elderly cypriot donates pension to greece - small electrical appliances

by:Yovog     2019-08-29
elderly cypriot donates pension to greece  -  small electrical appliances
Limassol (Cyprus)(AFP)-An 88-year-
Retired Cyprus has sent 506 euros$555)
Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras's pension as a contribution to cash
The national budget showing "support and gratitude" is tight.
Onoufrios Michaelides, who claimed to be a "Greek Cypriot refugee" from the north of the island, sent the money along with a letter to the left wing "comrade Alexis ".
This gift is "thank you for your tireless but heroic efforts to uphold and ensure the honor and dignity of the Greek people, and our powerful vulgar" colleagues "are very contemptuous and abusive about it. . . Damn them.
He asked for his contribution, his full monthly pension, "partially satisfying my ideological identity with international sentiments ".
He concluded in the letter: "Comrade Alexi, please hold high the banner of our struggle for pride and dignity.
"Michaelides has a small appliance store in the coastal city of Limassol, he told AFP, after seeing the picture on TV of "people of my age standing outside the bank trying to get money from their accounts", he was moved.
After the 1974 Turkish invasion of Northern Cyprus as a refugee, Michaelides, whose three daughters studied in Greece, said he would vote No in the Sunday referendum that Tsipras called, the EU's economic bailout was rejected.
He said: "I am a sensitive person . . . . . . I told myself that this small move can encourage people with more money to help others . " He added that he received a phone call from assistant Tsipras thanking him for his gesture.
"I see how much pain we have suffered (Cypriots)
Probably less than the Greeks, I tell myself: Yes, do it, use this small amount of money to help families who are poorer than you.
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