs in 2018 and 16. 2 million and c. CHF 5.
2 million respectively.
All terminal markets have contributed to revenue growth, growing between 3% and 31%, and all four terminal markets have contributed to the integration of group revenue.
Revenue rose by 12 Swiss francs in the car market.
Swiss francs to 9 million. 9 million (
+ 31%, including 8% organic and 23% inorganic).
Organic growth comes from an increase in the volume of humidity and gas flow sensors.
Humidity sensors are mainly used for automatic dehumidifying in moisture-proof dehumidifying
Fog and climate control applications.
The new generation of gas flow sensors used to measure the intake mass flow of internal combustion engines generated the first significant revenue.
Acquisition of sensor module business of automobile industry company (AIC)
In 2017, the first inorganic growth in South Korea and China.
Car sales inherited
Defog, ambient temperature and ion generator modules developed as expected.
The acquisition has significantly strengthened Sensirion's position as a direct supplier of automotive OEMs.
Revenue in the medical market rose 15% to 38 Swiss francs. 6 million.
The increase is due to an increase in the number of existing projects that use differential pressure sensors in treatment equipment for sleep apnea and mass flow meters in the ventilator.
The diversified industrial market, which consists of gas meters, household appliances, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and industrial automation markets, shows revenue growth of 14% to 68 Swiss francs. 6 million.
Revenue from distribution and sales channels has grown particularly well.
The inclusion of air quality sensors into the air purifier project brought the first significant revenue.
Due to the increased market share of our technology in the Italian market, the revenue of gas meter projects has increased.
Revenue from the consumer market is Swiss francs 13. 7 million (+3%).
Sales of humidity sensors for smart home applications through distribution channels have increased in particular.
In addition, the new air quality sensor creates the first related revenue.
Successfully expand product portfolio through CO [2]and PM2.
5 sensorsIn 2018, two new product lines, carbon dioxide (CO[2])
And particulate matter (PM2. 5)
Sensor, and successfully launched the first product to market.
The two sensors produced a positive market reaction; the CO[2]
Sensors and pm2 are mainly used in the industrial market.
5 sensors in car 1.
Sensirion has made decisive progress in combining its automotive solutions, AICIn 2017 Sensirion acquired the sensor module business strengtheningSensirion Industrial and Commercial Bureau with the target market positioning of the supplier of automotive sensor solutions and establishaning manufacturing capabilities in South Korea, China.
Currently there are three manufacturing bases in Switzerland, China and Korea, and we have increased the flexibility to manufacture modular productsefficiently.
The integrated new business, Sensirion AutomotiveSolutions, is on schedule.
After entering the new production factory in Shanghai, the manufacturing of the new company [2]and PM2.
5 product lines have been successfully started.
In March 22, 2018, six Swiss exchanges were successfully listed.
In the initial public offering, the majority of shareholders, goldlib noch, held mainly existing shares.
In addition, in order to increase the financial flexibility of business development, Sensirion issued newly issued shares.
Founder and partner
President Moritz lecchina and Chairman Felix Mayer remain fully committed to continuing to advance the future of Sensirion.
Gortlib noch resigned as the board of directors in the IPO.
A few months after the foundation was founded
Noch joined Sensirion as a business angel and actively supported and faithfully accompanied the company for nearly 20 years with its extensive startup experience.
We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank sir.
As a major shareholder and board member, noch has been giving him invaluable support for many years.
The composition of the board of directors the Board of Directors will propose the election of Francois gabella and Franz stutter as new members of the board at the annual general meeting on May 14, 2019. Resumes of Mr. Gabella and Mr.
Researchers can be found at the end of this press release.
Markus Glauser will not represent re-
Election of annual general meeting.
We would like to thank Markus Glauser for his valuable services over the years. Both Co-
The chairman of the board and all other members will re-represent
In the second half of 2018, the global economic situation changed significantly.
The first one-
In 2019, we expect that due to increased economic and political uncertainty and further amendments to customer inventories, market demand will be weakened and visibility will be reduced.
According to the customer's expectations, if geopolitical tensions do not intensify, there may be a positive trend in the second half of this year.
Given this market situation and a stable exchange rate, we expect
This year's revenue will be in CHF175-
0. 19 billion, the gross profit margin is stable between 52% and 54%, and the adjusted EBITDA Gross profit margin is 15-17%.
Except these short ones.
Long term instability, long term Sensirion company
The long-term fundamentals remain strong and all innovation projects are progressing as planned.
The fiscal year of the conference call on 2018, resultsToday, Thursday, March 07, 2019, 10: 00/09: 00 GMT/US Eastern time at 0: 00 P. M. The Performance conference call on 2018 will be held in the fiscal year.
The speech will be made in English.
After the speech, you will have the opportunity to ask questions on the conference call.
Please register for a conference call using the link below.
All documents are accessible on www. sensirion. com/financial-reports.
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidated income statement 2018 Swiss francs, with revenue of 174 as of December 31. 8 148.
0 sales cost (81. 8)(63. 0)
Gross profit 93. 0 85.
0 Other income 1. 1 -
R & D expenses (36. 3)(39. 5)
Sales, distribution, administrative expenses (62. 2)(41. 8)
Operating profit (loss)
(4. 4)3.
