dyson release excessive 23.75-carat gold hair dryer for $699 - carbon air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-07-18
dyson release excessive 23.75-carat gold hair dryer for $699  -  carbon air purifier
We tested the new Supersonic hair dryer ($700 from Myer)
The new Dyson gold hair dryer will be retail for $699. Source: Gold baby of supplier, pure gold.
Well, it may not be pure gold, but this new hairdryer is very close to you.
Dyson, the company is famous for its talents.
Bang vacuum cleaner may have launched the most additional product to datea 23. 75-carat gold-
Supersonic hair dryer plated.
Because, who dares to dry their hair in other ways, right?
New Blue and Gold equipment retail for $699, designed by Sir James Dyson in person, using traditional hand-made
The method of hot stamping to create super luxurious finish.
"Gold is one of the most resilient materials in the world and has been used for design, sculpture and architecture for centuries," James Dyson said . ".
"As an element, I am very fascinated by its features.
Like the engineering process we are proud of, bronzing is a real example of meticulous craftsmanship.
"The new Dyson hair dryer uses five gold leaves on each product.
Source: The new equipment is actually more expensive than some vacuum cleaners of the brand, each with five gold leaves.
The beauty equipment is said to have been hit by gold, costing the retail and development sector £ 75 million ($A134 million)to create.
Gold is taught by master guilder how to apply, it uses thin leaves and foil on the surface of the round head of the device.
About 333 atoms are thick, 666 of the diameter of human hair, and each layer of gold leaves must be applied by hand.
Britta Stockinger, engineering director, said that for the creation of the gold model, although they are not gold experts, they are not afraid of the challenge of installing metal on the product.
The new Dyson hair dryer costs $0. 15 billion in research and development.
Source: during the development process, engineers assembled a robotic paint arm and carefully applied a adhesive called "size" to the surface of the red ring of the hair dryer.
The robot arm ensures that the same adhesive is reused each time, ensuring a perfect flawless finish.
One spray, two floors 23. 75-
The carat gold foil from Florence, Italy is applied by hand and is carefully brushed to form a smooth and uniform finish.
"We are not experts in gold or gold leaves, but we break this technology down into steps to see how each parameter affects the finish and how best to apply it to hair dryers," she said.
"Using our expertise in design processes, adhesives, paint and model making, we managed to acquire a very traditional skill and turn it into a 21st century application.
"Dyson Supersonic is about six times lighter than a normal hairdryer.
Source: suplithe Supersonic hair dryer has been in use since 2016.
It took four years to create $94 million in research costs.
James Dyson, who presented the product at an event in Tokyo, said the project involved 103 engineers, 600 prototypes, more than 100 patents, and, oddly, more than 1625 km
Supersonic is also 6 times smaller and 3 times lighter than your normal hairdryer.
Dyson launched their original Supersonic hair dryer in 2016.
Source: Social media users from suppliers quickly commented on the new device, and some said the brand was officially "out of date"
Dyons "itself with a golden hair dryer.
Dyson Supersonic 2375 KARAT GOLD.
The new amazing Dyson Supersonic is now available online.
Just when you don't think the situation will get better? ? ? ?
Dyson hair stylist dysonsupersonic . . . . . . The $699 price tag makes the new device a little more expensive than the original $499 device, which Derval Research has shown will be China
"Dyson released a 23. 75-
"Carat gold hair dryer," Behavior Research said on Twitter.
"You can read more about how the brand controls its market and why gold is so popular in China.
Last month, the brand launched a device that hopes to solve domestic air pollution.
The company launched the latest hi-
In August, the technology air purifier introduced fan and filter technology to protect families from harmful pollutants.
Dyson Hot Link is a fan, heater and air purifier that connects to the smartphone app to let users know the air quality in their home.
Source: supplier the company has released two models called-
A smaller desktop version for $649 and a higher, narrower fan designed to sit on the floor for $799.
Three years ago, Dyson launched its first air purifier product, which represents the second-generation product line and has technology upgrades and new connections.
When the fan drags the particles, the activated carbon filter can remove the gas and contaminants.
Dyson said its filtering system captured 99.
The proportion of fine particles such as minute allergens and pollutants is 95.
The new golden hair dryer will be available online from Thursday.
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