dyson's latest products will revolutionize how you clean your home and purify your air - indoor air cleaner

by:Yovog     2019-07-25
dyson\'s latest products will revolutionize how you clean your home and purify your air  -  indoor air cleaner
I like the brand to invent products that solve everyday problems.
It's all about having the right tools to do the job, right?
Dyson is one of the brands.
Not only do they consistently offer quality products that make life easier, but they constantly improve their technology and design.
Dyson's vacuum cleaner is the first vacuum cleaner to get inspiration from the anatomy and connect the ball nests together, their hands and hair dryers are the fastest on the market, they recently announced three electric vehicles on the drawings.
Dyson's latest consumer product drops are Dyson Pure Cool purification fans and the company's latest cordless vacuum cleaner-
Dyson whirlwind V10-
James Dyson says that's why the company is no longer investing in wire cleaners.
The two products together will completely change the way you clean your home and solve indoor air quality problems by capturing pollen, particles, and the gas changes in real time with the push of the button.
Let's start with the whirlwind v10 in Dyson.
When I asked about the reason to get rid of Josh Mutlow wires, Dyson's senior design engineer in charge of floor care told me, "We think the future in the vacuum is cordless.
V10 is Dyson's most advanced motor technology so far.
We narrowed the motor down and now it's in your hand and there's a battery under it, which provides a great center of gravity to make the machine lighter.
It weighs almost half of its predecessor, but it's our fastest and most powerful motor, rotating 125,000 wheels per minute, which gives people all the power they need, and the versatility of wiresfree format. The cord-
Free technology allows you to take responsibility when garbage comes up, which means less daily cleaning and more reactive cleaning.
Dyson Cyclone V10 vacuum is very light and very powerful, it can be cleaned in depth anywhere in your home, that's why James Dyson stopped all-round developmentsize vacuums.
I 've had several Dyson vacuum cleaners over the years, and while talking to mutello, I told him that one of my biggest complaints has been the dust sucking around my vacuum.
Mutlow replied, "other vacuum cleaners do not have efficient air filters that can discharge dust, allergens into the air you breathe.
One of the great aspects of this machine is that the air coming out of the back actually cleans the air before the vacuum because we have the whole HEPA filter.
We accurately arranged 14 cyclones around the center shaft of the machine, effectively separating tiny dust from the air.
We packed the front and back.
The motor filter around the motor acts as a sealing unit for improving the overall
Machine HEPA filter, capture 99.
The allergen of 97% is as small as 0.
Release cleaner air at 3 microns.
With it in the background, we can get particles that are much smaller than a hair.
To help the filter stay in the best condition, the new filter sensor alerts the owner via the indicator light when cleaning the filter is required.
The suction power and key technical specifications of our wires-
Free technology is our equivalent.
Size of the cable vacuum cleaner.
But with cordless, you can do something you can't do with a wired vacuum. ".
I must say I was skeptical about the V10 at first, but after using it I liked it.
The vacuum is light weight, super quiet, powerful, easy to use and can last for 60 minutes in low mode, which works really well even for my two furry kids.
Dyson Cyclone V10 also offers
Admire the point and shoot the dirt launcher, where you dump your full can of dirt in the trash instead of putting it on you and your floor.
Another of my favorite features is the new soft roller head, which can absorb a lot of debris and fine dust from my hardwood floors, this means that I don't have to use soft cloth on the floor after vacuuming, which saves a lot of time and can now also clean under the sofa and walk on the bed.
Besides working like a cable
The best part of the wire-
The vacuum of freedom is that I will no longer break the chord of overstretching, which my husband appreciates.
Now let's take a look at Dyson's pure cool technology.
We spend most of our time indoors. let's face it. life is dirty.
In fact, the EPA points out that Americans spend an average of 90% of their time indoors, and the pollutants in the air are 2-
5 times bigger than the air outside.
Pet dandruff, dust, pollen, gas, tighter building structures cause less airflow, and various other unseen but potentially harmful factors can affect the air in our homes and offices.
In response to what the company sees as an increasingly serious global problem, Dyson entered the purification fan category in 2015 to address indoor air pollution.
Past has introduced the latest technology, Dyson's pure cooling purification fan to combat indoor air contaminants in both versions
Tagstyle for floor placement and smaller desk format for countertops and floors so you can clean the air wherever you go.
When I asked what made the unit so unique, Jessica le Ding, an environmental control design engineer, told me, "to properly clean the entire room, the purifier needs more than a filter.
It needs to automatically sense pollution, capture gas, ultra-fine particles, and project clean air to every corner of the room.
All of this is done by Dyson Pure Cool fans.
Dyson Pure Cool Fan is the only air multiplier technology and 350-
Degree oscillation enables it to project clean air into every corner of the room.
The new LCD Display displays particles and gases that purify the fan in real-time sensing, and the Dyson algorithm processes information from three sensors and then displays air quality readings.
When a separate sensor detects the amount of VOC, the laser measures the super particles, while the third sensor measures the temperature and relative humidity.
The improved filter can capture particulate matter and gas and combine more than 60% HEPA media with activated carbon that absorbs gas, odor, VOC and household smoke ".
As a lifelong crusader of dust and dirt, I was surprised by this purifier.
While my dog was shaking in the same room, the purifier recorded the dandruff they had just released and cleaned the air, while I could see the purification results in real time.
I find it soothing and satisfying to watch it as you know it is different from many other room purification systems.
You can get more detailed reports through Dyson Link App 4.
1 In addition to being able to operate your device remotely.
In hot weather, the forward air flow keeps you cool with purified air.
Dinh continued, "If you don't want a cooling effect, the Dyson Pure cooling purge fan has a new reverse airflow mode or purge-
Only mode, can be used when you want to purify the air but don't want the cold air to blow on you.
In fact, the new features come from our customers and we always try to listen to their feedback ".
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