early xmas gifts for three homes - small electrical appliances

by:Yovog     2019-08-31
early xmas gifts for three homes  -  small electrical appliances
There is no denying the fact that many Malaysians support charity.
Loading the company van with groceries, stationery and appliances, we went to Basheng to deliver the first items delivered by generous donors through StarMetro's Do Good-Grant's Wish event for Christmas.
When we arrived at Luma klklang last week, more than half of the children were at school.
Several people around us greeted us excitedly to see what we brought.
President Basheng v. Ruma SVPK.
Robert says their rice cookers are too small to Cook twice a meal.
So it was a surprise when our delivery included a brand new five
A liter of rice cookers provided by anonymous donors.
Reporter Grace Chen (left)and Noel Foo (right)
With the child of Ruma SVP of Basheng Taman melavis. —
Photo: IZZRAFIQ alias and rohaizat md darus/StarUnderstandably understand that kids are more interested in cartons with stationery suits.
Everyone was in a hurry to pick a set with colored erasers.
Robert thanked the donors for all the necessities.
An hour later, the teenage boy of destiny starting point 1 greeted us and immediately offered to help us carry heavy objects such as rice and cans.
Every boy thanked the donors for the items they gave us.
Pastor Stephan swamitrade, founder of the family, thanked the first item.
"You all walk into the picture like angels and ask me what we need.
There are so many good people, "said Pastor Swamithasan.
While we were there, when another boy played the guitar, he sang a hymn with the boys.
The priest said they planned to sing Christmas carols with the girls from the beginning of Fate 2.
We spent more time getting to know these boys and their ambitions before we left home.
Meanwhile, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Yesuvin Mahligai Selangor in Kajang, 10-year-
When old Suria received a teddy bear, he couldn't believe it.
It was his wish to give him a teddy bear for Christmas, which was fulfilled by a kind StarMetro reader.
When we handed out a box of stationery sets, the children at home were in awe.
"Is this for us? ” asked eight-year-
Old srieenievavel laughed when we told him they were for him and his friends.
The stationery set is one of the items donated by StarMetro readers.
The kids are proud to show us the new bed rack, blankets and pillows that the donor has given away.
Before the donation, some children slept on the quilt on the floor.
A donor who wanted to be anonymous donated five sets of pairs.
Decker bed frame and 10 single bed frame, value yuan.
At the same time, some people donated new blankets, irons and fans.
The children also mentioned that they wanted new sheets, pillowcases and towels.
The family expressed its heartfelt thanks to many donors.
M, chairman and founder of the shelter, said: "The children are very happy and we thank these items . "Rajan.
StarMetro will collect items from the public and send them to three families.
Due to limited space, certain items can only be temporarily stored until they are delivered to their homes.
Products include canned food, small household appliances, cosmetics, household products, stationery, etc.
Readers who wish to donate commodities such as commercial freezers, washing machines, refrigerators, cabinets and tables need to arrange for the goods to be delivered directly to their homes.
The collection of donated items will continue until December 15.
They can be dropped off at Menara Star loading bay at fileo damansala 2 between eleven o'clock A. M. and four o'clock P. M. on weekdays, 15, Petaling Jaya 16 section Jalan 16/11.
Items will not be collected during weekends and public holidays.
We do not charge cash, checks and perishable items (
(Such as fish, poultry or fresh vegetables)
Old clothes, old newspapers, old computers, recyclable items and second
Handmade goods for this activity.
StarMetro is grateful to all individuals and companies for supporting this noble project to reduce the burden on children living in these families.
For more information, please call 03-
7967 1388 ext 1127 (Noel Foo)or 1323 (
Sheila prias/chenne)
Or email metro @ the starcom.
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