7Net Financial expenses (2. 3)(1. 5)Profit (loss)
Before Tax (6. 7)2.
2 Income tax 0. 3 (3. 0)Profit (loss)
Period (6. 4)(0. 8)
Earnings per share (in CHF)
(0. 45)(0. 07)
Diluted earnings per share (in CHF)
(0. 45)(0. 07)
EBITDA 9. 2 16.
5 Adjusted EBITDA 27. 8 26.
2 for the year ended December 31, terminal market revenue was CHF in CHF 2018. 9 41.
0 medicine 38. 6 33.
Industry 68. 6 60.
Consumer 13. 7 13.
3 total 174. 8 148.
0 consolidated financial statements as at December 31, 2018, with a position of 112 per cent of the current assets of millions of Swiss francs as at December 31, 2017.
3 71. 3Non-
Current assets 102
Total assets of 214.
Current liabilities 21.
1 79. 5Non-
Current liabilities 33.
4 35.
Total liabilities 54.
1 Total equity 160.
4 61.
Total liabilities and equity 214.
1 as of this year, the consolidated statement of cash flows is 2018 Swiss francs, and the cash flows for operating activity 26 are 31 December.
4 10.
Cash flow from investment activities (3. 6)
(51. 0)
Cash flows generated by financing activities.
9 35.
Net changes in cash and cash equivalents 44.
7 (4. 5)
Cash and cash equivalents for January 1.
4 14.
Cash and cash equivalents December 31
9 9.
Capital expenditure (13. 5)
(16. 4)
Free cash flow 22.
8 (40. 5)
Annual General Meeting of Shareholders May 2019 August 2019
Results of 2019 and mid-term reportResumes François Gabella Franz studerfrançois Gabella, National of Switzerland, born in 1958 professional backgrund2010-
Switzerland: ceo2006-p LEM Holdings-
2010 Swedish Hexagon Metrology: Member of the executive board of metrology, CEO of tesa ag, Switzerland
2005 Hava T & D, France: senior vice president, transmission and distribution division
2001 Texas Pacific Group: Group CEO of portfolio company
1999 ABB Group in Germany and Switzerland: various positions from general manager to Senior Vice President
Engineering, Federal Institute of Technology (Lausanne (EPFL)
Other functions since 2018 Fischer Connectors AG, Switzerland: board members since 2018 LEM Holding AG, Switzerland: board members since 2018 Sonceboz AG, Switzerland: board members since 2018 Swiss wintertour instruments: Chairman of the board since 2018 Switzerland: Vice Chairman of 2018 Swiss Global Federation of Enterprises, Switzerland: board members since 2017 Optotune AG: member of the board of directors of Swiss National University, born on 1965
Today, EGS beteligungen AG, Switzerland: director of investment, member of the Executive Committee
2011 aizo AG, aizo Group company, Switzerland: CEO/coo5-
2009 Swiss Bühler AG: Vice President, Commercial Director, Engineering products
2005 Swiss Bühler AG: different positions
1999 Zurich, Switzerland: Master of Administration, University of St
Dr. Gallen1999, Faculty of Law, Zurich1994 University, Zurich1989 state, Law Department, Switzerland ich1989 University, other functions since 2013 faes ag: Chairman of the board since 2013 Espros AG: board members since 2015 kantonsspender Winterthur: Board chairman contact Investor Relations Director Investor Relations: 41 44 927 11 40E-Mail: andrea.
Wueest @ sensirion company.
ComAbout Sensirion holding AGSensirion Holding Co. , Ltd (
Swiss Exchange: SENS)
Headquartered in Stafa, Switzerland, it is a leading manufacturer of digital microsensors and systems.
The product range includes gas and liquid flow sensors for measuring humidity and temperature, volatile organic compounds, differential pressure sensors, and environmental sensors (VOC)
Carbon dioxide (CO[2])
And particulate matter (PM2. 5).
An international network with sales offices in China, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States to provide a wide range of standard and customized sensor system solutions for international customers.
Sensors are common in the automotive, medical, industrial and consumer end markets.
For more information, please visit www. sensirion. com.
The disclaimer in this document is forwarded-
Looking for statements, including but not limited to those that use words such as "believe", "hypothesis", "expectation" and other similar expressions. Such forward-
Forward-looking statements are based on assumptions and expectations, essentially involving known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors that may lead to actual results, performance, or achievements differ significantly from what the striker has expressed or implied-
Look at the report.
These factors include, but are not limited to, future global economic conditions, changing market conditions, competition from other companies, impacts and risks of new technologies, compliance with applicable laws, costs of regulations, standards, politics legal, economic and other conditions affecting the operation of sensitive markets, wait for the factors that Sensirion can control.
Given these uncertainties, you should not rely too much on moving forward --
Look at the report.
Sensirion denies any intention or obligation to update any forwarding
Or adapt it to future events or developments.
Certain financial data contained in this document are
International Financial Reporting guidelines. These non-
The IFRS financial measures may not be comparable to the measures provided by other companies with similar titles, and should not be interpreted as an alternative to other financial measures identified under the IFRS.
Therefore, remind you not to rely too much on any non-
Financial indicators and ratios of IFRS included here.
This document is not an offer to sell any securities or a solicitation of an offer to buy.
Additional features: document Title: full text of press release-
Annual performance 2018---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
End of special announcement---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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