electrolux design lab 2014 semi-finalists reveal ideas for the home of the future - small air purifier

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electrolux design lab 2014 semi-finalists reveal ideas for the home of the future  -  small air purifier
Cat people . . .
Petollar even allows the most allergic people to push their cat obsession beyond LOL videos on the Internet.
Source: provide floating glass balls around the house, not the refrigerator in the kitchen, this is a wearable computer game where you can eliminate pollutants in the air and also participate in personal
Welcome to the House of the future. Top 35 and a half
The finalists of the Electrolux Design Lab 2014 competition have been released, and the vision for the future of home technology has gone from radical to eccentric
Actually, really, really weird.
Some designs have passed by half.
The last round of the prestigious international competition, like the Lotus Stream air purification 24-year-
Old Rodrigo carpatti, a graduate of industrial design at Royal Melbourne Polytechnic University.
The Lotus Stream air purification will absorb dust at home and purify the air.
Mr. Kapati said his inspiration came from nature.
"I like simple and elegant design," he said . "
Mr. carpatti is now one step closer to the award of six people.
This month's paid internship at the Electrolux global design center in Sweden was announced on November.
He said that his design should be realistic, which is very important to him.
"I really want to see this product if I have the resources.
It's there in terms of feasibility, "he said.
Not all the designs have reached half.
The final seems very practical.
Replacing your refrigerator with floating glass balls around the house may sound like a good idea (
We said maybe.
Until you rush to the toilet in the middle of the night, hit your head on a sphere full of leftovers.
The game has been going on for 12 years.
This year's theme is for students to think about the problems facing society in the future, focusing on air purification, culinary enjoyment and fabric care.
Here are 12 of the 35 finalists.
You can see the complete list on the Electrolux Design Lab 2014 website. 1. Set to Mimic.
Designer Sorina Rasteanu, Romania. Mind games . . .
Imitate your brain and think you're eating something else.
Source: Supply Design: smart kitchen utensils that reproduce the taste and smell, making you think you are eating something else.
It works with gel particles placed on your head, which collect wireless signals sent from your plate and glass that convey information to your brain.
"So you can eat carrots, but you will feel like you are eating ice cream or steak, which makes it easier for you to live a healthy life.
"What we think is: imagine Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie (or both)
When you have sex
This is cheating your relationship with food.
On the positive side, it may add an interesting twist to the head chef of the next series.
Imagine every contestant making the perfect-looking risotto. 2. Lotus Flow.
Designer Rodrigo katpatti, Australia. Light cleaner . . .
The Lotus Stream cleans the air in your home.
Source: supplier design: more
Air purification and lighting equipment.
Petals are made from luminous fabrics with a hydrophobic coating that helps absorb dust and contaminants.
It kills bacteria through ultraviolet rays and produces fresh and clean air.
Our view is: to blind our eyes with patriotism, but both of them sound possible, while still looking cool enough to be at Apple's home in the future.
Put one of them into your home and dust particles will know to enter the next door. 3. U-
Jiangsu University of China designer bubble. Fridge balls . . . the U-
Bubbles store food in floats around the house.
Source: supplier design: US-
Bubbles are a series of refrigerated bubbles that use magnetic force to keep in place and hover in the air around your home.
Bubbles have an interactive screen so you can see the use-
Date of food inside.
Our point is: how should you run a family without a refrigerator door to keep everything important.
One more question, who wants to see raw meat floating in the lounge?
Don't let us start the challenge of navigating in the living room when you have to dodge last night's leftovers at the height of your head. 4. Yura.
Designer Herman hydin, Ukraine.
Private bartender. . .
Go home, you're drunk
Or soon.
Source: Supply design: Yura is a private flight bartender who will respond to voice commands and make cocktails.
Yura's brain will configure the temperature of the liquid, the number of calories, carbohydrates, fat and protein.
Our opinion is: I'm Rossi from Jett, and it would be nice if George was a drunk. 5. Ephemeris.
Designer Berthome Triphaine, France. Shower power . . .
The star chart is a aromatherapy shower connected to your smartphone.
Source: supplithe design: Ephermeris is a "revitalizing shower for aromatherapy" connected to your phone for the collection of physiological data.
The star calendar "stroks users through their Nano filaments ".
Our view is: after 60, we will make a comeback in the future. 6. AMO.
Designer: George priotasa, Romania. Sphere here . . .
AMO is a pure air sphere in which you can interact with holographic photos and wear very strange clothes.
Source: Supply Design: Amo is a smart air purifier that cleans air bubbles 2 m wide.
It also provides holographic-based educational functions for children with autism and helps them develop independent life skills.
Our point: designers who study in creative thinking alternative schools.
We think they are probably the most creative and selective. 7. Future Hunter-Gatherer.
Designer: Pan Wang, China. Digital catch . . .
This is a perfect game for kids who want to have Nemo dinner.
Design: Future Hunter-
Gatherer is a virtual grocery shopping experience where people buy food from online grocery stores by fishing, hunting, or using holographic photography.
In addition to making the shopping experience more fun, it also gives children a better idea of where the food they eat actually comes from.
It was a great idea.
We can find frozen pizza and ready-made pizza together --
Cooked like a knight. 8.
Clean gloves instantly.
Designer Stefan Bodan, Romania.
The opponent speaks. . .
Instantly clean the glove and destroy the dirt with its touch.
It's a great kit when you make a tough mud.
Source: design provided: This instant cleaning glove breaks down any stains or dirt on the fabric using nanotechnology and ultrasound.
The glove comes with a small digital display and a wireless charging board.
Our view is that the only tragedy is that Michael Jackson did not live to see the result.
A glove can free the world from bacteria.
The king of pop music is on the Moon (walk). 9. Hero.
Designer, University of Florence, Peru. Clean action . . .
Heroes could be the perfect game for bacteriaphobic family.
Design: Hero combines virtual reality, computer games, and air purification.
There are glasses, gloves and rings.
"The glasses scan the contaminants in the environment and the user will be able to go through ionization, ozone-
Production and UV-
Muscle movement through the C-Ray process of challenge and ring release.
"Our view is that it sounds fun to turn house cleaning into a game for the whole family.
But putting on your glasses makes it terrible to see all the air pollutants in your home. 10. Pecera.
Korean designer Chen Yeping. Robotic jaws . . .
Pecera is for those who want the semi-robot piranha to suck their dirty underwear.
Source: Supply design: this is a fish tank full of robotic fish that can clean your clothes without detergent.
The robot fish is equipped with a digital camera to let them see the dirt and then absorb the dirt from the clothes.
Sounds suspicious. And robotic-y. 11. Petollar.
Designer Thanut Chaovakul, Thailand. Anti-allergy . . .
Everyone won a kitten.
Design: Petollar helps people with pet allergies to own their own pets.
Smaller tiny parts attach to the pet and disperse lithium ion in the dirt floating in the air.
Larger components, Petollar, use suction to remove impurities.
In addition, Minuze can help you find your pet.
Everyone can be a cat now.
Or a dog lover.
Even a cat may be a dog lover.
Then, this is just a small step for the Cats to rule the world. 12. Nanopack.
German/Australian designer Rene Walk. Storage . . .
Just like the Tupperware, but the extra benefit of nanorobots is to make sure you always have the right size container.
Source: provide design: Nanopack "consists of a tiny nano robot that can rearrange itself to create a solid shape ".
You put the leftovers down and nano robots cover them without leaving air and water.
Our point is: Maybe covering your leftovers with a nano robot might prevent that jerk in the office from stealing your lunch from the fridge.
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