eat my dust - air purifier for smoke

by:Yovog     2020-01-02
eat my dust  -  air purifier for smoke
For allergic patients, the motto of linking April with cruelty makes sense.
May is not friendly.
I remember playing outside when I was a child, and when I sneezed, my body seemed to have this strength and duration.
After that, I will stand in some grass-covered backyard with wet eyes, red face and nose, as if I had just been dumped by a terrible carnival.
A cotton handkerchief related to the old man?
I have had one in my pocket since I was 5 years old.
As I get older, my habits don't help my career, allergies-wise.
I collected old books and vinyl records, filled an apartment in Brooklyn with these mold and dust magnets, and abnormally refused to clean it up.
Looking back on my seven years there, I found a long sinus infection.
I don't like Pharma very much, so even if Garmin is approved for overlistingthe-
Anti-use, this does not alleviate my fear of spring.
Still, you're tired of itching.
Eye guys on the subway try not to spray your neighbors.
Or someone already exhausted in the office. workers’ God-bless-you quota.
So when the number of pollen increased this year, I decided to be proactive.
Since my attitude towards Pharma and picking up brooms has not changed, I took a technical route: air purifier.
My apartment room has been spinning for a few weeks with the sound of half an hour
A dozen portable air purifiers I 've been testing, each of which is considered to remove allergens, contaminants and scents from my indoor air.
My cat smells bad and is another motivating factor and it seems to feel the change in the atmosphere.
I have been closely monitoring my usual symptoms, watery eyes and nose to see if --
As a small manufacturer, it is very bragging and vague in language at the same time --
The home air purifier "completely changes the clarity of the air you breathe and makes you feel better.
"I did a little market research before inserting.
If you are fresh to the world of portable air purifiers, they look like a strange device.
Purifiers are not just electronic devices to some extent, but they are not considered medical devices and are therefore not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.
For all their hightech wizardry (
Some claim to be able to eliminate particle 0.
Size is 3 microns, smaller)
Air purifiers and beliefs are in the same category
Health products such as nutritional supplements.
For years, the FTC has taken action against several air purifier manufacturers, including brands such as Honeywell and Oreck, for their unproven allergies --
The relief statement or ad says their equipment has removed almost all impurities from the indoor air people breathe.
Several articles in the consumer report show that some air purifiers are not very good at performing the latter function, and the media continue to report. (
This view has not changed.
As the magazine's deputy family editor Celia Cooper zmead leelman recently told me: "The first thing you need to know about air purifiers is that most people”)
Wary of litigation, the industry has turned back its claims of health.
When I asked Ted Myatt, an environmental microbiology scientist who worked at Rhode Island University and consulted Honeywell, after a long period of using a home air purifier, would I feel healthier and he dodged
"Some people may see direct benefits," he told me . ".
"It's harder for others.
"The latest study of children with asthma
Myatt says it has been shown that using an air purifier at home can reduce symptoms and see a doctor. Great.
But there are many reasons why I use it: to relieve allergies, not asthma.
In this case, Dr.
Myatt said, "it may be difficult for you to see this relationship right away.
"The manufacturers of air purifiers focus on what happens to the air rather than the body and have consumers connect these points.
Cheri Wright, marketing director of Kaz, a company that produces Honeywell air purifiers, said the devices scrub tiny dust, pollen, mold spores and other particles in the indoor air.
"In the end, you're making the air cleaner in the long run . "Wright said.
"So you're breathing cleaner air.
Therefore, many allergens recommend air purifiers to patients. Dr. Daryl R.
Altman, an allergic scientist at Joseph P.
The Addabbo Home Health Center in Queens says the purifier is part of a multi-front war against allergens such as dust and pollen.
"The better you do with environmental allergy control --
Whether it's through air filtration or wrapping up bedding --
The better your allergies will be, "Dr. Altman said. Dr.
Elizabeth Matsui, professor at Johns Hopkins University and chairman of the air pollution and indoor allergens Committee of the American Institute of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, noted that pollen does not stay in the air for a long time;
It tends to land soon.
So she advised allergic patients to take it first.
"Queuing up steps" can prevent pollen from spreading, such as closing windows, wearing glasses outside, changing clothes, and taking a bath after going home.
How about using air purifiers?
"They got into the second one.
Line category, Dr. Matsui said.
"Under the title 'Can't hurt, 'it may help.
The six purifiers I tested use a variety of techniques to clean the air, including HEPA filters, UV-
C. filter by light and Ion, charge the particles in the air, and collect them on a plate with opposite charges.
All have a fan that can recycle the air and take into account the noise, from pleasant hum to wind depending on the model and the environment-tunnel whoosh.
Honeywell AirGenius5 attracts particles through electronic static electricity and oscillates for two weeks in a corner of my living room.
The unit is shaped like a thin column with a small footprint, relatively quiet and easy to use.
I just plugged it in and moved from the "sleep" and "bacteria" settings to "allergy ".
I 've been testing Honeywell's boxier-
It looks real. 200 model, too. HEPA (high-
Air particle efficiency
It has long been considered a golden standard for air purification. As air-
People like to point out that efficient air filters are used in the Manhattan project to capture radioactive particles.
But the HEPA unit using glass in some configurations-
Fiber filter for cleaning fan
Through the air, it can be noisy energy pig, and the filter must be replaced regularly.
