electric-car buyers in b.c. can now save up to $11,000 after trade-in deal doubles - air cleaner

by:Yovog     2020-01-25
electric-car buyers in b.c. can now save up to $11,000 after trade-in deal doubles  -  air cleaner
B. C.
Residents hoping to change their cars for electric vehicles on Wednesday received a $3,000 boost from non-electric vehicles
Profit Association called BC. Scrap-It.
Society now offers $6,000.
Twice as much as before.
For those who are willing to buy a new electric car and consume their gas on the road. Add inthe B. C.
The government plans to buy a new electric vehicle for up to $5,000, and consumers can save up to $11,000. Scrap-
It CEO Dennis rogoza said the project will benefit the environment and make the air in the Vancouver Metro cleaner.
"Ultimately, there will be a significant reduction in carbon emissions," he said . ".
"The condition is that you have to scrap a gas --
Power cars and install internal combustion engines on the side of the road.
"Greenhouse gas emissions from batteries are extremely low.
This is a net benefit to the environment.
"As many as 500 incentive programs were available in 2017 to buy new electric vehicles and to be fair to those who cannot pay the full cost of the new car of $40,000, there are also 400 incentives for those who buy used electric cars.
Rogoza predicts that with the launch of more models, this year's power revolution will build momentum, and that the range of these models is enough to dispel fears of running out of power.
He said that a Chevrolet Bolt model will be available in Vancouver in about a month, and can travel more than 300 kilometers at a single charge.
"You will see impressive technology entering the market this year.
There will be a lot of different products for most major manufacturers, "said Rogoza.
The program for Scrap It applies to all-
Electric vehicles and plugs
A hybrid is an electric vehicle with small gas.
Electric motor lift range.
The plan does not apply to full hybrid vehicles using a combination of gas and motor technology.
The incentive plan may encourage more people to make changes, Rogoza said.
"The price reduction is quite large.
"We are looking forward to a lot of deals," he said . ".
Blair Upton, GM Dueck city center distributor general manager, expects electric vehicle sales to increase due to these incentives.
Electric cars are still a niche market.
Three Dueck dealers sold only 75 vehicles last year.
But he predicts that interest will grow over time.
"Those who focus only on electric vehicles want to make a statement about green and save fuel dollars.
"They will buy an electric car from someone," Upton said . ". Both gas-
Price advantage for electric and electric vehicles: price for natural gas
Power cars were initially cheaper, but fuel was more expensive over time.
"Do you want to pay extra on the purchase price of an electric car, save fuel, or pay for gasoline and start with a cheaper price tag?
Upton describes the main financial options consumers face.
In the long run, he can't say which technology is cheaper.
The cost of each purchase is changing, he says: Some consumers are happy with cheap gasoline --
Electric vehicles have a huge price advantage compared to electric technology, while some people like expensive natural gas.
The price is closer to the power model of electric vehicles;
The amount of gas consumed also varies depending on the speed at which the driver accelerates;
The cost of the charging system varies.
There is no doubt that the price difference between technologies is getting smaller, Upton said.
He noted a recent statement by a leading U. S. official. S.
Automakers say half of all cars sold will be electric in about 15 years.
He said the charging infrastructure for the Vancouver Metro is in its infancy, adding that the number of vehicles served is relatively small.
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