According to the manufacturer, AirGenius5 is slightly better than the HEPA model in capturing particles, but its filter is washable.
One drawback of AirGenius5 is that static electricity produces a trace amount of ozone, which is a respiratory stimulus. Dr. Altman and Dr.
HEPA recommended by songjing
Type purifier that does not emit ozone.
Because the manufacturers of air purifiers can't finally prove the health benefits of these devices, the industry tends to focus on technology as if cold machinery itself is the purpose.
The unit I 've been testing in the bedroom.
Airocide, that's --
Its manufacturer says the filtration system was originally designed for NASA to remove ethylene from the shuttle so astronauts can plant food on long-term missions.
Simply put, it produces oh radicals, the technical name of a simple molecule that is bound by a single oxygen atom and a single hydrogen atom.
Oh base is highly unstable.
When the air is blown through the Airocide, gases like mold and grime run into oh radicals and are chewed in subsequent chemical reactions.
"There is nothing organic that can pass through this chamber," said Michael Friedman, managing partner of Airocide . ".
He quickly added that the device does not have filters and does not produce ozone.
In addition to its unfortunate name indicating that I might be killed during sleep, there are several features Airocide can recommend it.
Unlike other purifiers that try spaceage styling (
Like the Sonoma breeze.
100, three of them are high-tech filters)
But just like the props in the early episodes of Dr. mystery, it really looks like a lot of future.
It has a silver one.
Colorful metal grill, shaped like a rectangular doughnut;
It was easy to put on my dresser.
Or Richard J.
Shaughnessy tested many air purifiers in his capacity as director of the University of Tulsa indoor air research program, saying that the main criterion for selecting air purifiers should be that it is able to effectively remove particles from the air.
"People may get lost in all the fancy or stylish designs," said Dr.
Said Xiao Nesi. Mr.
Friedman of Airocide, who once worked on Wall Street, said he was initially skeptical about the air purifier industry and "didn't want to be linked to anything that wasn't real.
After one of his business partners, a life-long allergic patient, tried the technology, he said he began to believe in the effectiveness of Airocide for use in wineries and other commercial facilities to curb mold.
"His house is like a museum of air purification.
He took the Sheridan-
"I like M & A MS . "Freedman said.
"Four or five weeks or so, he came in and said, 'Guys, I'm all right.
I will experience the Bible too-
A few weeks after running Airocide, 24-7?
"Everyone is different. every environment is different . "
Friedman said vaguely.
"You just don't know.
In addition to removing particles from the air, some air purifiers are also touted as smells --reducers.
One day, when I came home with CritterZone, my girlfriend lit up the light and said, "it could save our relationship.
I don't know if she's joking.
Does my cat smell worse than others? I can’t say.
But there are only so many places in the apartment in New York City to put a trash can, and none of our apartments is far enough to fit her.
I found this bio-zone at a pet product fair and its creator is a friendly white --
A hair man named William Converse joked that it worked well and I might forget to empty the bin.
I think it's a bragging about an inventor.
However, after an hour of buzzing around the bin in the animal area, the smell disappeared and instead it was a faint chemical crispness.
It lasted happily for a few days.
As far as we know, there is no need for the cat to biologically invalidate it.
I was very surprised and I decided to learn more about the animal area and its inventors, where the miracle crashed.
It turned out to be Mr.
Converse is an Air Force veteran.
Purification industry.
In his 1980 s, he founded Alpine Industries, which sells a series of purifiers that use ozone to clean air. In 1995, the F. T. C.
A successful lawsuit was filed against Alpine, alleging that its purifier could alleviate various medical conditions and successfully prosecuted Alpine for violating the provisions of the earlier judgment on 1997. Mr.
Converse said he eventually sold the company.
Many years later, he faced the biological area again.
Despite the lawsuit, sir.
Converse says he supports the effectiveness of Alpine's purifier.
The lawsuit, he said, "involved the number of evidence needed to make the claim.
He still believes in the clean benefits of ozone, despite air-
Quality experts like doctors
Xiao Nesi suggested avoiding ozone purifiers.
As for the animal area, sir.
Converse says it produces "very small amounts of ozone, not all the time," and not all models produce ozone.
Still, I would like to try another purifier that claims to reduce pet odors without generating ozone.
I went with the bacteria Guardian. in-
1 Digital Air Cleaning System with Pet pure filter using real HEPA filter and UV-C light.
Like a hint, in the first test of the reproductive Guardian, my cat dropped a smell bomb and woke me and my girlfriend up from sleep.
Although we have suffered a lot, I feel sorry for the machine.
I want to wake up the next morning and find it in a corner and the plastic surface melts.
The next morning, the bacteria Guardian was still running, but it turned out that it didn't match the animal area or my cat.
Are these air purifiers helpful to me during this allergy season? I was symptom-
It was free for a while, but I went for a jog last Sunday and it turned out to be three-
Handkerchief day
Did the purifier disappoint me or did I sneeze? free this long? I don’t know.
The same is true of experts.
"There are a lot of demands and hype too
So-called benefits related to air purifiers . "
Said Xiao Nesi.
"It's not a simple thing.
"In any case, most manufacturers say it will take four to six weeks to start seeing the benefits of air purifiers.
I'm only half.
Now, I fell asleep when I heard the call, waiting.
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